First came Crypto, then came another New Obsession

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First, there was Crypto. After hearing about it a few times since around 2013 or so (yeah, yeah, I know...dumb dumb), it took me a while to really dive into the subject, but when I did, well, let's just say it was an eye-opener. To say the least.
My real story with crypto began in late 2016, but I didn't really dare dip my toes into the pond that was crypto and blockchain until early 2017.
By then, I had read and researched like a pro and knew more than the average beginner but much less than a pro. Actually, there were no 'pros'. There still aren't any, really, because how can you be a pro at something that is growing so quickly and changing every second of the day?

Anyway, there's a new obsession in my world now. No, it hasn't replaced my crypto world.
If anything, they complement each other. Like a harmonious combination.
Yup. That's it.
And I'm sticking to it.
But what is this new obsession I'm so obsessive about? Well, let's find out!



Old Obsessions

Let me just start with one little thing about myself. I know that I have it, and I'm owning it.
I have a slightly addictive nature. Nope, I've never been addicted to drugs or alcohol.
I have smoked the occasional joint in my life, but I can take it or leave it.
I've had my fair share of drug-filled parties, but even then, I was the 'responsible one'.
I'm not saying I never participated. I absolutely did. But I always made sure everyone else was okay and went home safely. That this was the case was proven when, a few years ago, I went to a reunion of one of the clubs we used to frequent, and one of my old friends yelled out, 'Hey guys! Look who it is!' And then added: 'Without you, we'd all be dead.' That should stand for something. I'm not trying to put feathers up my own butt. His words, not mine.

But when I do get interested in something, I bite myself into it like a Pitbull on cocaine, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
Back in the day, when house-music, or techno, as most of you might know it, came around, at first I didn't want to know anything about it. But once I started getting into it, I really got into it, and nothing could change that. It lasted forever because I can still listen to the music and never get bored. But at least now, people can change the channel on my car radio without having to be afraid I'll let them walk home...

The next obsession for me was travel. And then came crypto. For a few years, it was everything, and no one could come to my house without hearing about it all the time, every time...
Ask my kids; they'll tell you.


New Obsessions

In an era when technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, the world of artificial intelligence has me completely enchanted. It's not just a passing phase; it's a full-fledged obsession. The possibilities are endless, from language models to art generators and video creators, and I can't get enough!

My interest in artificial intelligence began with a simple curiosity. I wanted to understand the mechanisms underlying the technologies that will shape our future. What I didn't expect was how deeply I would fall in love with all things artificial intelligence.

A language model was one of the first AI miracles that piqued my interest. These powerful algorithms are capable of producing human-like prose and conversing coherently. It's amazing to watch how they've progressed from simple chatbots to the excellent language models we have now. I'm always amazed at how they can tell stories, answer questions, and even help with creative writing.
I'll tell you right now: No, I haven't used a language model to write this.
Yes, I have used AI to paraphrase some of the sentences that didn't 'flow' right.
That's the power of Language models. In my opinion, they shouldn't be used for things like writing a blog. However, if someone does use them for this, more power to ya. I'm not judging.

But I can totally see how someone would use it to improve their websites, get ideas for blog posts, Instagram posts, etc.
My kids now call me the crazy crypto lady with her imaginary AI friend because I turn to ChatGPT for
everything from research and references to recipes and ideas for other AI tools.


My Art even if it's not really mine

The second AI tool I discovered was one of the many, many, and I mean many AI art generators.
In the beginning, I felt a little guilty for having a machine generate art for me.
Then I felt less guilty. I'll explain why.
First of all, I can hardly find the time to actually sit down and draw or paint these days.
I used to a long time ago, and even recently (before we left Ireland), I used to pick up a pencil on a regular basis and draw. I can't find the time or energy to do this anymore these days.
Plus, I try to move our lives outside more rather than being in the house all day.
We live in paradise, so I need to feel like we actually do and not spend all of my hours indoors.
So when I do spend my time indoors, I like to play around with AI to create stuff.

Also, getting the right prompt for these tools to work properly is an art in itself, in my opinion.
It's not as simple as you'd think!
Like this following lady, for instance, it took me a while to get it right.


Or this lady...Nope, she's not real.

Looking at her fingers, you can spot it. AI isn't perfect either. Not yet at least...


AI and my work

Only a few months ago, my present and my (short-term) future didn't look very bright.
Not very bright at all. The only reason I got through those months was because I inherited a small amount of money after my brother passed away. Not the best way, and definitely not a 'feel good' way.
I felt guilty even spending that money, but I guess now my brother lives on in our reality because of it.
I managed to get my residency thanks to him.
I managed to pay a few things that needed to be paid.
So I am really grateful for the gift he's given us, even after his death.
But it wasn't going to last, of course.

So right around the same time, I had the opportunity to work for a company that was all about AI.
I welcomed the chance with open arms.
So now I get to talk to and work with AI all day long and get paid for it!
And that's really all I'm allowed to say about it...



AI definitely isn't for everyone.
I acknowledge that AI presents problems and ethical concerns. As its capabilities expand, so does the obligation to use it ethically and responsibly.

I've had some friends tell me that now I was actually working 'for the enemy' and that AI would eventually take over everything. I actually had to say good-bye to one of my friends, who somehow decided to get angry at me for doing so.
I don't believe we're quite at the point where AI will take over life as we know it.
I believe in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for the good of society and ensuring that it benefits everyone.

I don't feel guilty for using AI to my advantage. In my work, in my blog, in my art, or just in my daily life.
It's making my life easier, and it's putting food on the table.
Why should I have to feel bad about that?
And then there's this saying: 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.'
I'd rather be on top of things and know what they're doing (or at least part of it) than be completely oblivious to it.

This new era will see AI implemented in nearly everything, from our homes to stores to art, etc.
It's coming, and there is no way to stop it. In many areas of life, it's already here.

So why not swim with the stream instead of trying to swim against it?


All of the art work has been made by me with

bye text.png


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I totally agree, although I feel the same about using it to write all my content for me, instead you need to learn how to use it to your advantage (this will also teach you things, which is great) and use it to format, find spelling error etc. Whatever you need. You can also find out how to write certain documents or stuff like that. I really love using it.

The AI art you shared here looks super cool! Really love them <3


Thank you sister! I love experimenting with it. It's so addictive haha.
Yes, exactly. It can help write better emails etc. I found it really helpful for that, especially if it needs to be more formal. I even sometimes use it when I can't find a word for something. It's like you'd ask another person: 'What's that thing called again that you use for...whatever.' Somehow the AI always knows exactly what I mean. Creepy and pretty damn cool at the same time too lol.

I've even used it to practice some Spanish sentences, as well as find differences between Spanish Spanish and Mexican Spanish.

Yeah, agree with it all. I was convinced that I should start learning how to use it when my boyfriend flew through this year's audit documentation while last year he struggled so many months to get it all sorted. It's really useful when you need to write documentation which is new to you, this way you check it, edit and adapt to your needs. Very convenient and everything looked smooth.


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