A call for delegation

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Curie is one of the oldest community projects and has proven to be sustainable through the bad times and the good. Although Curie will continue operations if major delegation is not secured, operations will necessarily be scaled back as Curie is currently operating at a deficit.

If you would like to delegate to Curie you can do so by clicking on the following links:
50 SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Curie does not have the budget to pay current market rate for SP delegation but can give a small symbolic weekly return for major delegation (100,000 SP+ delegation). Please contact us on Discord to talk details: https://discord.gg/G6RPUMu

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Curie is a meritocratic community curation project adding value to the community in many ways:

  • Increasing the visibility of original, engaging content on the Steem blockchain by giving exposure to authors who are flying under the radar despite quality posting.
  • Aiding user retention by giving engaged new users a taste of major reward and bandwidth to transact with the Steem blockchain (in form of Steem Power portion of author reward from @curie upvote).
  • Discovering and empowering promising curators including support of interest/regional specific curation communities.
  • Operating a community witness on the @curie account as well as operating full and seed nodes (our fullnode is available for API requests at: https://rpc.curiesteem.com/).

100% of all Curie proceeds are returned to the community in the form of finder's/reviewers fees & operations pay for contributors. Curie does not self upvote any posting, reserving all available vote power to support other authors.

Other ways you can help

  • Follow the @curie blog and upvote and resteem Curie posting
  • Follow our trail and vote for curated authors. If you are a SteemAuto user, @curie is an available trail to follow.
  • Vote for the @curie witness (all witness payouts are used to fund Curie operations).
  • If you have received support from Curie in the past, consider telling your "Curie story" in a post using the #mycuriestory tag to raise awareness.

Learn more

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Curie - Increasing the visibility of original, engaging content

  • Curie curators look for exceptional posts by engaged authors that are flying under the radar, and submit them for review by Curie reviewers (former top Curie curators).
  • A Curie reviewer verifies that the post is exceptional, original (not plagiarized), original to Steem (not published elsewhere first), and the author has been engaged with the community and consistent in posting quality content without receiving major reward lately.
  • Posts and authors meeting these guidelines are approved for upvote by the @curie account and accompanying vote trail.
  • Particularly exceptional posts are resteemed on the @curie blog to over 16k followers.
  • Curie curators nominate and invite ~10-12 authors weekly to be featured in twice-weekly Author Showcase posting on the @curie blog.

In short, Curie is helping to keep the "brain" in "proof of brain" through human powered curation and review.

Curie - Aiding user retention

*Post or comment
**All accounts with at least one post or comment (n=416,379)

Curie functions as a "proof of concept" of Steem for many new users, providing that first big payout and proof that earning is possible. Authors upvoted by Curie do have a much higher retention rate than the total user population. Curie looks for engaged authors and incentivizes them to stay on the Steem blockchain. Nearly half of the unique authors ever upvoted by the @curie account have already posted or commented in the first week of April, 2018.

Curie - Discovering and empowering promising curators

  • The Curie curation community is centered around the Curie Discord channel.
  • Anyone interested in curation is welcome to apply for the "prospective curator" role in the #general channel. Prospective curators can learn from Curie curators and each other while using the #curation_links channel in the Curie Discord.
  • There are ~90 active Curie curators monthly and currently 117 prospective curators.
  • Curie curators receive a finder's fee per approved submission, rewarding quality curation.
  • Curators receive a weekly curation score based on performance; top curators each week can recommend in a new curator.
  • Objective performance targets are set; Curie is a meritocracy and any curator can achieve top curator status based on performance, and with consistent performance over time any curator can become a reviewer.
  • Curie also supports interest- and regional-specific curation communities ("sub-communities"); each sub-community has developed its own rules & guidelines and has its own team of curators. The @curie vote and trail follows behind these sub-community curation teams at a reduced vote % (see the Weekly Update published every Sunday on the @curie blog for a complete list of sub-communities and sub-community leaders).

Show me the numbers

The Steem ecosystem is described as a place where "your voice is worth something" and content creators can "get paid for good content" (from the current advertisement to new users at steemit.com).

Curators paid: ~ 1,000

Curie was founded to address a perceived problem: many engaged authors consistently creating good content on Steem blockchain do not get paid for it. Since August of 2016, Curie has been hard at work finding these authors and giving them deserved exposure and reward.

MYTH: Curie only supports lower REP authors

Curie Upvotes - 2018 to date

Curie has been around for a long time and you may have already formed an opinion based on the way Curie used to operate. At one point, Curie would not upvote an author who had passed an upper limit of REP 52. This is no longer the case. Curie now supports authors of any REP who are persistent in quality posting but receiving little reward recently. A quick look at the unique authors, posts and post payout on Curie upvotes in 2018 to date proves that Curie does in fact support authors of all REP levels.

You may be surprised how many of the established authors on Steem blockchain have received support from Curie:

* Note that a Curie upvote is typically sufficient to lift authors out of the bottom REP ranges 25-34

This chart shows what percentage of the total number of accounts in each REP band have received at least one Curie upvote. This is current REP and in the majority of cases the Curie upvote would have come while author was at lower REP. Given that there are a significant number of bots, group/community accounts, etc., the percentage of actual individual human authors who have received support from Curie is undoubtedly even higher!

Support for Curie is support for exceptional original content, support for engaged & persistent authors, and support for manual curation / "proof of brain".

Curie Logo 500px.png


What is the best way to contact you?

I am building a second layer for Steem, which will allow to people, to delegate unused voting power from a day to different initiatives, like @curie.

I would like to talk with you about the details, to make this project better suited for you.

You can poke your head in Curie Discord https://discord.gg/G6RPUMu

Also feel free to DM me on Discord @gnashster#6522

This sounds like an awesome Project. Hope it works.

I am interested in seeing your progress with this, is there a way to follow you new endeavor?

That sounds like such a brilliant idea. I'd love to know that my VP is being used without some of the semi-randomness of some of the auto-voting methods that are around. I'd also love to be able to support @curie in a meaningful way while still maintaining my still low amount (~700) of SP.

Cool idea ! Did it become real within the last 12 months?


Thanks for everything you do to encourage real content creators on this platform. I'll delegate 1k and resteem this :)

That means a lot to this community. We appreciate your believing in Curie and supporting her 😍.

Nice! Thank you for supporting a curation team that has made the difference for me as a writer on Steemit. It's heartening to see larger delegations coming in!

Mate, you're awesome.💚

good man!

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:


@curie is the reason I didn't abandon Steemit the second time I decided to give it a go. I was lucky enough to have several of my early posts earn an upvote, and this was most likely an integral part in developing my following today.

I strongly commend the team behind curie for everything that they do - they're part of the reason the steem blockchain is such an appealing place for content creators.

I've edited this post to include the below image: (A proof of delegation, totalling 100SP)

Thank you curie, and its curators; for all that you have done for me and my engagement with this platform.

Maybe you should post your Curie story under #mycuriestory tag. Would love read it.

I've actually just started drafting an outline :)

Same here holoz0r. I remember my first Curie vote like it was yesterday. Only $20 back them, when Steem was worth a dime, but it got my attention nonetheless.

To see Curie scale back would break my heart but I lack resources to do much about this one. Rooting from the sidelines that someone can make a sizable delegation here.

edit: Reading other responses here makes me feel like a loser, so I'll go ahead and delegate 50SP in a minute to do my part. You got me

This project has to be supported!

Even if you've never had a @curie vote (like me!), the project is doing its best to promote the best content and keep these producers engaged.

Wow that is awesome Asher! Many thanks!

thanks you so much for your supported @abh12345

so i know i am going to get beat up on this, and downvoted, and just start an all around shit storm but i have to ask. Aren't they supposed to spread the love. When i went and looked at their outgoing votes last night steemotion had over 300 votes (sorry i did not take a screen shot) from them in the last 7 days. This morning when i just now checked it had rolled over to him having 41 votes right now

So in the name of being educated on a subject can someone inform me of why this would happen. sorry if this comes off as me being a dick, i am not trying to be. I am just a numbers guy and those numbers seem off.

[EDIT] April 10th, 2018 10:56pm UTC
Hey @doomsdaychassis thanks again for bringing this to our attention. You appear to have spotted some scamming going on that received support from Curie through a curation trail we followed. I am actively investigating to shut it down ASAP. Thanks for your service to the community! Cheers - Carl

Hi @doomsdaychassis, So first I noticed that you had this sorted by count. These are TINY % votes, and they are coming from the @curie vote trailing a sub-community's curation team. Curie supports a number of interest and regional specific sub-community curation teams with a vote follow at a very small vote %. The most famous of these sub-communities is probably #steemstem but the entire list of sub-communities that Curie supports is published every Sunday in the "Weekly Update" on the @curie blog. Each sub-community has its own guidelines and is an independent operation (to be clear, a sub-community is not Curie, the curation is not done by Curie curators, etc.). Because of the number of these sub-communities that Curie supports, and the tiny vote % for each vote that Curie casts following the trail of the sub-community curators, sorting by vote count is beyond pointless. If you go check the @steemotion blog, you will see that these are TINY votes. E.g. in past day that account received 8 Curie votes, but the SUM TOTAL of pending payout on all 8 posts is < $3! I can't tell at a glance which sub-community this author is receiving support from, but it is obviously not a big deal in any case. The Curie vote is at such low % that the Curie vote and trail isn't even showing up in most of these posts among the list of top voters because the votes are coming in at such negligible %. The majority of the (small in the first place) payout on @steemotion's posts upvoted by Curie is not actually coming from the @curie vote and trail.

The website you are using is really not very useful at all for an account like Curie that makes a TON of votes, as the website limits results to top 250; sorting by weight is slightly more useful here (and you will see that @steemotion drops off the list if sorted by weight), but the TOP vote receiver by weight only received .61% of the Curie outgoing vote weight in the time period. A much more useful website is http://steemreports.com which will allow you to see ALL votes. Here is last 2 weeks outgoing votes from @curie:

Then why even trail the a sub-communities' curation teams? If the impact and reward is so small? I see this in different places, where one vote leads a large number of tiny, tiny upvotes. In reading about HF20, those tiny votes will just become 'dust' and be sent to null anyway. I've wondered about this for awhile, so thanks for your comment that explains part of what's going on.

The short answer is that Curie sets the follow % for the vote trail, and then it is up to the sub-community curation teams how they use their votes. Some sub-communities e.g. #steemstem are much more conscientious in parsing out their vote power, giving large enough % votes that the Curie follow vote is still meaningful. Other sub-communities have decided to spread their vote % out far and wide; the mechanics of a trailing vote necessarily mean that if you are trailing a vote at a reduced %, and the original vote is actually cast at a low % to begin with, the trailing vote is going to be tiny. The bigger point here is that each sub-community's operations are independent from Curie. Curie has set the cap for total vote % of the follow, but the sub-communities have freedom to determine how to best use it. Some of decided to opt for spreading it out to a very large # of recipients, even if that means the reward going out to each is quite small.

Thanks for the explanation.

so this guy is just gaming the vote by posting a stolen pic with one sentence under it stating that the rights belong to the photographer with out even bothering with a source?

Ah, digging farther it looks like Curie has already removed support from that author. If you visit steemd.com/@steemotion you can see that the Curie upvote (small as it was to begin with, and coming from sub-community follow, and not part of normal curie operations), has been unvoted from his posting still in payout.

how recently? because as I stated earlier he had over 300 votes from them last night if memory serves me right. I was just sitting there drinking a beer thinking " how is this mother F'er getting over a vote a day from them? " I hope they go through and check everything going on internally because as everyone knows they just droped out of the top 20 witnesses and if they keep letting this stuff slide they will keep going down. People are getting tired of the reward pool abusers and unfortunatly I think curie is aiding a lot of these abusers that have found a way to game the system while noone is looking.

Looks like votes were removed 22 hours ago. it is not possible to review and police every vote going out from the sub-communities that Curie supports; on the other hand, every large vote that curie casts as part of actual Curie operations is human reviewed twice, first by a Curie curator, and then by a Curie reviewer. I can tell you that very few, if any, accounts that are giving out large rewards in the form of upvotes have two humans reviewing each post before a large upvote goes out.

The sub-community upvotes on the other hand are not large, and are not a part of Curie curator/reviewer operations. You understand what a vote trail is right? I didn't explain that previously as I assumed it was self-explanatory, but perhaps I should have explained. When I say that the Curie vote follows the vote trail of the sub-community curation teams, that means the sub-community is the one reviewing the post and deciding to upvote it (not Curie!). Curie is supporting those sub-communities' curation efforts with a "vote trail" which means that the Curie vote will automatically be cast behind the vote of the sub-community curation team, at a reduced % of the original vote strength cast by the sub-community. We are talking very small votes there; while the total number of votes that Curie casts through sub-communities is large, as a % of total curie outgoing vote weight they are small. The votes cast by @curie after a post has been submitted by a Curie curator and reviewed by a Curie reviewer, on the other hand, are large.

As noted previously, the sub-community curation teams are not a part of Curie. Curie follows their vote trail at a small %. There are hundreds and hundreds of votes cast daily by the sub-community curation teams that Curie supports. It is not possible to review every one of these votes - the majority of the Curie votes coming in behind a sub-community curation team are < $5 votes, and most are FAR smaller than that. Curie is already running at a deficit maintaining manual review of every large vote that Curie casts through Curie curators / reviewers - it takes time to review posts. Curie lists the sub-communities and lists the Steem usernames of each sub-community's leaders on the @curie blog's weekly update - this is done precisely so that if there is an issue with a sub-community votes, it can be taken up directly with the sub-community. If an author being supported by a sub-community turns out to be plagiarizer/scammer, Curie will of course remove the upvotes (as happened here).

yes i understand a vote trail. On that note should the higher ups of curie review who they are trailing? How often do they review these things? It is tax time here in the USA so maybe it is time for curie to audit themselves on some internal level of what is going on. I realize they are huge and it will take some effort but they are going to have to sometime or else they will become a feeding trough for scammer piglets.

edit: it seems like we are trying to say the same thing except i am more pissed about what is going on here.

Glad I could be of assistance. Thank you for hearing me out.

I was going to say it would probably be a person that was curied and was designated as a person that would receive a small curie community upvote to keep the person engaged yet when I looked at the content of the account well I have some questions as well.

Given the amount is really small but a vote to that account and 7 votes in one day does make me scratch my head.

I think it is a perfectly normal question


this is a 1 sentence post saying the photo isn't his and curie upvoted it. all of his posts are trash
this is pissing me off now that i dig deeper. they just lost my witness vote that i had for them

I still believe in what Curie does and by bringing this to light they can make steps to investigate their trail on a community vote.

I will still retain my vote to curie and the witnesses that support them.

i can respect that. Another poster pointed out that @curie is now going back and taking their votes away from that poster. If they review what they are doing and i can check in and see for myself i will vote for them again. I am just tired of people abusing the system around here. I believe in steemit and I delegate some of my limited steempower to @newbieresteemday because i believe they are here to do good. It makes me mad when i see curie resources and votes going to trash that could be going to newbies that are pouring their hearts and souls into their posts for absolutely nothing because some A hole figured out how to get daily vote by using a certain tag or something.

I saw that Carl answered you on this and it was good that you pointed it out.
Small community votes and trails would not be as scrutinized as their bigger votes.
Even in our local community, I have a few trails and when I saw that mine was being abused I removed myself from that trail.

That is what we need in a decentralized platform for people to care and question how things are done. We need people to be accountable for and know the power they hold when giving out votes that have trails.

Interesting. I think it’s a perfectly valid question to ask. Why is one account getting six votes per day? And the second on the list is getting three per day?

you can go to steem world and the top 250 register for the last 7 day. if i scroll clear down to number 250 that guy has recieved 3 votes in the last 7 days. Just saying

curie 2.JPG

Hi @ats-david. You were mentioned by @apolymask as a witness our team should keep an eye on. I will definitely do so seeing that you are engaging in here!

See my detailed reply above :)

Hey @doomsdaychassis. We run into each other here of all places. I just found out today that @curie has supported some of the same authors 10+ times. I thought they spread their upvotes around and only shared 2-3 upvotes per author, but then again, I'm still learning about curie and witnesses myself. Interesting point there!

Edited: I looked up steemotion with the curie bot, the upvotes are from community support. Meaning this account has received a total of 93 upvotes for curie community support, but the upvote value is minimal, in the 0.36% range.

You should check out Asher's (@abh12345) curie post. There are accounts there that have received 10+ upvotes from curie and they don't even support curie as a witness! (Not saying that is a requirement for curie support)

yeah, i feel like even making this post just put a huge target on my back but that is the story of my life. I hope bringing this to light motivates them to do what they were meant to be rather than keeping down this new path of circle jerking the same people. This could be the very reason that they got dropped out of the top 20. Maybe curie needs to do an internal review of what is going on and what needs to be fixed.

An internal review would be for curie to decide. I have seen some of the same authors receive curie support, and seeing Asher's post, I know many of the same authors receive curie support. Some are small community support so I agree those could be ruled out. They are there to encourage budding talent. Some though are big curie upvotes supporting the same individuals.

I thought it an interesting read that many of them are not even supporting curie as a witness!

i stopped over and stirred the pot a bit. lets see how things shake out :)

I'll stop over to read your boiling witch brew later, lol. I have to get back to work. I don't make enough (any) on steemit to lose my day job.

thank you @ats-david and @maverickinvictus for seeing what i am seeing. It is nice to have someone higher up the food chain agreeing with me. I thought for sure i was going to get downvoted to hell and back for this one. you might stop by this post about curie delegation and see if anyone finds a diffrent point of view or reasoning on why this is happening. Maybe one of you gentleman could go upvote my post and bump it up tot he top, it is lost in the mix right now with my tiny $.12 vote. thanks

Very sad to see the biggest curation project, is not receiving enough support. I hope the steem team sees that these projects are very worthwhile to support.

Yeah it is interesting but I won't comment here. I certainly personally would love to see both Curie and @OCD receive more official support as two of the only ways that a curator of good content can actually receive support and a return on time spent curating. The curation reward mechanic is broken.

I hope the program finds the support it deserves.
I want to ask a question tough
@curie supports specific type of authors? like scientific articles etc?
I wonder if people like me who write about lets say philosophy or free writing could be reviewed?And if so should we use a spcific tag?
Thanks in advance

Curie supports most tags. There is no specific tag to be used, you will be found.

Curie supports a very broad range of posting. There are only a few topics that are not within the Curie guidelines: Steemit-related posting (posting about Steemit / Steem), religious and political posting. And for those last two, what is outside of the guidelines is religious or political posting that advocates one position; a fair and balanced academic review of a religious or political topic for instance would be welcome :) There are other guidelines though (not topic related), you can visit us on Discord (link in the post near the top) to read the current guidelines in the pinned notes in #announcements c hannel. Cheers

thank you for your responce

OK - I just delegated you guys some SP. It's a no-brainer, since I wouldn't have it if not for your regular support. @curie's vote, early on, was key in convincing me to blog here rather than elsewhere. And while I don't really do it for the money, getting the occasional boost when I put the effort in on a longer or more thoughtful piece really makes the experience rewarding.

Also, I appreciate that @curie supports so many posts that are about subjects other than Steemit. The platform will never grow if all outsiders see are articles about the platform!

Also, I appreciate that @curie supports so many posts that are about subjects other than Steemit. The platform will never grow if all outsiders see are articles about the platform!

This is the best part of @curie, bringing more content than just crypto into the fold. The focus on diverse, original content means that there's always something excellent to read that curie brings to the attention of the world.
And therein, lies the value, you read articles that you wouldn't normally have an interest in, and learn things about things you didn't know were even things before!

Thanks @winstonalden! You are really highlighting what I think is one of the biggest things that Curie does RE supporting posts on subjects other than Steemit (and I would probably throw "posts other than crypto" into that same mix). The variety of posting that is upvoted by Curie is amazing. The delegation is much appreciated. Much love - Carl

Oh yes - other than crypto for sure!

Could you imagine buying the New York Times ten years ago, and it's just a big business section, and half the articles are about the New York Times?

LOL! What a perfect analogy :)

Thanks for everything and for the tireless work that you do to encourage real content creators on this platform.


Wow very generous! Thank you so much!

Delegated 1,000 SP your way :D

To the @curie team - thank you for the tireless work that you do. You guys have set the bar for curation and community groups today, and you've set it high! Steem on!

Yay! I'm thrilled to see this kind of support. Curie has indeed set the bar high on manual curation. I've been fortunate enough to receive some love on my posts, and it's made a huge difference for me as a minnow. Glad to see those with more SP send some Curie's way. 💖

Thank you so much! Very generous and high praise! <3

surely im in guys !!!

From my first moments on Steemit and the Openmic contest back in early January, @curie has supported me and my musical journey here.
@curie Upvoted my song and after waking up gherkin next morning and seeing that huge support, it just drive me to carry creating music and blogging here. I left my familiar homes of Facebook and Instagram behind and have now been here ever since.
That 1 act of support for my music had definitely kept me here. Sure, Steem and SBD isn't everything in this world, but its the reason while we're all here on the is amazing platform, isn't it? To earn some money for the things we love to create and share with the community.
So, thanks @curie for your ongoing support of us all.

My entry this week

I remember you as that was the first post i submitted as a curator for curie :)

Thanks ever so much for the support! It has been brilliant!!

I hoped you didn't decline pay-out for this post and I know how you use the power that you have and I am forever thankful for that opportunity a long time ago of receiving a curie vote that changed my entire outlook on Steemit.

I remember questioning someone from Steem Inc during one of the witness shows over at MSP on why they are not delegating to curation guilds like Curie and OCD and never got a response as he continued to explain how SMT will be such a great thing.

I really hope that Curie gets back some of those High SP witness votes it lost but I continue to support with my 0.8 MV witness vote both curie and liberosist and continue to ask people to have you voted.

You are an important piece of this community.

Albeit I have given up on my dream of being a curie curator but I continue to support your advocacy of finding exceptional talent from undervalued authors. I have sent the little SP delegation that I have.

Curie has given me so much and this is the time I can give some of the help back.

Thanks for the support @maverickinvictus! And glad to hear Curie had a big impact on you personally. This is a great comment to read, makes me happy :) Much love - Carl

Thanks Carl Futurethinker still laughs off the impact that he made when he gave me my first curie nomination and maybe I will write that as my mycuriestory.

It has been wonderful reading that tag so far and I hope more people respond to the call of curie and put you guys back to the top 20 as well as lend delegation.

Lol I am not laughing at that. I was very glad man :)

haha yes you do! You don't believe it haha

Hey Mave. We bump into each other again. That is great of you to help with the SP delegation. Very generous for a redfish. I didn't add the term that we use before redfish since this is a serious post.

I too have given up hope on being a curie curator, simply because I can't find time to engage and look for quality posts! It doesn't stop me from giving curie my witness support.

I have the time but sadly I don't have the skills to be able to really recognize exceptional post but since mostly I get swayed by the emotion of the writer but its okay as I believe in what Curie does.

I was supposed to delegate it to another community but the call for aid was sounded and this redfish answered.

Now since you are here and it is another opportunity for me to remind you of the #steemitnamechallenge

Turning a blind eye....

Same here..I look for the potential in the writer, not necessarily the fine artwork, polished post, or magazine-worthy photos. I am also swayed by the author's message. Quality is subjective to the reader, that's all we can say on the matter.

You can't turn a blind eye to me forever!!! hahahaha

I have so many of these to choose from haha

HAHA...yes I can. Especially since I am at work and can simply log off Discord. No ginabot, no notifications. ;)

It might not be much but, as the wee mouse said:

all little bits help

and then he peed into the sea.

I just peed into your sea.

I appreciate all you guys/gals have done for me so far and hope you keep motivating and inspiring wee little mice, plankton, fish and other beautiful animals to stay on the platform! :>)

Have a great day!



Thanks Vincent!

You're (always) welcome buddy!
This was a no brainer

is curie still so negative about #photography ? or are they finally accepting photography posts ?

That is a little bit of a strange question. Curie upvotes a TON of photography, and always has. In past 7 days Curie has upvoted 250 posts with the #photography tag...

well back in Juli / August 2017 it was a clearly no go , posts with #photography didn't make a chance , and that was also stated in steemit.chat back then that is also why i stopped following curie .

Huh that is interesting, and I actually do see a dip in #photography upvotes in June and July 2017 (see below - those are sum totals for all Curie upvotes on #photography tag, by month). The interesting part is the reviewers were the same before, during and after that period. It sounds like the curators active at the time had decided not to focus on photography as an independent decision - there certainly have never been guidelines against photography as far as what can be submitted to Curie, but ultimately the curators still have to decide to curate photography and submit it. As you can see starting in August 2017 and forward to the present, photography has been well represented in Curie upvotes. In any case, certainly not the case now that photography is not supported. Cheers - Carl

well it's good to see that they changed their mind

Yeah to be honest I was surprised to see that there was some validity to what you were saying, at least at one point in time (not that I thought you were lying or anything, but I started with Curie in October of 2017 and photography from that point till now has been one of the most rewarded categories).

it's always good to check facts :) after all it's the internet to many people saying bla bla :) .
i moderate on my main account @stresskiller for @qurator in a way we do the same thing only the rewards are different but we try to educate the people :)

I just delegated 50SP. Thank you to the whole Curie crew for your support, which has been a major part of helping me commit to this platform and find confidence here. If Steemit is to grow and thrive, we need manual curation initiatives like this to be well-funded. I hope my small contribution helps.

That is awesome thanks Katrina! Love - Carl

Better late than never.

Yeah I was in the same boat actually realized I hadn't delegated myself and did so right after the delegation post was published.

Thank you so much for helping us little artists who are trying to make a living with our creative work here on Steemit. Very much appreciated.

100% of all Curie proceeds are returned to the community in the form of upvotes going out to authors, and finder's/reviewers fees & operations pay for contributors.

With all due respect, but I would kindly ask you to review the validity of this statement. You can't give back your proceeds by upvoting. I don't want to be picky, but this can lead to a fundamental misunderstanding of what you do.


Sure I see your point. What we were trying to convey there was that Curie does not self-upvote, and given that self-upvoting posting is very much the norm, NOT doing so is giving to the community. But yes, you are absolutely correct, it isn't proceeds. Will edit.

I've voted for Curie as a witness :) Will do my Curie Story now too! Good luck to you guys!

Awesome to hear!

@curie a made a huge difference in my personal account and also the orchestra account that I help run (@musicapoetica) and our community account (@classical-radio). Without the support of the curation folks, I'm not sure if we would have continued, as our interests and topics are a bit of a niche interest on Steemit. Thanks for all your work. We are still small and can't help in a large meaningful way, but we have all voted for you as witness.

Witness vote done.

@curie thanks for this opportunity I have further
Showcased the reason why the steemit community need your surport by writing how I have benefited from your initiative ,more grease to your elbow .


Awesome! Thanks and great to hear your story :)

Thanks for your selfless service in retaining users and awarding quality content, @curie team!
My friend @belemo was the recent (poor SOB) Steemer to be hit by your upvote,
(his content was dope) which would've otherwise just been ignored by Steemit community at MAX $4 or so.
Therefore, I know and realize how important it is to support this initiative and ensure that it remains sustainable in the long-run!
Good luck, hope you're delegated a huge-ass amount!


This is current REP and in the majority of cases the Curie upvote would have come while author was at lower REP.

Hehe ;P

Yeah especially when you are lower REP, even a single Curie upvote can shoot you up into REP 50 range. Thanks for your support :) Cheers - Carl

Thanks for your support

Anytime, everytime.
btw when EOS' blog comes out, will you please continue the curie movement there too?

I'm planning to ditch Steemit because @ned is a fucking bitch who doesn't take his shit seriously.

@dan, on the other hand, is a level-headed dude who's made it into the Forbes' List of rich peeps, which only goes to show that EOS is gonna go to the Moon cuz he knows his shit, long before Steemit even leaves the fucking ground.

You in?

Witness curie! And I will try to help also by checking out curied posts and resteeming them <3 Thank you for your great work, curie!

I will also delegate some SP in the future but am still a very smol spoder at the moment ; __ ;

Even a smol spoder witness vote is appreciated! Much Love - Carl

My vote for first and oldest curation project on Steemit.
Curie was the first, who gave a hope to simple users and I was one of them!

Thanks! I love seeing long time users coming forward in support :)

Great information for the future,,, i think,, im not ready for that,,, because still a newbie,,, :)

Have upvote all your posts @maitam87

Nice post, Curie is a great project to help writers, I am proud of the @curie even though I have not got support. Thank you @curie for your support for every writer..

Thank you @curie for all that you do to support the steemit community and for curating great quality content. I've had your help once and it was the biggest surprise that pushed me to keep going on Steemit. Thank you once again!

I support you Curie, why not also get a payout for the post?

@curie looks like an awesome program! I've only been active for about a month and only written a few posts. But between my readings and interactions on steem chat have heard many great things about the @curie project. I hope to be able to support it one day! Keep up the great work @curie team!

I support Curie! :) really excellent seeing new quality content authors get recognition. It definitely retains good users!

If you accepted your payment could you use that for Steen power?

Accepting payment on posting like this by a major community account traditionally generates a lot of controversy on Steem, rightfully or not, and often gets flagged down; and as such Curie declines payment for operational updates and in this case request for assistance. We accept payout on the twice weekly Author Showcase posting which is our own original posting featuring reviews of and interviews with recently featured authors - we feel that posting does add value to the blockchain, and you can certainly cast an upvote there in support :) Cheers

i understand your situation however you could prove with your wallet that you have used all the profit for steem power?

I am new here---I heard of curie---what is it, where is it, how can I ''join?'' it? thanks, Arthur

Hi see the link to Discord chat server in the "Learn More" section in the post above, that is where the community is centered. Read the pinned notes once you get to the Discord #general channel. Cheers

Some good news and some bad news in your post. I am encouraged that the arguably oldest circle jerking operation is running at a deficit. One can only pray more people realise what you are actually doing lacks a lot of ethical merit. Leave the curation to individuals, gangs aka political parties, seldom lead to good results.

Curie is Steem's light house in terms of quality and has ever been.

There's no other project that fosters quality in a way you guys do, including both content creation and curation. @curie supported me in my earlier days on steemit, and probably my blog wouldn't be what it is today if you hadn't been there pushing me the way you did.

I'm grateful for everything you've done for me and thousands of other blockchain surfers.

Thanks for being awesome, for your dedication, your determination and your community spirit!
Resteemed to my followers

Aww that is a great way to put it! I love the image of the light house. Seems like the rocky coastline of Steem-landia is as dangerous as ever for those piloting the lonely ships of quality content in the dark and stormy night :) Thanks for your support! Much love - Carl

I became like today, it's all thanks to the support team @curie. Thank you @curie. I will not forget your kindness.

Thanks to Curie I started to believe in my content. Their support gave me a huge motivation boost to create more quality posts. If it wasn’t for them I might even not be creating any content for Steemit at the moment. I love what they’re doing for this community!

Brother, all your writings are very nice. If you make me a vote then I am very good.thanks...