Dapplr New Features Integrated - Proposals, Giphy, Media Comments and Several Others

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Hello, We are very excited to introduce Proposals, Giphy, Comment media uploads and several other features in this update. We have been working very hard and putting every minute in building Dapplr. We believe these features should be the core part of a social media application. We are very happy to announce that the application update is out and all of these features are included in the update and a lot of improvements in terms of performance. We don’t want to leave any stone unturned as we go forward. Details of the features are given below


New Features

1. Proposals

Proposals are an integral part of HIVE blockchain and we believe, everyone should actively participate in this and support their favourite proposals. This will not only make the HIVE ecosystem better but also encourage new developers like us to work even harder and deliver a great application. We have integrated the Proposals and it is blazing fast in terms of loading and checking out the status of the proposals.

In addition, we have also introduced filters for proposals e.g Filter by Active, Upcoming, Votes, Start date and end date. In future, we will also introduce the search based filter so that a user can search the proposals created by an account. This will really help in the discovery of the meaningful proposals.


2. GIPHY and Gifs Renderer

We have introduced GIPHY as a part of this update and this is going to make the interactions and discussions much more fun. We believe visual elements in discussions plays a very crucial role to build the whole ecosystem better. We have introduced this in Comments and Content Editor. With this, you will now be able to add fun gifs to your favourite posts.

It took us some time to build us a custom interface with caching and efficient, but it will all be worth if HIVE community likes it. In addition, we have also added the search filter so that a user can search gifs as he needs. This is also included as a part of this update and we are going to see a ton of fun and memeful reactions on the posts and discussions.


3. Media Uploads in Comments

A lot of people have suggested us to include image uploads in comments and we are always open to the community suggestions. So we have included not only Image uploads from the devices but also GIPHY picker. Now people will be able to choose these media seamlessly. We are very excited about its uses and this is included as a part of this update.


4. Persistent View Types

There are three view types in Dapplr - Normal view (Instagram), List view and Grid view. With this update, we have added the functionality to remember your choice of view and what do you like to use. There are 4 screens - Home page, Explore page, Community page and Profile page. Each of these pages have their individual persistent storage to remember the last view used by the user and show the same view when you come back. This feature was requested by the people using the app and we are very happy to bring this in this update itself.

5. View Original post and Parent comments

Before this update, there was no option for users to check out the original post and parent comments if user opens up the comment from the notifications or some direct discussion url. With this update, a user will be able to go back to the parent comment and to the original post. We have made this efficient, performant and smooth. It was a very needed feature for the app.

Bug Fixes

1 Rendering Tables

There were some issues with rendering of table from the other formatters and the parser was not able to understand it. So, we wrote our own parser for tables and now tables are perfectly rendered in the app.


2 Themes UI Fix On Small Screen Devices

There was an issue related to the UI and the themes were going below the bottom tab bar for small screen devices and low DPI devices. We have made the fix and it should be fixed with this update.

3 Youtube Video Enhancements

We were seeing some lags with the Youtube videos because there is no native player for this. So we have made some optimisations at the application level and now all the operations are very fluid.

4 Efficient Scrolling

There are some optimisations that we have done to keep the memory usage as low as possible so you will see a good amount of improvement in terms of memory consumptions.

There are several other minor improvements that we have done and Dapplr is becoming more and more stable everyday. The time is very near when we will release Dapplr to the public. Thanks to the Dapplr Alpha team for suggestions and meaningful ideas.

Dapplr Photo Contest (Sunset Photography)-

There is a Dapplr Photo Contest going on and we are very happy to see beautiful entries by the people sharing their stories and moments of their life. We are seeing very happy interactions of people in the HIVE community. The winner of the contest will receive -

  1. 100 HIVE Tokens
  2. 500 Dapplr Tokens
    We will give a huge shoutout to the winner of the contest. The last date of submission is 31st JULY. Get your phones ready and be a part of the contest. Make sure you read the details of the contest here - DAPPLR PHOTO CONTEST

Open Access

After these fixes, Dapplr is more robust, reliable and efficient. So we are taking another step by giving the access to many more people of the community but we have set the restriction of 1000 people and we will see how it goes. Referral system is up and running so don't forget to refer your friends with your referral link.

Check Out our Site

Dapplr Site URL - https://www.dapplr.in

Support Us

The team is working very hard in making Dapplr app a successful application for the HIVE community to offer the best user experience. Support us with your upvotes on our 30HBD / day proposal to cover some of our server costs.

Future Plans


To know more about the team and their work


  1. Total funds requested - - - > 4830 HBD (30 HBD daily)
  2. Runs from - - - > Apr 17, 2020 - Sep 25, 2020 (161 days)
  3. If funded, these funds will be used to cover our server costs.
  4. Hivesigner - - - > https://hivesigner.com/sign/update_proposal_votes?proposal_ids=%5B%2295%22%5D&approve=true
  5. HiveDao - - - > https://hivedao.com/proposal/95
  6. Peakd.com - - - > https://peakd.com/proposals/95

Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dapplr_app
Follow us on Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/@Dapplr_app

Join us on Discord and help us with your inputs - https://discord.gg/gZzqvwQ


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Hi @ash

Awesome, You have already started using it 😁

Is the referral program live Btw? Are the links to dapplr in posts / comments referral links?

Posted using Dapplr

Yes, Referral links are active and you can use them to refer other people.

Links in the dapplr posts are referral link to the user.

I am impressed at the speed of updates here. Keen to be an iphone tester when its avaliable.

Hi @intrepidphotos

Thank you for your feedback. We are working with the Apple Support Team to resolve out the developer account issues. We are doing our best to release it for iOS as soon as possible.

If there is going to be a test version before the release I would love to test it as well. If not, even better! Looking forward to it.

Hi @betterthanhome

Yes, we will be launching it on TestFlight first, for a couple of weeks then Public launch.

It's amazing to see how much you've improved the app on such a short span of time. Truly breathtaking! I love the addition of GIPHY and media into the comments section now, making even a single comment more enjoyable.

Being able to see the parent view and posts in the comments section is a much needed addition, too! I guess the only other big gripe is with the notifications. The way they're being marked as read, or being able to differentiate types of notifications is the next step, I think.

Cheers for the updates, and keep up the amazing work

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Hi @zacknorman97

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support. We are currently brainstorming around notifications and we will bring some new additions to it very soon.

BTW, don't forget to take part in the Dapplr Photo Contest

Cheers! I can't wait until the next great update. It's getting better every day 😄

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Dapplr is really good and it gets better with every update. The only thing that annoys me a little bit are the fees of 5%. I think 3% (like in esteem) would be better.

Keep up your amazing work.

Posted using Dapplr

Hi @zekiz

Thank you for your feedback. We will try to make this customisable in future releases.

Hi @marki99

We are trying our best to launch it for iOS ASAP. Stay tuned for the updates.

Love the app and have been using since day one. I had a quick question...i received some dapplr tokens today for the posts i've made through the app. Does that mean that things are 'go' and we'll be getting tokens for commenting & liking on posts as well now? Also, if i were to delegate some Hive to you guys, would i get any dapplr tokens?

Posted using Dapplr

Hi @billybohner

Awesome. You will receive the same number of Dapplr Tokens as HIVE tokens earned from your post. These tokens will be airdropped on the blockchain on its launch.

We are having discussions around delegations and Dapplr Tokens. We will keep you updated.

I'm amazed that your DHF proposal has not been funded yet. IVE won't go far without a great mobile app and @dapplr is the only top notch solution with high quality UI I'm seeing. These are all features the end user gets to see. Without users, a social media won't go far.

Man I feel like I'm missing out on a party with what you guys have created lol

So awesome to read all the updates and can't wait for the iOS version!

Hopefully Apple quickens things up for you guys.

Hi @jongolson

Don't worry, we are trying our best to resolve out the Apple Developer account issues. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

I can't find Dapplr on Apple App Store.

Hi @markkujantunen

The app is currently available on PlayStore for Android platforms. Our Apple Developer Account is currently under review and we will upload the app to Apple App Store as soon as our account gets approved.

Stay Tuned for the Updates.

This is great, I was looking for good mobile application since partiko left. I supported the proposal with my little sp, hopefully more people will approve. Good luck.

Hi @libert

Thank you for your support.

Hi @sankysanket18

Thank you for your support.

The @dapplr team continues to rock! You guys never cease to amaze users with how fast you integrate our feedback within the new updates. Congratulations on this new release!

Hi @leoneil

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support.

amazing work!!!

Hi @hivepeople

Thank you for your feedback and support.

I love the app!

Posted using Dapplr

Hi @ivansnz

Thank you for your feedback.

Don't forget to take part in the Dapplr Photo Contest.

I am 20 minutes deep into using it. Very impressed with the options. Smooth & flawless.

Hi @krazzytrukker

Thank you for your feedback.

Why 5% beneficiary? People run away from benefit. You are not afraid esteem that will lower it to 1% beneficiary.

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Hi @jozef230

We already have plans to make this customisable. Thank you for your feedback.

Could you respect #nsfw tag please? Just browsed through my feed in public and hit something nude 😂

Posted using Dapplr

Hi @ash

Thank you for your feedback. We will do that.

Hi there, awesome work so far, I used it yesterday and am hooked.

Please there is no option to sift through communities. I can't selecet a particular community and curate from there easily. Any help?

Posted using Dapplr

Hi @mistakili

Go to Explore from the BottomTabBar and tap on search. You will see three options and second one is Communities. Tap on it and you will be able to search or go and explore any communities you want.

Keep exploring Dapplr, There are a lot of interactions that we have added with the tags and communities.

Let us know if you need any other help.

I found it almost immediately I asked, so I wanted to edit my comment but I couldn't find that. Help please....where can I see my comments in case I need to edit

Posted using Dapplr

Awesome. There must be a triple dot icon to the right of the comment that you want to edit. Tap on it and you will be able to edit it :)

This is the best frontend Hive has ever produced!

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Amazing app🙌

Hi @c21c

Thank you for your feedback.

Updates looks very much promising.. Good luck ahead

Hi @dallas27

Thank you for your feedback and support.

This looks very good!

Hi @masterthematrix

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi @patrickulrich

Awesome, you are already using GIFs.

It would be nice to have white background for at least one of the day themes. Slightly grey is kinda weird to me as if my phone is broken.

Posted using Dapplr

Hi @dunsky

ok, We will see what we can do for this. We will keep you updated.

Thank you so much!

7 - Dapplr: https://app.dapplr.in/QrozvmrZKBNJXW9ZA


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Hi @appalachain

Awesome, You have already started using GIFs.

BTW, we have Dapplr Photo Contest going on, don't forget to take part in it.

I saw! Been trying to get some good sunset shots, but it won't quit raining! 😆

Posted using Dapplr

So excited, you guys rock!

Hi @katerinaramm

Thank you for your continuous support.

Excellent! Can't wait for the iOS alpha. Will this be on Test Flight for iOS?

Hi @hive.consultant

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we will be launching it on TestFlight first, for a couple of weeks then public launch.

looking really nice

Hi @bluerobo

Thank you for your feedback.

I have always view Dapplr a game changer and it hasn't change!

Hi @joetunex

What are the additions you would like us to bring to the Dapplr?

Here I will trust the suggestions of fellow Hivers the ones that have been testing using the App and identifying bugs. I can't say much now as I am currently unable to test the App before full launch

It looks really cool!

Hi @resiliencia

Thank you for your feedback and support.

Great one, I really love the app. Very very smooth

Hi @alexbalan

Thank you for your feedback and support. Stay tuned for the updates.

BTW, don't forget to check out the Dapplr Photo Contest.

How to post in an community?
I am not able to put tag like hive-174578

Hi @faisalamin

There is an option "Post in" at the last screen (where you add tags, tag people). Tap on it, you will see the options of the communities. Let us know if you face any problems.

Thank you for these updates - if the team always responds so quickly to the introduction of improvements, then this project is waiting for an unequivocal success !!!

Hi @russia-btc

Thank you for feedback and continuous support.