DSound Community Update: Call for delegators - DSound Love Machine new curation platform, exclusive opportunities and payouts for delegators coming

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Hi DSound tribe! :)

Welcome to the dawn of a new and stronger DSound Community.

The first version of the DSound Love Machine is coming to town very, very soon!


Get ready for the DSound Love Machine

DSound is all about spreading love within one of the largest music and sound creator communities in Steem - so the new curation engine that we are developing has been named DSound Love Machine! :)

If you want to know more about it, please refer to this post:
DSound Community Update: Get ready for DSound Love Machine!

There you can find all information about this new curation engine.

DSound Love Machine will soon start payouts to delegators, so if you find a transfer from the @dsound.gain account - you know where it came from... ;)

Call for delegators - Be there or be Square

The DSound community calls for delegators that love music as much as we do! :)

We don't want the big whales to delegate just for profit's sake. There is no way for us to compete with the other existing bid bots, that don't support any community or have any impact of any kind (other than "bidbotting") in the Steem ecosystem...

The big whales that we want to encourage to delegate to DSound are the ones that come for the love of music, and stay to support creators and multiple music initiatives within the steem platform - while still getting nice profit over their investment!

DSound and the music community on Steem is huge and really deserves this!

Come join us and help us continuing our journey, by empowering creators all over the world to make what they know best: music and any other sound content! ;)

Why it is important to delegate the sooner you can?

Because the DSound Love Machine will take into account when the delegations were made, as well as their continuity.
The delegators that stay for longer will get more rewards than the ones that just started more recently...

So do make up your mind and join us!

You don't have to have millions - actually we prefer to have 10,000 minnows who delegate 100 SP than a single whale that delegates 1,000,000 SP - and we know you understand why! :D

Exclusive delegator programs

In order to properly repay the love, we have created two exclusive membership programs with many benefits for our delegators...

DSound Lovers

Today we took a snapshot of our delegators and so our DSound Lovers have been identified!

DSound has counted with many delegators for a very long time, and after Steemit Inc removed their delegation - many more have decided to sponsor our community.

And after our last post, a big number of other new fellow music and sound lovers and creators have also delegated.

We truly believe these guys are amazing and so deserve to have an incentive for their help.
After all, even when the DSound team was caught by surprise with the delegation removal and that full development of the platform would take little while longer - they were the bold supporters that jumped in and helped us out!

These will from now on be the very exclusive group of DSound Lovers, limited to a grand total of 100 members, representing the top ones that took the leap-of-faith to help the community through thesethro difficult times.

@mariusfebruary100413030.707950 VESTS2019-01-14
@prc20075829.937038 VESTS2017-10-12
@pennsif4016977.179568 VESTS2019-01-15
@outoftune3110058.452859 VESTS2019-02-01
@toddjsmith19793024584.979980 VESTS2018-11-04
@harrisonmir3012737.573339 VESTS2018-01-25
@d-vine2510002.182549 VESTS2018-12-11
@jonmagnusson2408907.389771 VESTS2018-05-25
@isaria2016561.946746 VESTS2018-05-28
@drumoperator2009672.459529 VESTS2018-02-22
@juliakponsford2008493.767007 VESTS2019-01-14
@edprivat2008490.835260 VESTS2018-05-26
@vachemorte2008337.723799 VESTS2018-02-23
@djlethalskillz2008293.408474 VESTS2018-06-11
@jeffleinwand1406022.535698 VESTS2018-05-29
@grizzle1405082.747195 VESTS2019-01-25
@theturtleproject1203401.373077 VESTS2018-04-15
@zipporah1004245.328438 VESTS2019-01-14
@amymya1003913.653358 VESTS2019-01-20
@tixinhacapitinha1003456.481801 VESTS2019-01-28
@liliana.duarte1003367.058450 VESTS2019-01-30
@lorenzopistolesi1003171.698516 VESTS2019-02-02
@samprock929657.090482 VESTS2018-04-12
@freetousesounds708400.831795 VESTS2018-02-23
@tygertyger702978.165023 VESTS2019-01-14
@atomcollector623802.696539 VESTS2018-02-28
@kkarenmp601939.952086 VESTS2019-01-15
@tibfox601801.221422 VESTS2019-02-08
@cinelonga601671.302749 VESTS2019-02-09
@gjart502010.302473 VESTS2018-02-23
@steveconnor501546.887577 VESTS2019-02-04
@davenavarro501479.715782 VESTS2018-04-03
@techcoderx411426.630437 VESTS2019-01-28
@humanabstract407430.687586 VESTS2018-01-22
@polarity407373.539245 VESTS2018-02-22
@terranoise407355.359243 VESTS2018-04-28
@danstatus407140.704022 VESTS2018-03-07
@kryptoe406031.867226 VESTS2018-03-12
@theatreofdelays405526.320213 VESTS2018-07-23
@krazypoet401696.524877 VESTS2018-11-05
@alexworld401661.411935 VESTS2018-06-19
@paulobassman401500.000000 VESTS2019-01-24
@nickyhavey401475.741175 VESTS2019-02-03
@rainieraveradio401454.508351 VESTS2018-11-04
@aleister401286.058442 VESTS2018-11-05
@lk666401237.143022 VESTS2019-02-04
@nakedverse323541.944005 VESTS2018-04-20
@darqub305686.697763 VESTS2018-02-24
@kalvas304681.368900 VESTS2018-06-20
@grant-vegra301059.775865 VESTS2018-03-22
@romafedorov300926.451895 VESTS2019-02-04
@coldproject240000.000000 VESTS2018-04-17
@cryptospa222689.501023 VESTS2019-02-03
@spawnband221792.796039 VESTS2018-11-05
@jeffandhisguitar203816.628020 VESTS2018-04-15
@digitalopus203763.000000 VESTS2018-11-16
@newenx203746.799355 VESTS2018-04-21
@infamousit203730.562171 VESTS2018-05-08
@myndnow203527.562022 VESTS2018-05-12
@waleedtee200839.397100 VESTS2019-01-23
@katrina-ariel200686.904159 VESTS2019-01-29
@rmach200672.746580 VESTS2019-01-30
@a0i200621.638045 VESTS2019-02-03
@davidfar200621.521548 VESTS2019-02-03
@creativetruth200621.105074 VESTS2019-02-03
@darrenclaxton187404.114156 VESTS2019-01-14
@justlibby162619.864041 VESTS2018-02-13
@berien150425.549875 VESTS2019-02-08
@musiciansupport142511.938489 VESTS2019-01-21
@stavrin140409.301331 VESTS2019-02-07
@fl15120564.894388 VESTS2018-07-02
@thesky105000.000000 VESTS2019-02-06
@petrajordan102182.241057 VESTS2018-02-23
@wolfnworbeikood101834.366257 VESTS2018-03-28
@clubfungus101528.613566 VESTS2018-06-25
@tea-man101193.063070 VESTS2018-06-30
@dylanhobalart100911.000000 VESTS2019-01-15
@michelios100578.911011 VESTS2018-12-18
@isabelpereira100308.022350 VESTS2019-02-04
@k0wsk1100284.821369 VESTS2019-02-08
@archaimusic83000.000000 VESTS2018-04-04
@junkfeathers80366.630940 VESTS2018-05-06
@thomasrobertgent61090.680018 VESTS2018-02-28
@everwatching58884.255155 VESTS2019-01-02
@prat.chi50935.845473 VESTS2018-04-22
@illuminationst850910.011421 VESTS2018-03-07
@monetapes50849.014341 VESTS2018-05-23
@fireandspice40861.873662 VESTS2018-02-28
@abelanar1140793.671711 VESTS2018-04-01
@aidarojaswriter40123.809367 VESTS2019-02-04
@cjsound38590.782263 VESTS2018-04-12
@ralfdee35605.257216 VESTS2018-05-04
@kahsay30634.450373 VESTS2018-03-07
@avesa30631.640010 VESTS2018-03-09
@treaphort26534.851504 VESTS2018-05-20
@starfinger1320363.242069 VESTS2018-04-18
@onemedia20338.813520 VESTS2018-07-24
@juanmolina20062.139647 VESTS2019-02-03
@josevallera20061.116956 VESTS2018-08-27
@lastravage20058.530309 VESTS2019-02-06

Being a member of the DSound Lovers means you will have many benefits, including:

  • Up to 100% increase in weight calculation for payouts for the delegation
  • Up to 50% increase in weight calculation for post voting
  • Exclusive benefits in the future (TBA)

This snapshot took into account many factors and the weight calculated is based on the amount each member delegated to @dsound account.

We took into account also that some of our delegators had to move funds to help other initiatives while we were developing the first version of the engine.
If you were one of these cases, please take your time and delegate again in the next two weeks and please do so with at least the amount shown on the snapshot, in order to keep your DSound Lover status.

If you can’t delegate that amount anymore don’t worry, you can still join the Early Bird delegators.

DSound Early Birds

If you missed the qualification for DSound Lovers - don’t be sad - we've got you covered!

There is still time to qualify for Early Bird delegator and to also get some benefits from your support!

In two weeks, on February 24th, 0:00 AM UTC, a new snapshot will be taken, and this time up to 200 new delegators will be qualified as Early Birds.

All the delegators that couldn’t qualify for DSound Lovers are already in the pool to be considered for Early Birds...

Please keep in mind that the more you delegate, the higher your chance of qualifying!
As you can see in the table above, almost any amount can be qualified, but the benefits will be directly proportional to your support... :)

Being a DSound Early Birds member means you will have access to many benefits, including:

  • Up to 50% increase in weight calculation for payouts for the delegation
  • Up to 25% increase in weight calculation for post voting
  • Exclusive benefits in the future (TBA)

Common considerations

All calculations will take into account many parameters, in order to identify and rank the effort and level of involvement of each member.

Both DSound Lovers and Early Birds are exclusive membership programs that will NOT admit any more members!

When the next snapshot will be taken, those will be the members of each program and will maintain that status and benefits for as long as they keep their delegation or if they decide to increase it.

In case they decide to decrease or to remove the delegation - they will lose their membership and benefits of their respective "club" - even if in the future they decide to re-delegate to DSound.

So please consider delegating to @dsound account ASAP to get these exclusive benefits for life!

Please share with all the people you know that might be interested in making some money by helping our community!

We all win when new members join our delegation effort, and our tribe deserves it...

Links to delegate to @dsound using SteemConnect

Please click one of the links below:

10 SP1,000 SP100,000 SP
50 SP5,000 SP200,000 SP
100 SP10,000 SP300,000 SP
200 SP20,000 SP400,000 SP
300 SP30,000 SP500,000 SP
500 SP50,000 SP1,000,000 SP


  • Implement DSound Love Machine initial engine and start spreading love
  • Make an official public call for delegators to @dsound
  • Select an initial pool of DSound curators
  • Get the curation team up and running, for that they can work on selecting the DSound Love Machine challenge
  • Incorporate DSound verified creator on DSound dapp, so that these accounts appear with a "check" mark next to their user name
  • Continue to develop the DSound Love Machine engine to support all features, while having it running for testing
  • Fine tune the weight parameters and finalize the bid market

The first version is getting developed and during these next two weeks will be starting to operate and being tested, so please expect some changes in the percentages of vote and maybe some downtime on the engine while upgrading...

We are so excited with this new curation engine being developed! It will start with a minor set of features, but will support post promotion and many other things already, get ready for DSound Love Machine! ;)


  • Please read the post... ahahah :D The only way to know what are DSound Lovers and Early Birds...
  • Do you have some SP and love music? Delegate to @dsound and make money!
  • Do you have some SP and you don't care about music? Delegate anyway, support one of the most exciting communities on Steem and get some profit...
  • You don't have any SP or you're FUD'ing away? Please keep calm, but be wise - you'll regret it soon...
  • DSound already have a community witness node, please vote it!
  • DSound Love Machine will soon start payouts to delegators, so if you find a transfer from @dsound.gain account you know where it came from...
  • If you want to promote your content you can soon send bids to @dsound
  • We need 10,000 delegators of 100 SP, or 1,000 of 1,000 SP, or ...
  • We need curator applicants to choose from, please apply on our Discord server
  • DSound to the moon! ;)
  • But, still don't know what DSound is? Where did you park your spaceship?

But, still don't know what DSound is?

It's ok... You are at the right place!

Let's share what it is with you right now...

Logo Full.png

What is DSound?

DSound is a decentralized web application that allows anyone to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network.

It uses STEEM blockchain as a persistent database, so by posting their sounds the authors can earn rewards in cryptocurrency, when other users like their content, which can be exchanged easily to US Dollars, Euros or any other currency, with a look and feel very similar to Soundcloud.

Check DSound Intro post for more details

DSound Discord Server (the tribe is connected)

If you're learning about DSound now or you didn't connect yet, please join our Discord server at:


There you'll find a few channels to have everybody from our community getting together and making DSound even better.

If you need any help, please chat with our moderators who have done a great job in making this server a great place to hang out! Also check their work on DSound since they are content creators as well:


DSound is this! <3

"Music is what feelings sound like"
DSound <3 Music

And If you trust and approve what DSound Community does in the Steem ecosystem, please give us your Witness vote to help us continue this journey...

Design by @aleister

You can vote for @dsound as a Steem Witness here: Vote with SteemConnect

... but if you prefer the oldfashion way, please go to:

and vote for @dsound :)

You might not find us on the list yet, so please use this field to vote:

Alternatively you can set @dsound as your proxy, so that you follow the witnesses we vote as well. This might be interesting for all of you that don't know that well for which witnesses to vote... To do so use this field:

Note: You will need your active private key or your master password for these operations.

DSound Community is grateful for your support! :)


I can only delegate a small amount right now but over time I hope to delegate more.

Hopefully a whole heap of smaller delegations can help keep your service going.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks a lot! Any amount is very welcome and many drops of water also make entire oceans! :)

Reinforcing with 99, 528.
Because of magic, of love and music ... :D

Thanks! :)

Respect to all you doing @prc ! Much Luv n Salute 🎧 💯 ✌️ ✌️

Much respect to you my brother! :) Thanks a lot for being part of this ride!

Just delegated 5000 SP! Hope that helps!

Hoping to upload some podcasts to @dsound soon!




Went and upvoted all your stuff. You rule.

Amazing, thank you so much!!

Thanks a lot! :) It helps a lot and looking forward to your podcasts mate!

You're welcome! So should delegators be expecting SBD payments from the dsound love machine?

Are podcasts suitable for the platform? There seems to be a lot of music on there!


During the next 2 weeks, an alpha version of the love machine will start paying out delegators... I'll make another post about it as soon as it starts.
Podcasts are more than welcome! but maybe you want to wait for SoundCloud intergation so that you can have them hosted on SoundCloud and monetize them on DSound directly... :)

Okay, appreciate it! Oh interesting stuff! :)

Still bellow minnowhood, but will support too! Glad to see this project is going strong, great work!

Thanks a lot! :) It doesn't matter how BIG you are... what really matters is your true motivation! ;)
Steem on...

Dsound and Musicoin are the only platforms for music streaming I NEED. bye, bye Spotify and Soundcloud!

Thanks a lot mate! :)

So DSound is by far my favorite dapp so far! As a musician, this is an amazing tool to get away from the crap that is Soundcloud. I believe it is a complete rival, and I will be delegating under this account and posting under my music account for sure! Keep it up guys! This could seriously change the music industry!

Thanks mate! :) That's our vision!

Not much of a programmer more of a UI kind of guy, but I have been around the music and tech industries for a long time and have allot of contacts with independent labels and artists. Anything I can do to help, even if it is just promote the site, please let me know! I am 100% behind this project!

Great to know! :) DSound is getting ready for Beta verison soon, and then we will want to get more people from outside crypto on board... We'll get back to this topic by then, ok?
Thanks a lot for your support! :)

def keeping my delegation with you and eventually might increase it when I have more to give <3

Thanks a lot my friend! :) Big hug

The mountain is moving fast!!! They haven’t ... heard the last of us :) Woohoo!!!

Scooping more to add extra 600ST+ in next few days :D

Peace very much!

ahahah :D
Thanks a lot mate! :) Great to have you all in this journey!

Nothing peaceful about this thing...

Great news, i increase delegation🌟🙂🎶

Thanks a lot mate! :) Really great of you!

Great to know about that. Music is the way for the blockchain!

Ohhh yes! :) Thanks mate!

I was a bit cranky I kept all my Steem when the price dropped. I'm not anymore since I can be a part of building the new better DSound!!!

Onwards and upwards!

Big hug to you my friend! :) It should be really cold there, no? Coffee at Marley's to get warmer? ahahah :D
Thanks for your continued support! ;)

Hehe! A lot of coffee! But it's actually not that cold today! Hope you're doing great!

Why be LOYAL to a man who would GLADLY THROW his MOST INTEGER and ENDURINGLY DEVOTED MODERATOR under the bus, IN ORDER TO SAVE DELEGATIONS? Don't answer, PLEASE, it obviously WAS A RHETORICAL QUESTION!... Tribe? LMAO sure, be dummies and drink the koolaid... LOYALTY has NOTHING to do with dsound, all this guy does is the same as that garbage collector guy does: GROW ACCOUNTS under false altruistic pretenses, while SPREADING USELESS DUST to those gullible enough, or scared enough under coercition, as it is often implicitly implied that no delegation means no upvotes... Smell the coffee yet? or maybe, SMELL THE BULLSHIT? LOVE, yeah, right, as in LOVE YOUR DELEGATIONS to death? lmao

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This is very good news and I am attracted to understand that everything is moving forward. Of course, I’m sorry that at the early stage of my presence on the blockchain, I don’t have the opportunity to support the project financially and make my drop in this ocean. But I wish you good luck and fast development, I hope that the musicians who are currently in the shadows and make very cool music (I meet them every day in the tape) you will notice and help them to get on their feet (I do not mean myself). I already said earlier in the posts that I came here to find native creative souls, new acquaintances of musicians with whom I will share the experience and which I will always support with my word and help to rise above (albeit with a small but sincere and real vote). Creativity is more than money and other material values. Thank you for your work, only forward, only up!


Exactly! :)
When we do what we love, then the process becomes our main driver... That means that all external pressure becomes irrelevant! DSound is showing that to the Steem world! We do what we love and many creators love what we do, and that is our driver that will always take us further, no matter what... ;)
Thanks a lot for your kind words, mate!

I’m about to check this out

Cool! :) Welcome!

Hey, just like last time, ready to delegate but no example link provided, i am on the road for weeks, can you give me an url to delegate 500SP? I will be eager to click it.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey mate! How are you since SteemFest3?
Sure, here is the link below... I'll update the post to put some links there too...
Big hug all the way to Goa my friend! :)

Link for @bubke to delegate 500 SP to @dsound, thanks!

Hi @prc! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 500.0 SP delegation to @dsound.

Great service although he is surely more than a highly trained hamster himself. Me too actually, i am just terribly lazy :-)

I was looking at your delegation service, is it possible to get weekly payout instead of daily?

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Sure, after the delegation please send 0.001 SBD/STEEM to @tipU with memo:
pay every 168 hours

(7*24 = 168)

Great, that was easy :-)

We are having headache with Indian immigration. Me and my wife are in Sri Lanka and our minor children all alone in India, scary situation but cross fingers, my wife should be able to return to India in 2 days. The "free" life is not always the easiest :-)

You and partner were definitely one of my best encounters at Steemfest, much love and keep the sound going

Posted using Partiko Android

Our love is heading your way, my friend! :)
Hope all turns out ok to you and your family... Yes, those problems are a pain... And we also do our best to live free, but sometimes we need to get around burocracy and all it's ancient system kafkian processes!
We loved to meet you too! Big hug from Portugal and peace!

Happy to support you guys. Just delegated 100sp to @dsound

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Thanks a lot! :) All the support is more than welcome!

as usually … great job @prc
sent MP on discord ;)

Thanks! :) Will check later...

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@prc 50SP to dsound, not huge but "de boa vontade" ;)

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It is great my friend! :) Thanks a lot!

Dsound we are all, together we can.

Ohhh yeah! :) Thanks!

Is @dsound has an app version for iOS?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Not yet... but it is on the roadmap to have mobile apps. :)

Quite assuring, thanks.

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I greatly regret that I can not substantially support this extraordinary project, I am really starting on dsound and I do not have anything to delegate for now. But go ahead @prc with much desire...

Thanks for your kind words! :)

Glad to see the new developments around DSound and the music community. Keep up the good work @prc and the whole DSound team!

Hey my friend! :) Thanks a lot! I saw you sent some messages on Discord, I'll check that later ok?
The music community is growing so quick... DSound is getting much more posts now, do you notice that on OpenMic as well?

Congratulations @prc!
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Hi guys, sorry I don't really understand what "delegation" is, or if I have enough Steem to help out. But I do believe in the platform, and really don't post my music anywhere but here, Soundcloud and Musicoin. So, I would hate to see the platform fade due to lack of support. If someone could explain this a bit more, either here or in a DM, I'd appreciate it, and would be glad to help.

Thanks a lot for your words! :) They mean a lot...
You can learn more about delegations and how they work in this video of @brandonfrye:

Note: From HF20 (Steem version 0.20.x) the cool down period has been shortened to 5 days instead of the 7 days mentioned in the video...


Ohh yeah! :)

dSound is awesome - I like how much you keep the community updated. I’m still learning a lot about this and Steemit but you are doing a great job!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks a lot! :) Welcome!

Where can I find the source code of DSound frontend?

dsound/dsound repo on github has no actual source code

DSound wasn't open sourced yet.

Awesome stuff PRC, I am often away working but it warms my heart to jump on Steem and dsound and see the great progress being made.

great to see the power of this community flexing it's muscles my friend :)

Yes, mate! :) We can get hit, but we're too strong to bend!
DSound tribe is much more... we're just getting started! ;)

You mean bullying those who brought more to the table than most of you combined? Sure, THAT'S some bullying muscle, right there... ;)

Fantastic stuff! We can already see how dsound will come out of this far stronger than it was before. One step back, two steps forward!!

Let's go!!!!

Supporting independent musicians and fans!

Join our Community on Discord!

(Image created by @anritco)

Thanks my friend! :)
You all are part of this journey too... Together we'll make it sooo damn fantastic!

You bet we will!!!!! Pleasure to be part of it!

So he bought that empty promises of dust model, or so it seems? Of course, what the fuck do I know about shit?...

Love the way dsound has and is adapting to bring rewards to everyone (as if listening to music wasn't reward enough)! I will be upping delegation again in the next two weeks for you and it's great to see so much activity in the discord too!

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Thanks my friend! :)
And thank you for being part of this team too!

Thank you for having me back again with the team 🙂 times are changing for the better!

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awesome... 333.333 STEEM delegation on its way

Hey buddy! That's a cool number! ahahah :D
Thanks a lot my friend! :)