URGENT! Pls. resteem! Poloniex FINALLY lifts the BTS / BitShares Lockdown on wallets in the last 15 mins after weeks! Get your BTS off there right now!!!

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In the last 15 mins or so, Poloniex JUST withdrew the BTS / Bitshares wallet lockdown, so get your BTS off there asap right now!!!!!

@barrydutton !!!!!!!

Tell everyone you know asap and send them to this message or send them here, or msg / email them!!!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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Nice to see, I hope Poloniex get's their act together soon.

They have cost people countless $$$$ and opportunities and grief.

I used to like the exchange, from the beginning to the next 2 days, i dont know if it has something to do with the OS or the IP Address from where its reached but i have to validate "im not a robot" and the image recaptcha every time i switch windows (from lending to exchange for example). I felt like i was used as a human algorithm to validate those pictures. Sure Poloniex is well known but not as user friendly and simple as in my opinion could be.

Why do we have to withdraw our bitshares? I hope your not trying to scare people to make a profit. Poloniex has waves of new users daily and it's hard for them to keep up. Now when you tell everyone to withdraw all at once I'm sure it will have a negative effect with everyone withdrawing.


If you actually have been paying attn to all the upset people online at this issue, and how important this news was, you would not even make this comment, which has now paid you almost $8.

And to misdirect stuff and try and blame me for anything is equally as ridiculous.

Brutal. LOL

People have been wondering if they would EVER get their BTS out of their, and why a top 15 crypto wallet is locked down for weeks.

I am glad the news got out on this, and I have received a lot of thanks from people for messaging them etc.

I'm not blaming you for anything at all. Just wanted to know why, because I trade on their daily and I did know that Poloniex had certain wallets offline for long a duration which is kinda their norm right now.

When Poloniex had the trollbox I read many complaints on their but then Poloniex posted "Industry growth and its effect on Poloniex", other trading exchanges later made post related that they cannot keep up with the waves of new users daily, and Bittrex is dealing with a large amount of support tickets right now as well.

So I'm disagreeing with you here, you know your stuff, I do have a good supply of BTS on their but will move it just in case your right. But for me I see these exchanges are having a difficult time keeping up with the world wanting a piece of the pie.

I hear you, but we need to NOT make excuses here for any of them brother!

1- they make tons and tons of cash.
2- Hire a few more people and upgrade a couple servers or their Fibre/T-1 or ?? lines
3/ *** they QUIT the trollbox, said they would direct more resources to customer sernice....


= service still garbage!!!!!!!!


I have been seeing lots of posts stating issues about poloniex and it made my mind to transfer some of my coins to ledger and rest will be shifted to bittrex.

I am happy for ya man, and everyone who has not been harmed by this exchange.

I know myself and @matt-a are not the only ones with money missing here, SBD to them, not showing up - nobody helping people, etc etc.

Matt and I are both out $500 SBD each, simply trying to transfer to them, for an exchange.

Brutal. Money never shows up on our wallet there but you can see the transfers / tx's out of our wallets here!

Tons of us in this spot.

That is scary and I am sorry for your losses. 500 usd is a big amount for me.

It's a big amount for anyone LOL.

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UPDATE: Fuck yes! Finally, my BTS is OFF of Poloniex (confirmed to be in my native wallet)!!! Now, to recover my ~$500 SBD and get my other currencies off of the exchange . . .

Done & Done. Will update once (HUGE IF) the BTS hits my native wallet.

Thanks for the heads up, that was much needed. Been waiting forever . . . Feels great to lose about 30% in value! Hooray!

You were one of the first I msgd when the post was done man.

You are welcome, did you see the dumb comments in this post that actually got rewarded accusing me of FUD???

I feel scared and afraid heart pumping hope everyone is already aware. Tnx @barrydutton how I wish when they lockdown some of the widrawn bts by poloniex will flown in my wallet hahaha gooddyy... :)

Resteemed, thanx man

That says it all!!!!

TY and You are welcome!!

Thank you for information.

Please resteem this and spread word and help people!!!!

Already Resteem...

thanks, I am behind on replies, and catching up now, good work

You are must welcome. I have followed you hope you also will follow me @ishwor Thank you.

resteemed! great post, thanks for the info

Thanks a lot!!

It is important!!!!

Thank you for your concern. Resteemed.


People are loving this big news, thanks!!

Good to know, hope this info helps someone :)

Agreed. This was big news

finally! thank you for the info, getting my bitshares out of polo!

My w/d out of there today is fine, just so you know. Pls. RS this post and help others learn!!

alright i will!

+1 // Thanks for helping others, this is huge news as you know!!!

POLONIEX took 9$ of my bitcoin and said error and i cant get it back poloniex is a bad site

I am out $500 SBD right now, similarly there, you can see the wallet on my side shows it was sent a week ago.

I feel ya!

Resteem and spread the word for others please!


Polo has been a pain in the ass.Thanks for sharing. Bitreix is better.

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Be careful! Do a small withdraw first to make sure it goes through. There was an issue when they re-opened Steem and nobody's deposits/withdraws were working

True but the other side of the ...coin is at least trying to get them all off now, means you have a Transaction ID and this post needs to be trending, people seem to be sleepy and nobody can follow everything, we have to help one another.


The funds would maybe be lost forever if they shut down or continued down a Mt. Gox - shutdown- lose ALL funds- path, I was tied up trying to email people with this news.

My BTS w/d from polo is complete, I see the funds in my other wallet!

Glad to hear you got it out safely.

Me too, did you see the negative comment on this post LOL,



i would NEVER use that website ever again


Please resteem this and spread word and help people!!!!

Sir...only a Trezor guarantee peace of mind than web or mobile wallets ....

Thanks for the obvious but that is not spreading awareness or helping anyone after weeks of them locking up wallets here.

Please resteem this.

Well that's some decent news. Hope everyone can get their funds out of there without a loss

My BTS is off Polo now, I can see the deposit done -- pls share this post!!

I'm glad I don't have much money on polo. I'm kind of hoping for the best and writing it off in case of the worst.

TAKEN DONE,I mistook your "spread the word' phrase sorry for that mate.

Poloniex still not giving me an answer for my coins taken. 1.9btc worth.

Pls. resteem this and help some people out, all these posts can be used by anyone this week or this month to further the case against their behaviour.

I still don't understand how a lot of these exchanges, while making billions or at least working with billions still are going through these weak infrastructures and support processes.

Lots of people wondering many things, my friend. I want my $500 SBD - it has been a week, they have cost me likely thousands of $$ of opportunity cost now already with that dip I could have invested in!

Yeah...I talked about infrastructure on one of my podcast. I mean at this point the crypto currency industry makes billion, yet....the things that we as investors are going through....would be reminiscent of problems of someone that doesnt know how to run a business....Bad support, sometimes you dont even know where your bitcoin went??!!...smh...its crazy man.

Nailed it!!!!

I use Bittrex, they're more reputable (You get an upvote)

You guys could have just sold your bitshares, bought Dash or Bitcoin, moved the funds off exchange, to another exchange, and then rebuy your bitshares. You could have even done a Changelly move, where you send off bitcoin to the anonymous exchanges, and received the bitshares into a bitshares wallet. Just a thought.

I know all that, but why should I have to, ?

Why do I need to do that, pay for 2 trades, when I want to deal with a company that should be able to handle simple things?

you're missing the point here.

I guess I don't understand why people would leave their funds stranded on poloniex for multiple weeks. If poloniex fully crashed and there was a loss of funds, people would just be out the money. Safer to convert the funds and get it on a private wallet then leave it on an exchange for weeks on end hoping withdrawals are enabled.

1/ What about if you made a trade late at nite on the biggest exchange in the world, with lots of volume and liquidity and were tired and went to bed?

2/ What if you executed a trade position at 11 am and went to the bathroom and came back 3 mins later and your wallet was now LOCKED by said exchange for weeks on end??

3/ What if you are totally new to all this, and learning your way, and maybe this was your first trade??

I get it. Believe me.


But how about you place the blame squarely on the source of the problem, the exchange ---- who did not return msgs for hundreds of tickets, did not communicate with people, did not post about it, nothing.

For the love of God man a couple of the comments in this thread are stupid.

thanks Barry - any news about steem? has been down for days

None that I have heard. It has been down meaning under $2 for well over a week basically - I have not counted the days.

sorry - used wrong term - steem disabled

Poloniex is screwing everybody... The low SBD and STEEM price is their fault...

A low steem price is a blessing, its a chance to buy more while its cheap ;)

yep, but low steem price lower our payout rewards here in steemit, so we dont want this low prices to last very much time... Seems like it will keep going down since poloniex havent fixed their issue...

Likely a lot to do with it.

Concerned about poloniex. Deposited ETH there 5 days ago and it is not showing on my balance yet. However my BTC did. Do we think Poloniex is a scam or just incompetent? I struggle to see why it is a scam as this website has hundreds of thousands of users all paying fees, this site could be a very profitable long term business for the owners, so why would they steal funds to make a quick buck?

Great questions, so many wondering similar things!!!

i recently withdrew all my cash to bittrex from poloniex because of too many red flags appearing in a short period of time. and i also see how the trading volume's there dropped dramatically. i don't know if i did the right thing cuz the charts on bittrex is not even close to poloniex, that small window. i know i can use trading view, but my second monitor broke just few days a go and it became much harder to work like that

We hear ya!!!

im trying to make sense out of all of this

Thanks Barry! I just checked Polo and my BTS is still locked in a trans error. I tried to transfer the coins to Bittrex on 6/2 and they never made it, despite having a proper deposit address and everything. I have opened 3 separate support tickets and still not one word from Polo. I know one other person this happened to and she eventually got her coins but I'm beginning to lose hope that I'll ever get mine back. It's crazy.

TY for stopping by on this, we need to stay on these guys, some of the people here making "scaling" excuses sound like lackies for Polo.

Make a million a year, make $10M a year?

Spend some money on staff like you TOLD people you were doing taking the troll box offline to divert people there to help the increased demand.

You're welcome! I guess my biggest compliant is their lack of communication. Mistakes happen but there's no excuse for not even bothering to acknowledge service tickets.

Dear Eric Vance Walton:

We have received your ticket and know we make millions but are very busy.

Someone will review your ticket within the next __ hours or __ days and you will receive a preliminary response at that time.

Do not reply to this, it is automated but thanks for your patience.

-- Sincerely Poloniex - world's biggest crypt clearing house and exchange - we swear we are not sketchy.

That fg took me a minute or less to type that I am not a bot and I care more about you and liberty than they do.

The fact is -- it CAN be done, I just proved it.

I'm in downtown Toronto for Canada Day!

the most Canadian thing you will read all year, LOL......That took me nearly 3 hrs to put together.

Hey @barrydutton - First and foremost, thank you for the post and making the countless amounts of steemians (particularly the new ones like myself) aware of the issues with Poloniex.

Secondly, which exchange are you using now? I'd like to make sure that I'm fishing in the same pond as the rest of you big boys.

Thank you in advance.


When dealing with many in the BTS community, they would recommend you look into that and the exchanges connected to that community, there are a few.

Apart from that side of things there are many many exchanges available.

I don't name them for many reasons, but both of these things are really easily searchable and you have to find the right one that fits YOU.

Roger that. I appreciate you taking the time to write that detailed response...it is very much appreciated.

Have a great rest of your evening!