Liquids that have Undergone Changes

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Next I want to bring up what is in our food and drinks.

I write from memory, documenting what I have learned and researched over decades. There was a lot of information after World War II and it is common knowledge that prisoners were kept docile by putting fluoride in their water. Let's call that a "Fluoride Mandate" which could not be struck down because the Nazi party did not have a SCOTUS like we do.

The Nazis put fluoride in water to pacify Jews during World War II, a local resident told members of the Pinellas County Commission on Oct. 4, 2011, before the commission voted 4-3 vote to stop fluoridating water for about 700,000 residents. ... "Both the Germans and the Russians added sodium fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war... (

Still, we are victims of a massive propaganda campaign that started with doctors, dentists and pharmacists when I was just a child. My uncle was a pharmacist and he argued for water fluoridation. I remember being scared by the chatter at one of the family holidays. My mother told me that we don't have that stuff in our water because we have a well. I lived in that same house until I was nearly thirty because I bought it from my mother. I did not buy it because of the well, but because of all the good memories.


The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany's Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride's supposed effect on children's teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm... (

The subject has stayed on my mind like a note in the margin of life. I have wondered since moving if there had been fluoride in some of the places that I have rented. I could never confirm for sure if there had been fluoridated water or not. Life gets busy and, you know.

I know I am able to have kids, so the first thirty years fluoride-free did something. I was also concerned about high fructose corn syrup over the last couple decades. I avoid it when I can just like fluoride. I am not a fanatic though. If someone pours me a Coke, I will drink it. I have a carbonated drink maybe half a dozen times per year. But while discovering this little indigestible sugar replacement, I had gotten into the habit of reading the ingredient list on most liquids. Gatorade and 90% of most bottled water have fluoride in them. Anything that is sweet, usually has high fructose corn syrup. So there is not a whole lot one can do to avoid these two horrible substances. But I am still concentrating on avoiding fluoride for the most part.

You can do your own research on the health problems that fluoride causes. That is not what I am going after here. I am outraged that governments around the world have agreed to put this in our water and there is not much we can do about it. The FDA has obviously approved it. They have about as much credibility now as the boy who cried "Wolf!!" and got us all to run to help.


As far as I remember from research, without looking it all up again, HFCS (JMAF for Spanish countries) is synthetic sweetener that your body has no way of metabolizing. So it, for the most part, is just sent to the fat cells for storage. If it were glucose or fructose, the body could use it for energy and there would be no byproducts from burning it up.

I was fooled recently though. I had been buying fruit juice that had a beautiful picture of fruit on it. I had assumed that it was actual juice of fruit squeezed from actual pieces of fruit. We drank that for over a year because I want healthy things for my family to consume. I did not realize why, but that brand always gave me acid stomach and I found myself reaching for a Tums or other brand antacid product. See how you get sucked into one thing and it forces you to mass consume the next product in line? I later found out that there was no sugar in these drinks. Reading the label let me know that the opposite of fresh fruit juice ended up being the case. The juice was from concentrate and the sweetness was provided by HFCS. I found a new one that does not contain anything but fruit juice and the old brand has essentially committed corporate suicide.

You could drink from the pool

Then there is another liquid problem which is big where I live. Chlorine. It is easier to get germs out of water on the way out of a treatment plant if you just dose it with chlorine. Some of the places I have lived obviously had chlorine in the water supply. You turn on the shower and the entire bathroom smells like a high school swimming pool. Not sure why, but I associate heavily chlorinated water smells with my gym class during the months we had swimming. That and red eyes afterwards.

child gets chlorine poisoning after using a hotel pool (

I understand pools having the disinfectant in them, I mean, peoples bodies have a lot of orifices and all. . .

Being forced to drink the stuff from the tap is not a good option, but I have chosen to filter and boil my tap water rather than drink the water delivery type bottled water because that clearly has fluoride in it, and is labelled likewise.

We are like caged animals with fire in one corner, venomous vipers in another and cyanide traces in the third one. It is as if someone who cannot die, is directing the orchestra to play one tune called "Poison the People" and we cannot turn it off. It goes on throughout generations. Who makes plans to harm people past the bounds of their own lifespan?

Human beings, however, have been designed to be highly resilient as evidenced by the recent worldwide injections. Many are still alive even though the contents and admitted effects of the drug they are administering are listed in official documents, released by force. This post is a precursor for injection dos and don'ts later on. I am just warming up with some of what we have told is good for us in the past. Questions not allowed !

To wrap up

  • Fluoride is a toxic waste that was marketed as a product in order to avoid disposal costs. It says right on toothpaste labels, "Call poison control if swallowed."
  • Chlorine is a poison but they tell us there are acceptable levels of ingestion. I say zero is the safest level. Logic is a simple and easily accessible human faculty.
  • Saccharine, Aspartame, Stevia, and high fructose corn syrup all have one thing in common. They are not straight from nature. They are from the same people who give us the other approved things that we can put in our bodies.

Credibility is wearing very, very thin. I will get to the FDA, CDC, WHO, Doctors and Hospitals in upcoming posts. In short hand, I will allow someone (or some entity) to lie to me one time. After that, trust is broken and must be rebuilt or with zero effort from the offending party, severed. Lies are now stacking up and I cannot help but notice them.

From one human to another, I hope you are not turning your head away from uncomfortable truths. Not my truth, or his truth, or their truth.

I mean the scientific, logical, repeatable, provable reality.

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Many of the @changes we have experienced of the last several decades will prove to be parts of the path that has led us to the place where we find ourselves. I am glad that there is an immutable platform where it can be documented.


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