Upvote Shares Level 23 Curation Dividend Payouts & Progress

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Another Level has recently been completed meaning more Curation Reward Dividends are being paid out to Shareholders with 11 or more shares!

I should have some time during the next 10 days to move the Upvoteshares project on to Level 24 after Level 23 recently was finalized. This is what the progression looks like ever since the project kicked off in 2018...

Level 23 Curation Dividends

As always, all shareholders that have at least 11 shares are getting curation dividend payouts with a small multiplier based on their shares.

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The Voting power continues to hold up really well while the upvotes are set way above the minimum promised percentages thanks to the many value-creating mechanisms. a whopping 130 Shares have been burned by now and all of these add to the returns of existing shareholders. I will be opening Level 24 somewhere during the next week and I will see if I can also making a post breaking down the value this program continues to bring in the hope to attract some more bloggers to join.

Thanks everyone for the patience and as always let me know if I made any mistakes. Also, feel free to leave questions, feedback, suggestions in the comments below!


Glad to see the project progressing nicely.

I am eager to buy another five shares next week :)

@tipu curate

I look forward to the next round, I will be looking to obtain 2 more shares, thank you for all the help your program has provided me.

Great project and good to see consistent progress and effort. I am interested in buying shares next round. How much is one share and how would I go about it? Thanks

I am curious about this also..

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@mercurial9 | @shortsegments

1 Share in Level 24 will be 4.94 Hive, 4.64 of that will be powered up and remains the ownership of the shareholder as it can be sold at any given time or refunded in case the project ever ends. the 0.3 hive extra from each of the 50 shares each level will be used to get delegation.

Right now upvotes for 1 share are set at 2.8% which is where they will stay next level as VP is holding up well. LEO (627 Staked) | PAL (2257 Staked) | SPORTS (287K Staked) will come on top of that with a x10 Multiplier. Shareholders that have 5 shares or less will get 1 weekly upvote (value x7), for those with 6 shares or more it will be a daily upvote. Those with 11 shares or more also get curation reward dividends in Hive each time a new level is reached.

For more info I would suggest to check the Terms & Conditions where everything is broken down in more detail.

Hi @upvoteshares, thanks for the information. I would like to purchase 5 shares. What would I need to do to confirm this?

Been awhile, nice project