Splinterlands-Heron-Accounts: Was ist das für ein Geschäftsgebahren ?

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Ich habe den Heron-Service genutzt und dabei 8 Accounts des Heron-Service mit Karten ausgestattet.
Da der Eigentümer @felipejoys den Service zum Saisonende einstellte habe ich mit ihm vereinbart, dass ich nach Saisonende die Account zu je 5 USD von ihm erwerbe, so dass ich meine Karten nicht undelegieren muss, was zu einem Cooldown von 7 Tagen führt.

Nachdem @felipejoys mir bereits die Karten von 2 Accounts geschickt hatte und mir den Preis zum Kauf der 2 Accounts (in DEC) genannt hatte schrieb er mir plötzlich, dass er nur noch HBD nehmen würde und zwar 5,5 HBD pro Account (zu diesem Zeitpunkt war gerade 1 HBD = 1,03 USD). Also wären es in HBD 4.85 USD, aber es waren ja DECs vereinbart.

Als ich nicht darauf einging sondern sagte, dass ich in DEC bezahlen wollte wie wir dies vereinbart haben und wie er dies auch im Discord geschrieben habe sagte er mir, dass er nicht mehr an mich verkaufen werde und postete im Discord (wohlgemerkt nach unserem Chat) folgendes:


Hier ist auch noch einmal seine Aussage vom 31. Mai, die er zuvor getätigt hat mit aufgeführt.

Er hat es nachdem ich etwas dazu geschrieben habe auch noch einmal explizit bestätigt:


Ich stelle mir wirklich die Frage was dies für ein Geschäftsgebahren ist während eines laufenden Verkaufsprozesses bei dem 2 von 8 Accounts bereits verkauft sind und es lange vereinbart war das diese in DEC bezahlt werden plötzlich die Währung zu ändern und dann noch zu einem extrem schlechten Kurs abrechnen zu wollen.
Er wollte plötzlich 5,5 HBD, d.h. der Wechselkurs den er annahm war 1,1 HBD = 1 USD tatsächlich war der Marktpreis aber zu diesem Zeitpunkt 1 HBD = 1,03 USD.

Was haltet ihr von einem solchen Geschäftsgebahren ist das normal ?

Es sei hier zu sagen, dass Splinterlands nichts damit zu tun hat, sondern @felipejoys bot auf eigene Rechnung einen Service für Splinterlands an.


Wenn sich bereits auf DEC als Zahlungsmittel geeinigt wurde, sollte selbstverständlich daran festgehalten werden, es sei denn, beide Beteiligte stimmen einer anderen Zahlungsmethode zu.

The only reason I withdrew my offers to @schachoberhessen without further negotiating was because he INSTANTLY started harassing me. My self-respect does not allow me to honor anything with someone who has proven they are not respectful. I am no "business man", so I can afford the luxury of turning my back to anyone who throws a fit out of the blue like he did.

I think if you tell that I was harassing you I should show this part of our conversation after you sold me already 2 accounts:


This you call "harassing" ?

No, it's further down. The part where you try insulting me saying "I'm not business man". Which I am not, but you tried using it to demean me. That's what got you blocked.

Here ist this part:


just read yourself and you see that I have not told this.

My question was: "What you are for business-man if you don't stand to your agreements ?"

I told you this in chat and I cannot take back something what I have not told.

I told this not to "demean" you - you just searched for an escape to don't be bound to our agreement.

I was even accepted the price of DEC you suggested.

Look: You write yourselfe: 1 DEC = 0,0008 USD to this time, so one account would be 6.250 DEC or two accounts 12.500 DEC.

You asked me for 13.000 DEC and I sent you this 13.000 DEC without any comment.
I had also sent you for other accounts this 6.500 DEC instead of the 6.250 DEC after the rate you told yourself without problems, but we done agreement to pay in DEC and I had the DECs ready to buy but you started that you take only HBD after you already sold me 2 accounts.

"What you are for business-man if you don't stand to your agreements ?"

So you were asking me what I am for business-man if I don't stand for my agreements.

Then I immediately told you I am no business man.

If it wasn't a sarcastic question made out of spite, then you have the answer.

Here is what you wrote:


Maybe we should take help of a native english speaker to tell what stands here.

In my opinion you tell that I think you are no business man - I cannot find that you tell that you are no business man.

You even ask me to drop this, so I think it's clear that you don't tell me that you are "no business man".

I think you missunderstand what I wrote but instead to ask about you just blocked me.

I mean in the end I have no right that you sell the account to me.
But: If you don't want to sell the accounts than I ask you to be honest and payout the rewards after the agreement we had.

This agreement you took from tcpolymath was that you keep the rewards and credit the DEC-worth of the rewards. As in the accounts are unused potions you should sent me the DECs for this if you don't want to sell the accounts to me.

You had a superb deal. You were going to buy several accounts each with 50+ potions in it. But you had to be a crybaby because of 15 cents per account. That was fucking dumb. If you were a business man, then you would have just shut the fuck up and taken the fucking deal. In the entire discord chat, you were the only one who got all butt hurt. That's fucking annoying, and I was damn right about excluding you from this.

And yes, I would have sold it for DEC to you if you didn't instantly start acting so retarded. Like I said, your attitude was the only reason I did not further negotiate. I have zero tolerance towards those who are spiteful. This is not the first time you've shown this side of you to me but it was the last. I am never talking to you again. I had tried being friends with you before but it just didn't work out (even though you probably weren't aware of this), but this was the last drop.

I am not a company, and I am not a business man. I made that account-selling offer out of kindness towards delegators who would not have a service like herons for a while. If I were a business man, I would have charged more for them. I know they would have bought them for $7 or $8 anyway.

I only sold the first two accounts to you for DEC and not the others because I immediately regretted doing so. I felt like I was backstabbing those who had already paid me 5.5 hbd for theirs before I was talking to you.

If you want to throw a fit because of 15 cents, expect people to ignore or reject you altogether. Like, seriously, fuck you.

We had a agreement from 22nd may and you was officially announce this at 31st may again that price is 5 USD in DECs. About this 5.5 HBD you posted only after you sold already 2 accounts to me.

It was not the question about 15 cents. You know this - you have even told that 1 DEC now 0.0008 USD, what means 1 account = 6250 DEC. But you asked me for 6500 DEC and I paied them without any word to you about.

Isn't it true ?

So you see it was not the question about 15 cents - the question was that you was asking for HBD and I had no HBD - I told you this already.

I think you understand that the potions aren't yours, so if you keep them without to credit worth of them I can point this out - why not ?

You're reactions like "fuck you" instead of negotiating show me what kind of person you are.

Also to add a downvote to my post without any reason, cause I only wrote the truth - you have agreed with this in Discord, show me much.

Let me say something to some sentences:

"And yes, I would have sold it for DEC to you if you didn't instantly start acting so retarded."

Who was acting retarded ? I offered you at 22nd may to pay immediately for the accounts, I contacted you than after season end at 31st may again asked you if I should sent you know the DECs for the 8 accounts, asked at 1st june once more and than you just come to me at 2nd june.
So if anybody "acting retarded" it was you - but let's say for me this was ok - I was just contact you at 1st june again cause you wrote that it's only 48 hours to buy the accounts - so pressure come from you not me.

"I have zero tolerance towards those who are spiteful."

That is an assumption. It is not malicious if you have agreed that you take DEC as pament option, that I want to pay with DEC.
Especially if (like me) you don't even know exactly how to get HBD. I have had practically nothing to do with Hive so far. My DECs that you saw were all on Steem engine, i.e. I should have first thought about how to get it to Hive Engine, how to get it into my hive wallet and how I can get HBD. All of this suddenly and under time pressure just because the other side does not want to stick to the agreement to accept DECs?

You could even try arguing you posted this because "people should know" but, well, nobody cared in discord chat and nobody will care anywhere else. Except you. You already know this, yet you still posted it. That's why it's not because "people should know", but because you're trying to mock me.

Now, of course you aren't going to publically agree with me on this. But you see, I downvoted your post because it's an attempt to mock and defame me. You downvoted my post out of spite (and literally no other reason). And that... That sums up the difference between you and me.

"it's an attempt to mock and defame me. "

It is simply the truth, presented objectively.
Even you agreed in Discord that it's correct what I told.

[...] nobody cared in discord chat and nobody will care anywhere else. Except you. You already know this, yet you still posted it.


OK I understand that in this heron-discord not much people care cause their are only a few people.
I will think a little bit and maybe I will open this topic in splinterlands general or maverick house - so I can see if really nobody care about.

In every case I get some replies here at hive.

If you consider that you asked me to take something back what I have not told.

How can I do this ?

I have asked a question and I never told that you are "no businessman" - if your english is not good enough to understand you can translate in google or you can ask me how I mean this, but you stopped the conversation because you assume something what is objectively wrong.

By the way: I am also no native english speaker so in my opinion if two people who speak english as foreign language have a disagreement in my opinion they should first think if it cannot be a problme in language before stop conversation.

Sehe ich genauso !

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