Where are the downvotes (SP) going?

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Yesterday I put out a couple of tables showing in a round about way, those distributing the most SP to whom. Today, by request, is the reverse and the below are lists relating to those on the end of the most SP negative votes.

I left the analysis out yesterday, mainly because I wanted to see what others said without my influence. What I would like to add is that the absence of large accounts as 'voters' in the list is probably as telling as the accounts that appear. @curangel and @ocdb don't appear at all in the top 100 voter -> author list.

This is distribution of Stake, even if you don't agree that the content is compelling.

Anyway, onto the voters and accounts who have been on the end of some inflation removal over the past week.

@steemcleaners dominate the voter -> author list, and as they are using 'Steemit stake' to carry out this task, I think this is as you would expect.

Shout outs to the enigmatic likwid, and traf/trafalgar for a concerted effort and change in tact since the fork.

Pivoting the list above (23889 rows over the past 7 days), returns the following as the top 100 most downvoted accounts over the past week. As with the post yesterday, votes in SP are (incorrectly) summed and counted as a 100% VP vote. It's not rshares, but reasonable enough to gauge what's been happening.

It is of my opinion only, that there is some real fucking trash in this list. Plagiarists, those assuming a false identity, and plenty just trying to farm as much as they can without giving two fucks for growth of the network.

There are also accounts present who are taking as stand against the above, and on the receiving end of retaliatory flags.

The total (again, not accurate as not every vote has been cast at 100% VP) is a huge sounding -537,188,053 Steem Power - 500 million + Steem Power worth of downvotes, in the past 7 days. This sounds a lot, but as a rough guide, is about a 3rd of what burnpost received in SP votes to the upside, and less than a 10th of the SP used to upvote content over the past 7 days.

I am aware, no thanks.


Guess I'm doing some things right to be on that list. ;D

Popular guy, featured on both lists :)

Bad list madness!! There are some lists you don't want to be on!!

Like my Christmas list, cause I'm an un-inventive tight-arse :D

As long as your don't buy em a potato they can hardly complain!

1 SBD potato, 2 SBD potato, what's not to like?!

Hahaha, now if it was SBD potatoes I am sure there would be no complaints!

As long as your don't
Buy em a potato they
Can hardly complain!

                 - meesterboom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

nice haiku tonight.

Its been a while since I managed a haiku!

It is sad to see the worst of scum listed alongside folks who deserve much better. It can be almost impossible to remove oneself from an aggressive downvoter sometimes. Do not piss off the wrong person. Walk on eggshells. Fall in line.

Yeah this is true, but what they can't take is the SP in the pot already.

This is definitely a list that I don't want to be on LOL

Probably one to try to avoid yeah!

Do you ever use your downvotes?

I don't think that is the right way to ask.


"Do you even downvote bro?"


Bro...Do you even downvote bro? Lol.

Always trying to learn - never succeeding.

Bruh!?! Wuddya mean?? 😁

I really should use my meager downvotes i think i may have given one downvote so far!

Glad to see you around the block lately Asher ❤

doh, forgot the !ENGAGE 25 thingy :)

I think I have been banned from calling Mister E! :O

Thanks Jill :)

I'm not going to suggest anything either way as at present there is mindless retaliation.

However, If the active community went all in, thousands of small votes would do the job. As it stands though, opinion is very much divided and so that's unlikely to happen.

Have a lovely weekend!

Gotta love the irony of this post being spammed by one of your featured downvote receivers in @chuch-of-god


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-6 rep the last time I checked :)

May even be as low as -8 now

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I still didn’t make it to the list. Steem is too difficult.

You have to work quite hard to be on this list too. Somewhere in the middle is fine :)

So many lovely downvotes. ♡♡♡♡

Lots to go round :D

I don't downvote with my main account now that you've mention the list. Although I should use my two free daily downvotes. I do use my alt to downvote sports though.

Plenty of downvotes to people earning SPORTS token :)

good to know u are aware.
but i wont flag u anymore since u are clueless about whats going on here.

Maybe you could enlighten me?

I'l continue to support the downvote trail I'm on, so can't say for sure if there will be more downvotes.

Blimey, I am responsible for some of these being on that list, onthehook8, tony and his trillions and my friend superheroes of course.

Glad to have you around :)

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I can't tell if people think I'm the good guy or the bad guy, but I'm getting highscores! post about this

Even with my tiny stake, (almost 500sp) I've been downvoting loads of posts I find crappy.
It's satisfying to see even a tiny stake like mine can have some impact on payouts.

Thanks for using your stake :)

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This stands out to me @abh12345 ...

"What I would like to add is that the absence of large accounts as 'voters' in the list is probably as telling as the accounts that appear."

[emphasis added mine]

... as it had a significant impact on my reaction "in here" to all associated with the EIP changes of HF 21 / 22. Specifically, all the "rah, rah" championing of these changes, then ... Sitting on the sidelines watching the ensuing carnage ...

Not true of everyone, of course, and your work shows "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of how this has played out, thus far. Too bad there is no way to measure the impact of all of this on user retention. All I have is anecdotal evidence that it has been considerable ... And not in a positive way ...

IMHO, after my +1-½ year "journey" on our Steem blockchain, there is a need to better address the "human condition." Much better ... The retaliatory reaction of too many big accounts is damaging. I don't think that can be effectively refuted. And, while yes they are some accounts which attempt some compensation, it is woefully inadequate ... And spotty ... Again, I don't think that can be effectively refuted.

My $0.02 ... Up before 🌄 (here), on into my day ...

lols, even his memos asking to stop flagging are very poorly written :D

Funny how kingscrown is flagging curangel considering it has supported 495 authors and 436 unique authors in the last week alone. Whereas Kingscrown has mostly supported himself and his own alts for years.

That list is indeed filled with the worst and some of those fighting them. one of the problems with doing what is needed is the retaliation that comes with it as the steem already in the account, can't be taken out.

Me, him, one and the same.

It's a farce. There are people I respect here who are proud of a 0 downvote record, but I have to say that your inflation rewards are only what they are due to those returning it to the pool from.... those types.

don't forget @sock!

Sure thing @bigdaddy!

Lol talking to himself like this Loki guy we encountered a while back.

Interesting. Wonder if he's the same Loki from the Disqus platform who was a moderator over there on Breaking News back when I moderated there. I don't know if they are still are since moving to the blogger platform.

When asked about his alts:

I didn't get another reply.

@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

#sbi-skip !trdo

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