Dapplr Bug Fixes and Open Access (Android)

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Hello, We want to thank the Dapplr Alpha Team and all the people are continuously helping us making Dapplr reliable and robust. We are fixing bugs on daily basis and it has been a very productive week for us. With this we have also published an update of the app including most of the fixes recommended by the Dapplr Alpha Team. We want to write about the bugs that are fixed in the application.


New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes

1. Sharing post link

A lot of people suggested this. With this, a user will now be able to share its post link with other users and we have integrated this with dynamic/deep link, so in case if user opens up the link in the mobile device the Dapplr app will be able to redirect the user to the corresponding post.


2. Tags

As suggested by our team, the tags were a bit difficult to add and a user would have to press enter button on the mobile keyboard to add it, so we have reduced down that task for users and now a user will be able to add tags with spaces(,) and commas (,) . Pressing space/comma button on writing a tag would add the tag for the post.

3. Better video support and optimised memory consumption

We are trying to make Dapplr as efficient as possible so we are always looking for the areas that can be improved and help us deliver a great user experience. We have made some changes to the videos and now they are fast with even low memory consumption.

4. Font size

Some of the users encountered this problem where the font size was too small and we debugged and found that the issue was coming if the phone device has comparatively large width than conventional mobile devices. We have fixed this issue by modifying some of our size attributes.

5. “Next” button on Content Editor Screen

Some of the users faced this problem while typing that Next button on the page was hiding some of their content and was a bit of a hurdle while getting the content right. So, we added this new draggable Next button and now a user will be able to slide it according to its need.


6. New line breaks

The content editor was not able to read this and we have now made the changes and it is fixed in the updated version of the application.

7. Sequential uploading videos

We have made this enhancement in case if a user uploads multiple videos and it fails at some point, so the user doesn't have to upload all the videos again. Uploaded videos will be shown to the user with error message in case if all of the videos are not successfully uploaded.

8. Spacing between images

There was no spacing between the images and it was not looking great on other platforms such as https://hive.blog , https://peakd.com and others so we added a newline break between the images and videos.

9. Change “Resteemed” to “Reblogged”

There was resteemed coming from the hivesigner api which was causing this issue. So, now we are dealing with this at the application level by replacing the text with the desired one.

10. Content Not Visible

We saw at quite a few places that the content was not coming as desired. This problem occurred because there are a tons of platform built on HIVE and they have different formatting system. We have implemented our own formatter / parser and with this update we have included quite a lot of things to parse the content exactly as written by the author.

11. Content Editor Fixes

There are tons of content editor fixes that we have made and it is now providing a much better experience to the user.

12. Title and Description validations

We have now added the validations for the Content Editor title and body. In case if a user leaves them out, he would see an error message with description.

13. Editor "space" fixes

A user was not able to add spaces in between the content and this issue was quite tricky and it was actually a part of the tools that we use to create the app. We were able to resolve this issue with minor fixes to the SDK.

14. Dapplr Videos Support on PeakD and Hive.Blog

We are in touch with the PeakD team and hopefully, they will bring the Dapplr Videos support by this week and for Hive.blog, our devs will be adding support for this on the condenser code (https://hive.blog).

15. Several other enhancements

We have made several other enhancements related to the UI and functionality. Dapplr is now coming together and the confidence in having a reliable and robust application is greatly increased.

We believe this will not only help users feel connected to the application but also help the user do the blockchain operations seamlessly.

Open Access

After these fixes, Dapplr is more robust, reliable and efficient. So we are taking another step by giving the access to many more people of the community but we have set the restriction of 1000 people and we will see how it goes and how many issues come to us. Referral system is up and running so don't forget to refer your friends with your referral link. The application is not battle tested yet so we need your help in finding the bugs and we will resolve them on daily basis.

Check Out our Site

Dapplr Site URL - https://www.dapplr.in

iOS news -

We are constantly in touch with Apple support team and looks like we are going in the right direction. We might get a bit delayed but we will definitely be launching the iOS app for the HIVE community. Stay Tuned For the Updates.

Exciting Contest Tomorrow

We have some exciting contest that we will be announcing tomorrow and it's going to be fun and rewarding for the users. Stay tuned for this.

Support Us

The team is working very hard in making Dapplr app a successful application for the HIVE community to offer the best user experience. Support us with your upvotes on our 30HBD / day proposal to cover some of our server costs.

To know more about the team and their work

Dapplr Team Introductions

  1. Total funds requested - - - > 4830 HBD (30 HBD daily)
  2. Runs from - - - > Apr 17, 2020 - Sep 25, 2020 (161 days)
  3. If funded, these funds will be used to cover our server costs.
  4. Hivesigner - - - > https://hivesigner.com/sign/update_proposal_votes?proposal_ids=%5B%2295%22%5D&approve=true
  5. HiveDao - - - > https://hivedao.com/proposal/95
  6. Peakd.com - - - > https://peakd.com/proposals/95

Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dapplr_app
Follow us on Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/@Dapplr_app

Join us on Discord and help us with your inputs - https://discord.gg/gZzqvwQ


It's awesome, I love the app. Just wondering if there is some referral thing? I want to learn if there is.

Looking great. I’m anxiously awaiting the iOS approval to try it out!

Hi @bryan-imhoff

The application perform even better on iOS devices. We are trying to release iOS version ASAP. Thank you for your feedback.

Awesome. keep it p with the good work. :D IT is pretty good and I am enjoying the app a lot

Hi @sergimendes

Thank you for your feedback. Stay tuned for the exciting updates.

my pleasure. i just asked a question on the tweet :)

Posted using Dapplr

Really great stuff with the app, Dapplr team! Good to see these new updates and fixes coming up fast. I've just installed the Early Access for Android. Can't wait to use it in full, and I'll be reporting back any bugs, glitches, or needed improvements your way.

Cheers, and love <3

Hi @zacknorman97

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support. That would be very helpful. Stay tuned for the updates.

Cheers, and great stuff! I'm keen to see what updates are being worked on. But in any case, I already have a post being made right now on #dapplr concerning some of the suggestions that I have after my first day of using it. These are feedback and improvements that I think should improve usability of it.

Keep up the good work team.

Hivers are loving dApplr

Hi @nathanmars

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for the updates.

A lot of work! Good job guys! Thank you!

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Hi @appalachain

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support.

just installed it and lookin pretty good!

Posted using dapplr

You fixed everything that was stopping me - thanks for the quick bug fixes / I look forward to the iOS version - continue testing! you are great!

Hi @russia-btc

Thank you for your feedback. Yes,iOS version is going to be amazing. Stay tuned for the updates.

Reblog! Great Job!

Hi @kennyroy

Thank you for your feedback. Stay tuned for the updates.

I will and I did install! (^_^) Waiting for the update!

It's the best of possible times in India to launch your app - Chinese apps banned,hope some influencers will join Hive as well.

Posted using Dapplr

Hi @jocieprosza

Yes, it could be a very good boost to the HIVE community.

BTW you write about referral links, how can I create/find one?

Posted using Dapplr

  1. Swipe the blob from the right most of the screen and Account Settings screen will open.
  2. You will see Referral card. You can go there and you will see your referral link.

Thank you zit worked, but it wasn't easy as I use full screen gestures. Will fille the issue via proper channels

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Well done to all the alpha testers for picking up all the bugs and to the team for the quick turn around

Can’t wait for IOS so I can get in on the action

Hi @chekohler

We are trying to get iOS live as soon as possible.

Great to know that anyone with Android can access the app. Congratulations!

Hi @leoneil

Thank you for your continuous support.

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awesome! @ecency got some serious competition here

(just wrote this post via your android app)

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Hi @Felix.herrmann

Thank you for your feedback. Our goal is to help HIVE reach masses. It will take time but we will be very soon.

I realize this may be some early marketing thing but could you please consider making the "posted using dapplr" optional for each user, or at least make it look better than just a text after each comment.

Hi @acidyo

Yes, We will be making that customisable along with a lot of other things.

I would love to be also an IOS tester :)
And of course looking forward for the contest tomorrow!
Go, Go Team! You are phenomenal and thank you for always being there, listening to what everybody has to say

Hi @keterinaramm

Awesome. Thank you for your continuous support. Yes, contest is going to be exciting for Dapplr users. Stay tuned for the updates.

Well done guys and thanks to the guys testing and identifying bugs

Hi @joetunex

Thank you for your continuous support. Stay tuned for the updates.

You are welcome 🙂

Finally, open access :)

Hi @cardboard

Yes, Try it out now. iOS version will be available very soon. Stay tuned for the updates.

Awesome, waiting eagerly for IOS version

Hi @imfarhad

Yes, We know it has been quite some time but we also want the HIVE users to try iOS app as soon as possible. Stay tuned for the updates.

app looks great, for an alpha stage works really well. congrats on good job.

option to add photos from gallery in the comments would be nice.

also option to chose communities you want to see i find really important. so when i click on my communities, some kind of menu where i can chose specific community to see.

keep up this great work.

Hi @bil.prag

Thank you for your feedback. We are working on adding the photos in the comments with some additional features.Stay tuned for the updates

The app is magnificent. I am hoping that you could make each users view mode selection a settings feature so that the app remembers the view mode selected. I prefer the flat list view because it is easier to browse content and having to keep selecting every time I load up the app is driving me up the wall. 😅😅

Can't wait for the IOS version!

Hey @dapplr team!
Great work on the app but I just noticed a bug if I should call it like this.
Videos are showing upside-down when trying to watch them.

Maybe something you want to look at.

Namaste 🙏

Instaled!👍 How to get any dapplr tokens?

Hi @jozef230

You can get Dapplr Tokens by referring other people and Taking part in the Photography contest. Stay Tuned for the updates.