⭐VLOG 3 : Whales, Orcas, Dolphins : I Have A Message For You! ⭐

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How can WE make the Steemiverse better than ever?

I believe delegating SP to people with less SP is CRUCIAL to the development of this platform.

In the vlog I talk about my own experience with having a high delegation of SP which you can read about all here :


In that post you can also find sources from @paulag and @rok-sivante that highlight the impact delegating SP has on the community and the amazing wonder of upvoting peeps!

Props to @acidyo and the whole @ocd crew!
Grateful for the 1000SP delegation I get for being an @ocd curator!

If you are not really using your SP to make the space better, why not think about delegating it to some minnows who are making good things happen for Planet Steem?

I can give you a list of people that I think really deserve to get a SP delegation!
Just get in touch with me!

This is not a plea for someone to delegate their SP to me.
(Obviously you are allowed to do that if you want to do!)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about delegating your SP.
It can bring a MASSIVE wave of positivity to the platform!

Oh yeah and @stellabelle wrote an AMAZING piece on how the rich can stay rich and still help the community!
(By delegating SP obvs)
Read it here : https://steemit.com/philanthropy/@stellabelle/crypto-philanthropy-on-steroids-how-rich-people-can-retain-their-wealth-while-changing-the-world-for-the-better

Here's to whales, orcas and dolphins who help this space become better and better!

BIG love,


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My LoveProject is @humansofsteemit! Featuring the humans behind the Steemit usernames!

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For this we need people with big heart. Upvoting people with steem power can also help this community grow. The new comers will get some encouragement to upload some good quality content.

yeah!! you are correct .....

And I know there are people with a BIG heart on here! :)


Thanks for your insights, I'm new here and still learning how it all works! I actually found out about Steemit because of you @ashleykalila :) I saw your posts on Instagram about it when you first joined. I started creating my account then, and then finally completed the process and got on here about a week ago. And just want to say THANK YOU, I'm loving it here, having lots of fun!!

Beautiful job! Everything you say is so so true! If i hadn't rented sp i might have given up on this place before i ever got started. Having a powerful upvote is truly a unique experience. Everyday I'm blown away at the number of people i can help with my votes, without spending any of my own money! It's the best feeling ever. 😊

If you have better Steem power, It means you have great followers list who likes you. Steem power is like a beautiful girl :P If you are beautiful you have many Crushes, If you are not no one look at you :P

Hey @ashleykalila.

Thanks for the video. It is a very powerful message and you mentioned the purpose of Steemit very well that it's not about money, it's really about people and community. It is very supportive community anyway for me but by delegating SP that can be a whole new world for people who will receive this power. I am from Georgia and only few people know about it here. I think how I can effectively share about this amazing platform. By having higher SP, that would be much easier. For me, when I got my highest payout for the post, it was $13 and OCD was the main curator. I was so happy and motivated that I couldn't describe it with words. Even by delegating 100 SP, I think any new member can become even more motivated. Now, I am trying to make vlogs for new users to inspire them. It is very crucial to have this community growing, in my opinion.

Continuing to up your game!!! Look at you vlogging away! Well done.

I can't think of any other way to grow my community. It's kinda my duty to help the way I was helped.

how much SP delegation did you get? :)

Me? I am living off a surprise delegation of ~40,000 SP. My "natural" SP is closing on 3,000. A lot of it is delegated around to other users. :)

Happy you told me your story dear!

Thank you for sharing @ashleykalila ! Let's save them!

Thanks for sharing! Links to your post were included in the Steem.center wiki pages about Steemian, Whale and Dolphin. Thanks and good luck again!


Thanks for letting me know! :)

If you want to really earn on it, Make a team create strategy and work hard.

You seem to have missed the point.
It's not about earning.
It's about doing what's best for the community

Yeah you are correct, But 99% steemit users come here to earn. So, I took my point of views about earning :)

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