Blocktrades and Steem Onboarding Contest // Explain Dtube to the Masses!

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Hi Friends!

It's time for another @blocktrades vote to build content for the @steemonboarding site!

@dtube is probably the most popular and most used Dapp built on the Steem blockchain. Many creators use it to post their video content. I have personally been using Dtube for well over a year and a half and it is definitely my most used Dapp here on Steem.

Video content continues to become more and more relevant and many marketers are predicting that within the next few years, 90% of the content consumed will in fact be video. This is a big reason why I'm so excited about the future of Dtube, and I know many of you are as well!

The purpose of this contest is to encourage Steemians to create a video speaking about how Dtube works, what is its purpose, its role on our Blockchain and in your own words, why Dtube one of the best Blockchain DApps out there.

Why is the @steemonboarding team making this @blocktrades sponsored contest?

Easy. We want to feature that video on our website so, people from all over the world can learn about Dtube. We need a video that not only get's new users excited about using Dtube - but is clear enough that even your grandma will understand why and how to use this Dapp.

Video Requirements

The winner will receive three 75% full upvotes from @blocktrades.

The video must:

  • Be in english with a good pronunciation and grammar.
  • Not be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Include visual aids. The most visually appealing and explicit the video is, the better.

The video must include the next topics:

There is no particular order required... just be sure to include them all in whatever way works best for your video.

  • What is Dtube?

  • Points of contact: Website, Steem username, discord etc. Make it very simple, don't confuse the viewer.

  • Advantages of using Dtube.

  • How does Dtube work? You don't need to go into too much detail, but be thorough about how they find the app, login, get started and and then post their daily results to Steem.

  • Close the video with some of the best arguments you can come up with, to make people start using Dtube. Really do your best to get new steemians pumped about this Dapp!

Rules for Participating

  • You have until Thursday, May 16th at 11:59 pm PST to submit your video.

  • The title of your video must be similar to "What is Dtube? - A blocktrades sponsored contest" or "How does Dtube work? - A blocktrades sponsored contest." It doesn't have to be exactly the same as these two, but it has to be similar.

  • Use the tags "Dtube", "Blocktrades" and "Blocktradescontest". Seriously... if you don't use the right tags you can't get a blocktrades vote!

  • Please consider Resteeming this post! I'm not making it a requirement, but it would be super helpful in getting the word out.

  • Of course, it is highly encouraged that you post your entry to Dtube! Please also include a Youtube link.

  • Make sure to leave a comment below with a link to your entry so that it doesn't get missed!


The videos that follow all the instructions stated here, will receive a small vote from Blocktrades, regardless of the outcome of this contest.

By entering this contest, the Steem User grants the rights of the video submitted to @steemonboarding to use the video for promotional purposes in and outside the Steem Blockchain.

This contest outcome will be judged by the Steem Onboarding team and @heimindanger himself from the Dtube team!

We can't wait to see your entries!


Your judges for the contest! Myself and heimindanger.

Let's reach mass adoption together!

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I appreciate your genius lol!
I'm in utyub and I've been talkin about steemit and dtube there
the thing is when they take a look at it - most of the time it doesn't work
I have tried dtube myself and with no intent to disrespect dtube's maker, I wonder whether it's just for faces and whether nature related posts are also welcome there.
I have stopped using dtube since it seems that it's not supporting nature related posts.
Good luck btw!

mmm that's a great point! I usually make vlogs where i'm talking at the camera, but beautiful nature videography has a ton of value as well. I just checked out your work and it is stunning!

You could always reach out in the Dtube discord and maybe ask if that type of video is something they would support... but yeah it's hard to know with them sometimes. 🤷‍♀️

Unfortunately, most of the time when using DTube part of my audience tells me they cannot open the video, and therefore I have to add a Bit.Tube version as well then, which properly works for everybody, and in addition at Bit.Tube my videos aren't deleted after some weeks.

I think DTube has much potential and is very important for the success of STEEM, but - in my opinion - there is still much space for improvements.

Thanks for taking a peek, I don't really know what to say.
I just wish you good luck for what you're doing for this one.
I don't mind being in utyub .. being there allows me to spread the word about Steemit, too besides, we seem to get a fixed amount for what we post here no matter what and it's alright, still much better than in fakebuk hahah
have a great weekend Kate!

Using @dtube to introduce the @dtube contest? Genius!

Thanks for appreciating my genius. 😂

Will we see another epic @ninjavideo entry for this one? 😃

Absolutely! I've been thinking up ideas for weeks in the hope that @dtube would come to the @steemonboarding and @blocktrades party!

YES!! 💪🏻 Can’t wait to see what creative awesomeness you come up with! 😍

I have to agree, video contents are much easier to absorb however, it's not the easiest content to create since it requires a different skill set that many of us don't have. The results for this initiative will be a good motivation to some video content creators that are starting out. I hope to see more results for this initiative. Thanks a lot for the effort.

Thanks for the comment! We realize that making it a video contest will disclude a certain portion of people that might not be able to enter - but we need a video for the site! ;)

I hope you are right that it will push certain video creators to improve their skills and have fun making the video for this!

There are indeed best of best entries so far and many yet to come in next 7 days....I tried one is my video link...

Dtube Link

Steemit Link

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@steemflow! Thanks so much for the entry! I'm super sorry that I missed your post until just now. I just put the vote through and it looks like it came through before post payout - but let me know if there are any issues.

Hey @coruscate thanks it went through timely.👍

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TBH excited to see the other entries and moreover waiting for @ashtv your entry MAN ;)

While did mine out here Thanks @coruscate and Blocktrades for organizing this one.

Wellll... I have not actually used dtube yet, but it’s time for a breakthrough! I look forward to seeing the contest entries. This is a great contest!

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Thanks @jayna! I can't wait to see the entries start rolling in!

I have made a video about Dtube a few days ago , it clearly doesn't meet the criteria for this contest as it is longer than 5 minutes , but i can definitely make one of 5 minutes long

Oooh what a great video! I love the style of screenshare, but still being able to see you talk in a corner of the screen. If it was barely over 5 minutes, we'd accept it - but 10 is just too long for what we are looking for. We would LOVE to see you put in an entry if you want to make one that is more like 5 minutes! 😃

I much appreciate your comment/compliments!!
I will definitely make a shorter one of 5 minutes!
Have a good day Steeming

Super awesome...good to see the some excellent entries....after all it's DTube....creativity at best..👍

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Thanks @steemflow!! It will be so fun to see the entries start rolling in. 😊

Cool! This @dtube one will be very popular I expect. Great stuff.

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Thanks @ashtv!! I'm super excited to see the entries. 😍

Here is my entry:

thank you for the opportunity :):)

Great job on your entry!! Thanks for the awesome video!

haha this is fun!! Nice work! We can totally count this as an entry. It probably won't be selected as the winner because we do dwant something tht actually shows the Dtube page and gives people a little taste of what it will look like - but this is still a fun promotional video and can count as an entry.

Thanks for counting it. ☺

My entry



Awesome! Thanks for the great entry!

Good! I am going to join this contest for the first time :)!

Yay! That's great! I look forward to seeing your entry.

I am not going to be able to join the contest :( I have been struggling with electricity issues. Next time!

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Thanks so much @pennsif!

Thanks for being the first entry! 💪🏻


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Oh, I think it is time to do another video!

Yay!! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! 😃

Well this is another great chance to express my love with #dtube.

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Awesome!! Can't wait to see your entry @hafizullah!

You should do what I do to help me remember to look at the lens.... It really does help!

Oh my gosh... this is amazing!! hahah how brilliant!

Here is my entry

Thank you for the entry! Nice work!

Great :) I think tommorow I will do a video ;)

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Awesome!! I can't wait to see it!

It is done already

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Awesome job on your entry @hafizullah!! I loved watching it!

Thank you so much for the great entry @madushanka! Great job!

Wow, awesome entry!! I love all the screenshare and visuals you used! Nice work!

We all starts from a point and here is my journey with dtube:

Thanks for the chance to partake.

Thanks for your entry @murathe!

Hello @coruscate, I hope you people like my entry for the contest. Thank you for giving opportunity to participate.

Dtube :

Youtube :

Thanks for your entry!

I surely will enter into this contest after all it's dtube... :D

Do it.Dtube needs you.

Wow...another interesting contest. Can be fun. Ha, doing and learning at the same time...

Thanks! We are excited to see all the great entries.

I’m new on steamit and i have completed my first. Now am seen this post and i think i need to become a part of dtube. In my opinion now a days the video more likely circulate then a any post. How can i start?

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creativity in priceless today, I love your publication.

In priceless today, I love
Your publication.

                 - mando82

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Congratulations @coruscate!
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The most difficult thing is not even explaining dTube for outsiders, is explaining what the blockchain does.

For the most part at hostels I stay, at first they get really interested, then they don't understand how it can reward just like that.

I also find that the big majority of people who express some interest, don't want to go through the process of building a social network; It's way easier to stick with the good old social medias that will give them quicker social acceptance, than working hard here for little dollars.

But still, the video idea is what our chain needs, we users are the marketing for the platform.

Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out when I’m home later tonight! 🎉

Awesome! I hope you enjoy my video. tell me if you liked it! ;)

Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out when I’m home later tonight! 🎉

Thank you,I have tried to give my best.That was a great opportunity to express my love with dtube.

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Here is my entry , please let me know if it is ok because it is a few second more than the 5 minutes limit

Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out when I’m home later tonight! 🎉

Thank you very much! take your time

Enjoying All the Entries Coming In, Such a Passionate Community :)
Here's Mine...

Awesome!! Can’t wait to check it out when I’m home later tonight. 🎉

Can we make a video in another language but with translate in english? Thank you so much <3

Great question! For this particular contest - we are going to need the video to be in English - but we may eventually extend the Dapp page to include other languages as well!

Here is My Entry into the @blocktrades Contest for "What is @dtube?"
@steemit Link:
@twitter Link:

Youtube Link:
~~~ embed:Wc_bN1mvS5M youtube ~~~
Blogger Link:
Thank You @steemonboarding and @blocktrades... May You Always be Happy and Blessed.

Thanks for the entry!

Thanks for this contest.
Here my entry

Thanks for your entry!

This is my entry for the contest...

Goodluck everyone... :)

Thanks for the great entry!!

Welcome and thank you @coruscate and @anomadsoul for this contest..

Thank you for amazing opportunity. I think i barely made it as i just knew about this contest. So, i hope i get my entry entered.

Thanks for the entry!

its first time i am enter this contest ..if i make any mistake accept my apology ..
dtube link :

thanks for the entry!

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