Perfect Lines on Feature Walls! - Renegade's Home Build vlog #77

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In this video, I discuss a really effective method we discovered to get perfect lines on the feature ceiling and walls in our bedrooms. I also take a look at the freehand cut-ins I did along the knockdown ceiling and explain why I found them to be rather easy.

As promised, here is the link to the video that explains the caulking technique we used in more detail.

If you are interested in doing some painting yourself the rest of the videos on Paint LIfe TV are also a treasure trove of useful tips. I highly recommend this channel.

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Hey long time no hear,

You've probably heard about the Tron shitstorm - I notice you've only got half your witnesses slots taken. Any chance you can vote for all the 'real top 20 witnesses' - every SP counts!


Honestly, I have heard a mention of the Tron thing while listening to a coronavirus update by boxmining on Youtube. I have no idea what is going on.

Just been way too busy with life to keep up on anything crypto. we are moving in the next week or two and have been working on the house and packing on top of taking care of the kids and working full time. Oh, did I mention we are having our second batch of twins in June?

If you want to give me a real quick run down I can probably read it but I don't have time for research.

Life sounds like it's going great! Glad to hear it!

This is a nice run down of how it all started -

Since then Tron seem to be buying up tokens - hence why the Steem price is up.

Looks like dead as a dencentralised platform.

There may well be a fork off.

Real world is better!

Nice lines! There is a downside if you're good at it, though, and I was one of the best (still am), in that capitalism tends to have employers who will exploit one's skills to a fault. This, combined with limited options for most workers (especially younger ones) leaves open the door for abuse. I still have to deal with ongoing neck and shoulder issues at 60 from abusive employers who over-used my skill for their gain.
It's eventually why I had to become self-employed so that I could manage the trade as I got older.
Now the predators are the business financiers! lol fcuk!The new bosses for self-employed people!

Here's last summers project from hell:

That is pretty sweet looking!

For sure. I am in the roofing industry and when I noticed the wear on my body getting to be too much I switched to service work. Planning on becoming self employed in the next few years also. Probably in a different line of work all together.

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