My 6th Hive Birthday/ Anniversary

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I remembered a few days ago, that it had been almost 6 years for me on the Hive Blockchain.
And yet it slipped my mind again but I can always count on @arcange & @hivebuzz to remind me of this date. So the 4th of June was my 6th Hive birthday.
6 years! Wow. Time flies!



6 Years on Hive, 3 IRL Hive fests, 1 Virtual one, and one to come...

Not bad. Not bad at all.
I remember my first intro to Hive like it was yesterday.
It wasn't so long into my crypto journey when I first read about Steem Hive.
You could call it coincidental, if you believed in coincidence...
I had been going through a list of cryptocurrencies to see what they were about and to learn about them. When I stumbled on Hive, I was intrigued by the description.
However, I didn't really do anything with it then. I stuck it on a list 'for later'.

Well, later came rather quickly when I watched a video of the Dollar Vigilante (Jeff Berwick) only days later in which he mentioned the platform.
The funny thing was that I was a big Berwick fan, and used to watch all his videos. I had missed this one because it was about a year old when I found it!

I saw it as a sign and signed up right away.
The birthday date is my sign-up date.
It took another 10 days or so until I finally received an email stating that my account was created. I was camping with the kids and the Irish home education group, and since I hardly saw the kiddos all day, I decided to check my emails, and there it was. It was also my son's birthday.
So yeah, if this wasn't all meant to be, then I don't know what is...

Six years later, I'm still here, and even though I'm not always as active here as I'd like to be, Hive is part of my life just like my family is. In fact, my family knows that nothing is more important to me than my real life family & my Hive family.

Thank you!

I couldn't imagine my life without Hive & my Hive friends here.
Here is where I tell my life story, everything that happens in my life, and all the good & the bad that goes on in our lives. The struggles, the moves, the ups and downs...everything.
People have come and gone, some just disappeared without a word. And that's OK, although I sometimes think of what might have happened to them. But there are quite a few still here that I can call friends. Family even. You know who you are...😊

So I thank you all for being here with me, and also for letting me be a part of your lives too.

The next 6 years, here we come!

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whoop whoop! can't believe it's been that long. I also joined after watching Berwick.

congratulations @misslasvegas

Heyyy @markwhittam !!! I can't believe it either. It's crazy really. And you and @canadian-coconut were there with/for me from the beginning. And you one of the first I ran into in Lisbon. I remember that you and your whole family were sick, so I was lucky to have seen you when I did. 😊

haha! yeah I was gutted I missed out on a drinking session with u and Berwick in hotel lobby.

Oohhh yes. We started in the hotel lobby and continued for hours later that night at the pool place, talking outside with Berwick and a small group. That was a good night. We saw the real Jeff, with all kinds of emotions flaring up haha.
Just normal people having a conversation about life and what's going on in the world.
That was some lucky day because after that, Jeff went MIA and we didn't see him again throughout the rest of the fest. I'm pretty sure there were people who wanted to do an interview with him and never got it done. I met him again last year at Anarchapulco but there was a constant swarm of people around him so he wasn't half as approachable. Good times!

Happy birthday, , my friend, and congratulations! It feels like so long, and at the same time, it still feels kinda new. It's such a weird wonderful place. Here's to many more, and I hope you're well, all of you <3

Thank you my friend! It is all that you've described. I've been on some of the mainstream social media much longer but that doesn't really feel like an accomplishment though.
Although I've made some friends there too, it's just not the same as on Hive, especially when you get to meet some of those people.
We're doing fine! Finally getting some traction here and some direction haha. It took a while. And now, like before, making plans to get to another Hivefest. A little closer this time. But again trying to do it all with crypto this time around.

How are you doing missy?

I hope you do make it out there! (and all with crypto, of course). I'm glad to see you're doing well over there, and that it suits you and your dear ones <3 Really glad. Wondering where Hivefest will be this year.

I'm well! Working on a fantasy series now, and tryna figure out where to go next, really. Life's pretty good right now, and I'm grateful for that. Much love <3

It's here in Mexico this year @honeydue 😊

No way! I must've missed the announcement! thanks for cluing me in :D

Happy Hive Birthday dear @misslasvegas

Thank you @arcange 😊 I hope to see you here in September.