A Holiday Rant

I have been on this earth now for 41 years and even as a child I never cared for the fall holiday season. I don't include Halloween in that because it's usually warm here and we all know it's my favorite holiday and I mark that as the end to my summer.

I can't really explain why I don't like the end of the year holiday festivities because I don't really know why I feel this way. All I know is that when I hear Christmas music my stomach starts to get queasy and I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

I am even referred to sometimes as The Grinch this time of year.

My mother in law is always asking me … ‘so when are you gonna decorate?’ I used to decorate, when the boy was little… I felt obligated to give him the ‘magical’ Christmas lights on the house. His eyes always lit up which made it worth it.

I'm looking for an inflatable Grinch holiday decoration to put at the corner of my house with him holding one strand of lights attached to my house as if he is stealing my decorations or is almost done stealing my declarations. Bam… house decorated!

I became a pro at hiding my disgust for the season.

I'm still a pro at it. At least there's only two days that I have to paint a smile on my face… Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I don't mind Thanksgiving so much because I freaking love me some fried turkey!! If you haven't had a cajun fried turkey… you really have no idea what you are missing out on. Yes, my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food!!

The same could be said about Christmas I guess, I love cooking and baking and any time I get to make my homemade pumpkin or pecan pies is good because it's only this time of year I bake that kinda stuff.

I hate shopping. Maybe that's it. I hate all of the Oh you come by my house and we will exchange gifts... it bugs me. I don't mind family coming over I guess. It's like Hey let me watch you cook and clean while I sit on my ass and stuff my face and by the time they've gotten their fill and leave, I'm exhausted and ready for a granny nap.

Don't get me wrong, I don't walk around during the holiday season mumbling Bah Humbug all day. I do tend to stay in more, I tend to try to avoid talking to people. I do things because I feel like I have to. If I could take a trip somewhere else, that would be ideal.

A nice warm place … more woods-y instead of beach-ish because I don't like sand getting in uncomfortable places. A log cabin in the woods somewhere. A comfy chair sitting in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine or an Irish coffee and a good book.

I wouldn't need much. I'm pretty sure I could live off the land. I've hunted and fished before. Well I tried to hunt. But it was cold. And I was impatient because it was so cold. Sitting in a stand in the freezing cold waiting hours for something to walk out was torture.

That's okay, I still think I would survive. I can live off of nuts and berries!

Time is flying. It seems like it was just yesterday I was so excited that the halloween season was finally upon us and now we are in November. Where has the time gone? Does this happen to everyone when we reach a certain age?

I digress.

This has been my Drop in the Ocean post about the topic of Digression for the awesome BuddyUP community.




Halloween the end of summer! You lucky southern folk. 😉

It's 76° out right now. Along with fog and the muggies!! Lol

Bwahahahaha Halloween end of my summer too😏

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And just like a bear I have a habit of hibernating for the winter lol

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Love Halloween, although we are well into the COLD season by the time it arrives. Don't have Thanksgiving. So one down on the totality of celebrations. Christmas is okay but like you, not too keen on the shopping and then the best is around the corner with Hogmanay and a New Year is born.

That certainly was a digression : )

Our cold season is not much of a season at all... most years we get a couple of cold days here and there except for last winter. I remember last winter being unbearably cold and I remember that I hated it and then the summer came it was so hot I couldn't wait for winter lol

And I have to ask... what's Hogmanay?

I feel that our digression has been very fun today! Lol

Hogmanay is the Scottish celebration of New Year's Eve and it was my mum's favourite celebration of the year. xxx

funny, i'm finding that it is usually those ppl who consider Halloween to be their favorite holiday, who say they despise Christmas, or at least that's what I have been seeing over the past couple of weeks....😂 the winter holidays are my favorite because that is when I get to see my family that I don't see sometimes for years at a time.. halloween on the other hand? lol just another day to me!

That is funny, I never really noticed that before but come to think of it you're right! And then you have those that just love every holiday ... I know a couple like that as well lol

I have a very small family and are around them all the time so a vacation to get away sounds enticing to me

The good news is it is not just you. The bad news is that means we are both just getting old -_-

To be honest you could have read my mind, or at least paraphrased my feelings on the whole holidays thing. It is a shame because as a child I used to love Christmas, but now it is so commercialised the pressure of finding the perfect gift ruins the joy go giving.

#thealliance #witness

As much as I hate to admit... you are right... we are getting old!!! It certainly makes me feel better that I am not alone in feeling this way. I don't want to sound like a bitter, cynical old woman but oh well, if thats what I sound like so be it! Lol

It certainly would be nice to just forget about the presents and everyone be fine with just spending time with their loved ones. I know no greater gift than that anyway.

Suffering is easier to take when you know others suffer with you ... lol

this is a great write and i love your formatting. i have to get better at that. i feel you about the food and whilst i used to dislike the holidays i like being with family. although they tend to fight and that is so not worth it. loved your post!!

Thanks @eaglespirit! Sometimes the formatting drives me batty... sometimes it looks the way I intend and then sometimes it doesn't and it takes me forever to figure it out.

Gotta love the family drama!! lol I guess I am blessed lately with a very small family... we have dwindled down to hardly nothing so drama is pretty minimal and I definitely prefer the smaller gatherings.

I do things because I feel like I have to.

Story of my life :)

And a cabin in the woods with proper internet sounds amazing, let me know when you leave so I can go live there :)

It's a shame that we do things just because we feel we have to but I do think that is the human condition.

And yeah I know... the cabin in the woods does sound amazing... but the whole point of that was the alone part lol I mean, I could let you know when I leave but you'd have to build your own cabin and just come visit from time to time hahaha

When you leave your cabin to go back to suffering in the big bad world. Then I go visit the cabin alone. Giggling since you had to go back to society. Not millionaires, you can't have your own cabin.

LOL! The holidays are very exhausting.

That sounds wonderful, a comfy chair and wine or irish coffee with a nice fire cracking and a book. :) Of course, I'd probably be asleep in 5 minutes flat.

We have a chance of snow this week! Starting early this season.

Snow you say?? What is this snow that you speak of? hahaha

We've had snow I think twice in my 41 years in Louisiana. The first time I was pretty young and don't remember much of it... the second time was a few years ago and there was enough snow collected on my car that I was about to make a little tiny snowman.... it was so cute.

We had a change in the weather today, it dropped from a nice 74°F to a chilly 53°F and I was freezing!!⛄❄

Oh, you're in Louisiana, @monchhichi23? I lived there once upon a time. I love Louisiana - I love the people and the culture. Yes, quite muggy and big deal if it ever snows there :)

I think the 'humid' kind of cold is far worse than a dry cold.

How awesome is that!! Maybe one day you will come back to visit!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite celebrations. By Christmas it is getting quite cold here. It is hard to get through with all the rushing around. I’ve lost two family members at Christmas and that makes it doubly hard. I wouldn’t go into that now.

Hey @redhedpei... Yeah, I've suffered a great deal of loss as well and I'm sure that would have something to do with why I feel the way I do. And the family I had as a child ... well, let's just say they weren't very good people, I understand not wanting to get into it. Thanks for stopping by!

Monchhichi, I see you have a good heart and that will help you in tough times. Because I don’t like to let my loss ruin others happiness, I have to keep repeating to myself, “keep your heart open, keep your heart open” when I want to close down. It works! Blessings ❤️

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