It's a huge HP delegation.Downvote is good if it is not personal.

Thank you @newsflash for upvoting my Elden Ring post! Your support is massively appreciated :)

saludos desde venezuela amigo, espero contar con su visita a mi blog

Dear, @newsflash

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Thank you!

Thank you @newsflash for your support for my post!
Very much appreciated :)
I'll be posting more Elden Ring content soon!

Hola amigo, gracias por tú voto, Bendiciones 😇!!!

what did i do to piss you of ? why did you downvote my post ?

So your beef with other resulted in a down vote for me?! What? You still in kindergarden? 🤌

hello...It seems I have to learn a lot about delegations and other things. Someone told me that I was a victim of a flagwar and can I understand that...?

how come it's not a personal if you downvoted me twice of the value from their upvotes?