Facts and questions about the creation of the covid-19 gene injection drug. (BioWeapon)

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The "gene injection drug" you are being mandated to take was created in 2-3 hours based on a mysterious dynamic always changing "Genetic Code Sequence" posted online by Chinese scientists.


The people involved in making this "gene injection drug" went on live television and announced the above point - It's undisputed.

A Chinese CDC representative stated that the Chinese government never isolated the "SARS cov-2 virus organism" and that the PCR samples don't tell us anything. He doesn't expect it's a virus organism from a bat.

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Mass injuries and deaths worldwide have been caused by the gene drug injection made from the Chinese genetic code sequence and is being covered up by governments worldwide.

Governments have started building concentration quarantine camps and preparing the population to see those that refuse the "genetic code sequence" injection as a danger.

So - If the Chinese never isolated the "SARS Cov 2 organism", you should be asking what exactly is the genetic code they downloaded from the Chinese scientists and why would they be deleting genetic sequences if it was fully isolated as a whole form virus genome?


All we are being told is that these cool and amazing wonderful experimental gene injections will override natural DNA instructions by brute force, differentiating our cells to produce a brand new abnormal misfolded toxic protein that will force the human immune system to respond and you will just develop "flu like" symptoms and prevent you from dying from covid-19.

We really need to be asking more questions and demanding proper answers!

Why in the world is your government so desperate for the entire population to inject this mystery genetic code sequence in your body, that has had parts removed and added to over time by the people that first uploaded it onto an internet website.

You know If you did what your government has done you would be in prison for murder and convicted for creating a weapon of mass destruction!


My inquiries with UK MHRA resulted in clear admittances from them in December 2020. I have tried to alert people to the truth ever since.
Publishing this cost me my Twitter account immediately - they claimed I was running several accounts, which I was not..... they never admitted that the truth within this article was irrefutably counter the prescribed narrative & was considered "misinformation" somehow!
Since re-publishing this email exchange 3 times, I have been able to raise some attention but not nearly enough in the places that matter.

Yes, your evidence is absolutely vital to this whole charade.

No governments have any evidence of a sars cov 2 virus organism existing in real life.

The genetic code sequence they have been pointing to has been altered many times.

All vaccines are made using hek293 cells by transfecting synthetic genetically engineered enzymes into them using plasmid polypeptides so that the hek 293 cells propagate billion copies of the artificial recombinant proteins.

All vaccines have been a form of gene therapy just not as advanced as the covid-19 ones that have these new gain of function lipid nanoparticles jam packed full of defective genes.


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