DTube is now compatible with Hive Blockchain

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Dear DTubers,

We had an overwhelming amount of requests to make DTube compatible with Hive blockchain. We value what our community wants, and we have listened to you! We have just patched d.tube and added Hive as a login option.

First of all we would like to thank @techcoderx for his open-source contribution that makes DTube compatible with Hive. By the way, he his a witness on Hive and you should vote for him.

His contribution to d.tube gives you the ability post your videos simultaneously on both DTube, Hive and Steem blockchains. Same goes for upvoting or commenting.

Login to DTube using your HIVE account

To login with Hive, simply hit the Login button, or if already logged in with another network, go to the top-right menu and click on 'Add another account'. Then click on the Hive logo...

Finally you will have a choice between login with your private posting key, or the Hive Keychain extension (recommended).

Curation Operations on Hive

We will start our curation efforts on Hive. Similarly to what we do on other blockchains, our votes will be 100% manual chosen. Our current Hive Power will remain powered-up and will be used to reward original video content creators, especially the recently onboarded ones. If you want to support DTube, the growth of Hive, and video creators, we invite you to delegate to DTube. Every little bit helps.

Our DTube community is alive on Hive with more than 3000 subscribers and going up. We are aware that decent amount of users have migrated to Hive, so we will now be updating our blog on both Hive and Steem. Please follow us on Hive too!

Token Sale:

597,611 out of 1,000,000 DTC (59.7%) were sold in our token sale so far. The token sale for DTube coin still continues until our main-net launch on May 10th. Visit https://token.d.tube to learn everything about upcoming DTube economy and Buy DTCs.

Need support?

For support from the team and the community, comment on this post or use:

The DTube team


I am a bit sad that when a dapp listens to its users and moves to supporting Hive that the announcement is down voted like this .

Keep the drama on the other blockchain and let's concentrate on positives not negatives and making improvements to Hive

This post is the wrong one to display your hate of Heimindanger in.

He made it to announce that DTube is a Hive app. Again, thanks for bringing it to Hive.

We hate you because you are a pathetic weasel that tells people you are going to rape them and kill them.

Sit on a pineapple and spin.

You may not be a rapist but you threaten to rape people. You also threaten to kill them and cut their heads off.

Shut up, child.

Time to get back to posting on Dtube. Been away too long!

Thanks @techcoderx for your hard work!

Oh that is not nice.

Because @heimindanger tells people he will rape them and kill them. He has told at least 3 people I talk to he will kill them. He has told me he will kill me.

I made a post about it. You should check it out. I want people to see this idiots chat logs and make a decision for themselves if they want to support him.

Seeing people like you not having the overall picture being told misinformation by @techcoderx who is apparently defending someone that makes death threats frequently is pretty sad.

Tbh I don't want people that would defend @heimindanger on Hive and I know many others don't either. I will be powering up and using my downvotes to downvote all Dtube users on Hive as well as the Dtube posts.

Will hurt @heimindanger more since he doesn't have the free SteemIt delegation of millions of tokens.

So you are going to hurt a dapp that Honeymakers (Hive Users) love, to hurt a specific person you don't like?

When you work as a part of a team, you have to deal with people you don't like, or agree with.

I don't make videos but I recognized that this is not the attitude of building, this is the attitude of tearing down a perfectly built wall in your home, because you don't like the builder.

You can always mute him and his users, you don't have to actively sabotage them.

I am disappointed, you were one of the people I had started paying attention to when this drama happened, and had seen you as a voice of reason.

@heimindanger is abusive and has stated that he doesn't care about the network he only wants to get his app running, soak up some rewards, and then leave. I don't trust him, and I wouldn't use any keys I cared about on his app.

If he continues his behavior, yes, I will turn my words into actions. But at this point, regarding the downvoting, they are just words. We will see how @heimindanger behaves on this network.

Also, I may be a developer, but I am also a stakeholder. My stake is my own. I can, and will, use it as I see fit. Downvoting an abusive user and his supporters that are spreading a false narrative is my right if I choose.

You're super unprofessional and disrespectful all the other people working on this project. Just disappointing 👎

I was hoping so. Finally you did it.. Thank you..

Thanks a lot for adding hive to @dtube. You worked really hard @heimindanger to empower steem community and I'm sure that dtube will be useful to hive as well. Maybe some don't understand the value, but I'm sure that most of dtubers do. As a video creator, I know how creating videos and supporting creators can be useful to a platform. Google when they understand the value of videos, they baught youtube. Youtube now is the second most visited website in the world. The same impact can give dtube in case you will continue to improve it and collaborate with more crypto communities. You have now 3 blockchains linked to it and in the future you may link more. That will be just awesome. Keep doing the good work and don't let anything in this world stop you. Any success have obstacles and if we cross them, we reach the impossible !

Man I have to get back on the ball and start making videos again. This can basically mean getting double the value per video.

This is good news for me as I do like using DTube 😊😊😊

Thanks for adding Hive. Good job!

Great performance,i will keep upload dtube videos on hive 🤟🤟

New login page looks good. Nice to see Hive logo being added. I’ll keep post dtube on Hive!

You did nice work and Appreciate your efforts.

Great news this is what I have been waiting for, so if I login with just my Dtube and my Hive account, it will not go to Steem right?

Welcome. I had read a few of your comments before the fork and thought it meant you would be staying in support of steem for sure.

Maybe I got you confused? Either way, the more dapps here the better. Wishing you and your video makers prosperity.

Thank you and top attitude.

Thanks for your response, and thank you for putting your community first.

I hope it applies the same when curating content.

Good news. While I don't agree with how DTube has been presenting itself lately downvoting content critical of the Justin Sun / Tron acquisition), this may still be a good thing.

I don't agree with the downvotes either

Excellent news guys 🔥🔥🔥

No se que es mas interesante, el Post o los comentarios 😒

Thank you for supporting hive on dtube. To bad that you are not welcomed more. I am ashamed of the attack from a part of the community :(

Yes Dtube is created mainly with effort of heimindanger but during the years we improved our community and many people contributing to the project voluntarily , therefore personal ideas are not important the only important thing is to make this project succesfull.

Not so sure. He just downvoted me with his and Dtube account because i just asked a simple question.
How compatible is Heimindanger. Is that a downvotable offense? Does he dislike dissent? Is the key holder of Dtube trying to defend its leader?

questions questions.

all the drama aside, I disagree with that downvote given from dtube

I'm glad someone else can see thru @heimindanger bullshit. He threatens to rape and kill people. The people here defending him hope to suck his teet because they think he still has a large delegation (that he doesn't) or a large stake (that he doesn't).

@heimindanger is a useless tool. No one should want people like him here on Hive.

Dtube is not a complicated app concept.

Except you, and DTube, aren't popular.

heimindanger probably isn't, but I only care as long as dtube is compatible ^^

Yes you made it very clear that you don't care about the person in charge of a company as long as the company benefits you.

I have more ethics than that.

basically no more benefit on hive from dtube atm really. They barely have any SP here and we will get payout cut by 10%, on hive now for me the cut is even bigger than the payout I benefit from dtube tbh.

I actually read all the messages heimin sent to you guys. Not impressed at all I think those msg are crazy, I also explained in my last vlog how much I disliked Justin Sun and how I didn't understand heimin set up witness on Steem. I'm not here to defending heimin for his act lately. I was defending him because I met him and he's nice.

I'm saying since you can log in dtube with hive too, for us who's already posting there, what's so bad about using it?

I was defending him because I met him and he's nice.

I'm sure Hitler was nice to some people too.

sigh, I'm just more verbal here, I'm human not 100% logically perfect. Just saying even the creator isn't everyone's favorite, any new app supporting hive can bring some new and old users, not a bad thing. Even tho a clone could possibly made, but before that is made, how’s that a bad thing right?

You didn't give me free DTube tokens.

You have absolutely 0 ethics.

Thi$ i$ probably a bit too decentralized for him but I gue$$ he can handle it.

We can teach him a few things... unless he decides to chop our heads off. (I hear thats a thing he likes to do.)

Screenshot 443.png



For any future meme contest consider this my entry. 😂