EXODUS Wallet Upgrades In This Week! - Some more good ones folks!! DECRED token added, Bugfixes. Exchange Features tweaked. Details below.

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If you are new to Crypto, I've written about the great Multi-Crypto Currency EXODUS wallets a few times. Simply log in to your wallet for the upgrade - click and follow the simple instructions. It is a great product and the people there are super nice and responsive!

The product is clean, beautiful to look at, streamlined and is VERY nice. It is like... Crypto Art that holds your money. LOL

OVERVIEW - Direct from the Exodus.io website:


With a dev team that has been involved in this industry since its inception, Decred is one of the most innovative digital currencies available. Making Exodus compatible with Decred is key to reaching the broadest community of users who believe in taking control of their financial future—without banks, brokers, or institutional oversight.
As a special treat, Exodus and Decred have collaborated to launch a cryptographic challenge with USD $5K prize in $DCR. Decred has a history of creating cryptographic challenges with bountiful prizes, and this event will be no different. The challenge begins at exodus.io/decred, and it will be live as of June 22 at 10 PM PDT. For more instructions, puzzle info and how to collect your prize visit the Decred Slack. May the best hacker win!


June 22, 2017



NEW: Decred is here! Hurray for more assets to diversify your portfolio.

IMPROVED: Added additional redundancy to BTC outgoing transactions. Just another fail-safe you'll never know you need until you do. :)

IMPROVED: Exodus now prevents pesky Litecoin dust from dragging down your transaction speed. This is similar to fairy dust except more Chikun inspired. How's that for being SegWitty?

BUGFIX: The private key export spreadsheet now has the correct columns for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Decred and Dogecoin.



NEW: Live rates added to the receive drop-down. Type 1 ETH on the left and see how much you can get of every asset, in exchange for your 1 ETH, all in one place.

IMPROVED: Better error messages have been put in place in the cases of ShapeShift response errors.

IMPROVED: The spread has been replaced in the exchange section with the exact rate you will get for exchanges.

IMPROVED: If assets are unavailable for exchange they are now marked as "Temporarily Unavailable".



NEW: We now support currency values for our friends up north - welcome Canadian Dollars (CAD)!

NEW: Added localization section to change currency values between Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP) and Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Have a nice day Crypto Fam!

If you have Pizza Money in your EXODUS.io wallet -- please consider sending me some LOL!!!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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When your friend says they don't use Exodus.

I don't use Exodus..... yet!

It is always a great day when @slickwilly stops by one of your posts!!!!!


I love doing these posts and helping people out, EXODUS always gets good feedback too, very positive stuff.

I'm not using it yet either, newer to the crypto party. Trying to learn everything, so much to catch up on.

My favourite wallet ☺️

What is innovative /different in exodus? haven't heard from it yet

I've been thinking of getting the Exodus Wallet for my future crypto millions. I may actually pull the trigger because of you @barrydutton. Your pictures with Pizza always have me cracking up. I know you are ready to tear into it.

Was thinking of you today. Had to meet with my stock guy to do a sale. (How weird is THAT!?) Anyway, I quizzed him on crypto. He, predictably, knew nothing. His first question was what was it's ticker name on the Stock Exchange and he got stuck there. Would only discuss it if I could convert crypto to cash.

Sort of reminded me of your visit with the bank VP... and I was chuckling all the way back to my car. ;~D

Oh, that is funny. These are supposed to be financial people. The people who hear about financial news before anyone else...or so that's the myth. They are in for a rude awakening. Crypto to Fiat or Stocks. Laughable.

Exactly! Some masters of the universe, huh...? Pfffft...

Cracked me up, I even had him pull up Poloniex and showed him Steem & SBD on THAT exchange. STILL didn't click with him and he kept trying to tie back to fiat or stocks.

He's a good example, maybe, of not understanding because his paycheck depends on him not understanding...

You may already know this...

Commissions: When a broker whose working on commission basis recommends a certain fund, annuity or any other investment product, there’s a sales charge that comes right out of your pocket (a sales load, which can run 3-6% of your investment right off the top). Or sometimes the company whose product he or she is recommending pays the broker’s commission as a ‘marketing expense’ for that company. Think of it as a kick-back.
Either way, commissions create a conflict of interest for the advisor. Why? This broker or advisor has a big incentive to recommend the option that pays him/her the most whether or not those investments are really best for you, the client.

Stay away from these kinds of financial planners at all cost!

I figured it was something like that. I inherited some (petro) stock from Mom. I had to open an account somewhere to cash it in. I only left a dinky amount in a green ETF. Sort of set it and forget it. So, when a hefty bill came up I called him to sell. (He's a new guy. My old guy retired and passed me on...) I don't think he expected our first meeting to go quite the way it did.

Poor dear doesn't realize he has me leaning for towards a full cash out. Lol!

It is likely shocking to you then about what is warming up in my kitchen in the toaster oven right now LOL.


I believe you will want to have a look at this then from months ago!!!!

Our friend @aunt-deb got hooked up and she likes it. I messaged her one day to see if she needed any help with crypto 101 type stuff and we had already been in touch a lot on here before that and she is a great friend as you know.



I've actually been looking for an easier way to store my crypto. I don't like to keep them on the exchanges. The biggest downfall is having to have multiple wallets and the Exodus Wallet seems like a solution to make the task more manageable. I've been reading reviews, but hearing it from you has pretty much sold me on it.

I've blogged on this product and whatnot many times, hopefully the post from @aunt-deb I shared here, helps you and some others, I know someone I sent it to last nite -- may have helped them quite a bit, they are sort of at the stage where Deb was months ago, to some degree.

So it speaks to newer crypto people to certain things.

Great read!

Be your own bank!!!

Thanks for the write up.Nicely done!

Thanks Lisa!


I love doing these posts and helping people out, EXODUS always gets good feedback too, very positive stuff.

How are you liking Steemit???

Have Been Here for a Couple of Weeks...and Its Preety Cool! I Love the Community and Thanks for Asking!

Exodus is a fun wallet to use. Cool look and feel and so far great trouble free service.

Correct and their C/S is stellar! I cannot say enough good things. True, they need some more dynamic BTC addresses and there are a couple other internal things that could be better but I blog on them because they are very very good and GREAT for noobs!

  • plus it is pretty looking as we say lol

I love doing these posts and helping people out, EXODUS always gets good feedback too, very positive stuff.

Interesting info, I am just getting started with steemit and crypto currency, biggest challenge so far is explaining it to friends and family when I try to get them involved, at the moment trying to figure out which wallet to choose also looking into visa/mastercard possibilities but its hard to choose for a newbie so always looking for more experienced users advise

I would start here.

Then learn from my posts this week what exchanges to NOT use.

Then research the cards.

That is the order that makes a lot of sense in most cases.


Thank you for your advise I will read through your articles and try to learn as much as I can

I downloaded Exodus today for the Litecoin I purchased! You are completely right that it's art thats holding your crypto!

I love how easy it is to navigate and exchange!

L+D -- have a good weekend coming up!

We will! You as well!

We just bought some ETH, LTC, BAT!

We also just bought some SC to learn Bittrex's platform a little!

I have really liked your comments. I get to learn a little and laugh at times too, with you guys.

I like you. Whoever is typing there LOL

I have gotten nearly all my money off of Poloniex, my $500 SBD is still missing, but you can see it in my wallet that it was sent a week ago!!!

Thanks Barry! We enjoy talking to you!

We always seem to learn a little about Steemit or something Crypto talking to you! Heck one of us (won't say who ;) ) even got some grammar lessons!

I don't think we will be using Poloniex in our near future!!


Oh! Forgot to tell you, We managed to try to transfer 4.161 SBD to a STEEM wallet on bittrex! LOL Lesson learned! Good thing It wasn't a high amount!

great wallet

I love doing these posts and helping people out, EXODUS always gets good feedback too, very positive stuff.

Did you know, if you use phase word on Jaxx and Exodus, you see the same result? Mind Blowing Truth.

First of all @barrydutton that pizza looks bomb!
Second, I am a hardware wallet guy but looking to get a new desktop wallet. I have used electrum but not my favorite. I will probably be adding exodus to my wallet collection soon :)
So many wallets, so many keys!!!

Nice to hear from you man.

Tell me about it LOL.

Still love my Exodus wallet, coach!

Used it today to order a Bitpay Visa Debit Card. The guy who handles my (miniscule) ETF stock doesn't believe crypto is money. Time to get the proof in hand.

So, I used my Exodus wallet to pay for the card. Should be here next week some time.


I literally 2 mins ago sent this to comments here to our buddy Lex!




If I can actually recover all my lost SBD and with everything else, get to #SteemFest.... I realize now, I will need a card like this, I have looked into a few of them over the months, they REALLY screw us with everything in #Canadastan as I have mentioned before.

You are a crypto pro, I am really proud of you Eddie, you are awesome.

Ha! Good deal!

Is your SBD lost or just stuck in the exchange?

Thanks, bud! Wouldn't have had the confidence to try half this stuff without your support!

If you look in my wallet here from days and days ago, you can see it was sent to Polo.

  • it has never shown up and every time I try to send Polo a support ticket, it logs me out and REFUSES to take my fg password to login to the support side of the site, it is a joke.

I have moved nearly all my coins off Polo in the last 90 days, en masse, maybe even started prior to that.

I had not done a tx with them even, until recently again!

The balance of my coins are nearly all moved off there now that I was trying to use, set trades on and remain liquid on for $ purposes, so they have lost all that tx volume and fees now from me.

I am getting the rest off shortly, trust me.

Wow, that's some major suckage! I knew there was a hiccup, but not the details. Keep after 'em! I hope it get squared away soon!

Saw that & thanks! I think I only have like 17 cents there right now. Lol! Don't have but pocket change on Polo either.

I transferred most of my crypto to the Tradeqwik Exchange a while back for the stability.

Had a friend put me on to the exodus wallet..so far so good..been a smooth ride!
Another great heads up @barrydutton, glad to see some improvements and added coins on the exodus wallet!

They added 2 big coins a cpl. mths ago, they are on fire! REP and GOLEM

Thanks great review, I just recently downloaded Exodus and it's super user friendly. Hands down the best feature is the internal exchange where you can move your assets from one alt coin to the next. Amazing.
Though you can probably find a better price on an exchange, but super convenient.

All that's missing is: Steem/SBD!

Though you can probably find a better price on an exchange, but super convenient.


Exodus Wallets issue Service alert today, decided to come back to this post briefly.... Here is today's Yellow Service Alert I just did:


Does exodus support Steem it and Steem dollars?


There are actually NO external wallets for our currencies here apart from the wallets you have at the exchanges.

someone needs to develop one!

Hi Barry. I have been using Exodus for a few months now and whilst I do find it to be really user friendly, I noticed something odd recently.

Whenever I make a Bitcoin transfer out of Exodus, the fees are extortionate!

Do you experience the same thing?

Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Hey buddy!!!

I have not generally sent funds FROM, only to. my BTC Exodus wallet. Save a couple of times.

I have had other BTC tx's in other places sending.

They make their money at Exodus by a cut of the TX fees, as per what is on their website, so that is where the higher fees come from.

Thank you Barry.

I appreciate you telling me what you know.

Now I understand where those higher fees come from!

NP my man, I love hearing from you and glad I could help.

Just make sure you have the password when open function running. Depending on how you set it up, it can flat out open with no P/W - and it is an open book!!

Thanks for the heads-up! :)

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