D.Tube 0.6: Pushing it to the limit

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So many things done, so many things to talk about again in this blog article for DTube...

First, I haven't blogged about it but a lot of people noticed that the @dtube account now has 1M SP delegated from @ned. This is helping us tremendously to gather funds for the project development and infrastructure. As collateral damage, our uploads have more than quadrupled in the last month since 0.5, we are nearing 1 video per minute.

A lot of people keep messaging me asking me why @dtube upvotes or not, if it is a bot or not. It is not a bot, we actually try to watch as many videos as possible, and if we like it we upvote! It is very possible that some good videos get missed, it is getting difficult to look at everything right now.

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Just finished my german translation: German Translation: DTube 0.6 - Wir gehen ans Limit- feel free to share it!

Regarding the growth of your platform and the content of the update I just can say:

Awesome! Keep going that way!


p.S: Gonna self-upvote this for visibility!

Nice lens hope your vision is clear

Quiet interesting.

Whoa you're pushing this post to the limit

Way to go! You've made nearly $3k! I'm sure this is worth every penny of it.

Dear @theaustrianguy,

The logo of Dtube is more attractive. And its like youtube.:)

Awesome, try it

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Good day! Thanks for the useful information.

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Dtube 1.0 will be so epic i expect it to have all of the features of youtube

i want steemit to trust dtube and allow embedd videos!

Finally Dtube has Embedded Videos on buys.org!

See finally we have Dtube embedded videos on Busy.org

Nice to have this platform. But do anyone know how to produce a video with easy software?

I mean i know its like, late, but i do, i use AVS Video Editor, its eaaasy, and really fast, for decent computer, i tried popular edditors, like sony vegas, adobe, and that one AVS is like MS paint, its light and simple, just like i needed. My advice is go to Yout... i mean some Dtube and see what program tutorials seems easy for You, and use that program.

WOW!!! I love this list of changes! Keep on doing the good work!

I'm quite new to steemit and d.tube was 1 of the big surprises. I use youtube since a couple years to upload travel and diving compilations but the re encoding is really frustrating. You work for hours to make a video compilation in adobe premiere to see it then being downscaled to 5 Mbps on youtube.
I kept searching in de d.tube faq for the maximum bitrate settings for my uploads and couldn't believe at first that you can upload and watch lossless. The video below is the best example. Worked about 30 hours on it and now I can finally show it to people lossless without needing wetransfer to send it.



Although sometimes I still run into some bugs, the d.tube platform feels very finished considering the 5 months it exist. I'm looking forward to see what 0.7 will bring.

Got bless you.

Do your videos post smoothly to DTube? Because mine won’t upload it keeps saying IPFS error

Yes, uploaded 6 video's now from different lengths with high bitrates so the files are large but never had an error or problem. Only ones I had a bug where for some reason the snap I uploaded wasn't used but the snap of a previous video I uploaded was attached. When I upload from work where we have an 100 Mb/sec upload line the video uploads really fast.

I upload from Belgium and I read a lot of servers are located in Western Europe. Maybe that makes a difference in stability and speed.

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I convinced this guy to join dtube.....apart from being my friend, and the best person I know in terms of character, he imitates different voices with no problem he is the first Dtube stand-up comedian.....in spite of having no followers, he got a decent reward just in the first stand-up comedian video.....then, strangely it's reducing while people that only talk about themselves, about how gay they are(nothing against), about how good they are, get crazy rewards...I hope you guys REALLY WATCH THE VIDEOS and don't curate just based on the image, on the viewers of the first day, etc because that can be easily made up......uncommonly on steem, when posts only have videos in the first 7 days, his older posts KEEP HAVING NEW VIEWERS and this is uncommon.....THIS MEANS THE VIEWERS OF 1 VIDEO LIKE IT AND WILL WATCH HIS OTHER VIDEOS.....HIS OLDER VIDEOS HAVE THE SAME VIEWERS AS THE OLDER VIDEOS OF GUYS WITH MUCH MORE FOLLOWERS AND MUCH HIGHER REWARDS.......his videos in the first day get lower views because he still has few followers......I had with him, when we were 18, an amateur comediant group called "Os Duartes"....we used to act in bars......once one of the biggest comediants in Portugal(probably the best) saw the show and INVITED HIM TO BE AN ACTOR ON HIS NATIONAL TV SHOW ON SUNDAYS....AND THIS GUY REFUSED BECAUSE HE WAS SHY AND DIDN'T WANT TO APPEAR ON NATIONAL TV(HOW HUMBLE THIS GUY IS????).....so I agree when he says he is an idiot......to dtube curators I say: Don't curate based on first image or views in the first day....Really WATCH HIS VIDEOS because he is REALLY VERY GOOD....watch the videos and tell me your opinion....other proof this guy is an idiot is because he wants to quit Dtube...don't allow him to do that. (fiz a minha parte)

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I think it's great


IPFS is something you have to run through your command box, google 'IPFS getting started'

IPFS is very good, she works very well....but I prefer Gina...the problem is that she charges 50 euros each time and it's only 20 minutes

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Is d tube like YouTube, I stay hearing about it

Yes, but no, but yes, but no, but better - but still in beta ;) Just stay here, bring your friends, some popcorn & enjoy (better quality & content) !! 8)

I can't watch any of my Dtube videos :/ I can watch other people's though, idk what's going on

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Thx 4 the advice! Haven't watched them.. better not ^^ but upvote for your comment. Don't worry, in the future you pay them with Steem ;) .. or you pay them for foodporn :D

Yupp, I get the IPFS error for months now, a little heartbreaking..

I would really love for steemit and dtube to get together, make love and then ALLOW EMBEDDING PLEASE!!


I think it's great

Didnt thought that D-Tube is so amazing! Gonna start our own channel ! So excited! I mean youtube has become too competetive. The D Tube Community is much more relaxed and you dont get invisible in the big crowd i think.

I'm going to check it out now

You do realize the same thing will happen once more people join DTube, don't you?

exactly my thoughts lol

Hello cryptowani. I Followed you.If you follow me, I'll be happy.Thanks :)

I am planning to start a porn channel...I used to do stand-up but curation is being reduced for me...

So if I switch to "Source" on D-tube, is it 1080p @60 ?
If so, that would be great.

Yes, when I compare with the local file I can't see any difference. Haven't tried with 4K video yet but it should be the same as the source.

Of course it isn't by accident that youtube re encodes video to a lower bitrate. I'm curious if they can keep it up when more en more video's get uploaded en played. Has the IPFS network enough capacity?

Technically Source is whatever the person uploads. So if the person uploaded a 720p 30fps file, then that's what the source is on that video. On the other hand, somebody could upload an 8K 120FPS file.

With youtube monetization down censorship at an all-time high on the site. I honestly feel like DTube, with the right marketing could be the next big video platform. The payment method is amazing. post good content and people can show you that they like it right then and there. Im looking forward to the future. of Steemit and Dtube, and glad to be a part of the community.

This could be a big thing. At the moment it feels very "beta" probably because it is just that

That is great work perfect view @pieter87

Yo hablo español y me gusta Paella y la cerveza San Miguel....pero me gusta mas las drogas


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nice team yes

I read your article very well. Thank you. Have a nice day.

I think it's great

Thanks a lot for the great work you're doing and all your support bro! This has helped me a lot with my charity work and upcoming projects, we are all but grateful, keep up the good work!

This is what I call a big update.

Thank you for all the improvements, for being fair and for the fat upvotes @heimindanger!

I really like the logo. I will surely print it on my T shirts and promote Dtube here in the Philippines! Thanks @heiminganger and all the Dtube devs team...

This is one of the biggest update man.....

not only biggest update this is also valuable post.

Thats it

yes d tube is amazing

yes d tube is extra ordinary

nice post I am currently login DTube and follow you

so cool nice view

Yeah, excellent update! Greatings from Venezuela @jonsnow1983 and good luck with your charity projects! :D... (Do you have any piece of advice for people who want to help more people?... Thanks!)

Great platform. Just spent some time on it. Easy to use and pretty self explanatory. I don't mind the similarities to other platforms either. There are so many that it's impossible to avoid. Thanks for the post too. I'm not concerned with receiving your up vote, just genuinely enjoy new roads and yours is one I'm gonna travel on!

Great to see DTube really stepping up it's game! Let's take down the evil Google/Alphabet/YouTube empire!

I found myself just smiling whilst reading this. It seems DTube alone is getting ahead of quite a few cryptocurrency projects I could mention.

My only thought when reading about the nice additions you're making to content discovery is not to get too tied up in the structures made on steemit with the Hot and Trending page. My experience generally with using new steem apps is that I want an app that helps me find what I want, not one that just displays what steem stakeholders want to reward.

Loved the new logo.

Re-steemed this to 12820 followers which is 2223 more than @aggroed has!


Brought me here, awesome updates thanks @acidyo and @heimindanger - amazing progress and an awesome update, I especially like the logo! Keep up the good work!

Unbelievable work!!! Breath taking really...

How can we thank you enough and, of course, @ned for his huge support!?! The results are more and more amazing while being of a professional look, very attractive to me anyhow. The logo itself is very attractive too and logically follows the same feel, I love it!

All for one and one for all! A monumental THANK YOU for all these valuable updates.

Namaste :)

Amazing what you guys have done so far. Maybe you guys should take over Zappl too :\

New technology is not easy. The Dtube project has done an amazing job scaling to the speed of their adoption. I have had a little trouble with busy networks but that is to be expected. It is important that we as users are not to critical of developers we need to give good feedback but not degrade people for not having things perfect. too often in the open source community users attack developers who are just trying to help.

These changes will dramatically increase website traffic but I'm sure you can handle it. Keep up the good work!

Well done guys really good work! This kind of work truly helps the whole community and everyone here I'm sure really does appreciate it!

Bravo la Team !
On ne le dira jamais assez ... vous avez abattu encore une fois un boulot incroyable !
On a l'impression que vous avancez comme une boule de neige qui grossit... avec des ameliorations constantes et dynamiques...
Nous ne sommes qu'admiratifs.
Nous sommes surtout contents d'utliser un outil révolutionnaire....

For many maybe just a small feature. But I'm a night owl and I love the night mode. Immediately changed! ;-)

I really like the new logo - nice to see that T-shirt is still up to date. ;-)
The whole scope of the new functions, I will probably capture only in the next few days.

Dtube is the future - today!

Im into the future... joining Dtube now on...

Night mode is the absolute best! I'd take it on every web site if I could.


God bless you

It's hard to believe, that Dtube exists for only about 5 months. That's just unbelievable progress!

Imagine what this platform will be worth when it surpasses YouTube! Google's attempts at censoring literally asked for a platform like Dtube to emerge... When YouTube finally wakes up it will be too late, all the best content will end up at Dtube.

I hope you're right. I guess will be decided on how many people are willig to change their video plaform by bringing up the motivation to break the habit using Youtube for a potential better platform.

Well said!

WORD! We know.. that's why we're here waiting for it to happen 8)

 6 years ago  Reveal Comment

Well, I just uploaded a video to test it out and it is working fantastically. A MASSIVE improvement in such a short amount of time. Not to be discouraging but when DTube first rolled out it was difficult to use and just didn't work for me, but this is brilliant. Officially switching over from Vimeo as my first choice uploader now :) Seriously great work on the updates


Hello heimindanger. I Followed you.If you follow me, I'll be happy.Thanks :)

I think it's great

God bless you

god bless you

Hi!! I LOVE this list!!

very great changes love it^^

god bless you

Awesome work @heimindanger would be great to be able to tip like on dlive.io, would allow users to earn rewards beyond the 7 days period limit.

Great to see Dtube taking off! Congrats!

What a cool project

The idea of limit is limitless.

I know this is technically off-topic, but as soon as I read the title to your post this song jumped to mind. Classic!

Great improvements. I think content discovery is an area that needs some improvement, not just for dtube but steemit in general. We have got to start thinking of how to give a personalized experience to every user based on their preferences, that way we get people spending more time on the platform. I'm a big fan of your work.

Good point! Do youknow how & where to address this issue best?!? Still fresh here

God bless you.

All are nice features

amazing work with all the updates!! I am wondering... Is it possible load an entire feature film up onto dtube? I am in indie filmmaker who has written and directed 7 features. I have one that I have yet to release. I would absolutely love to release it through dtube . if @heimindanger or @ned or someone from @dtube could help me sort this, it would be a dream! I will also join the discord page as well! thanks for making the world a better place!

 6 years ago  Reveal Comment

thanks for the info! i will look deeper into it! I really wanna keep it as a feature and in the best quality possible. I did shoot the movie with an Android cell phone in London, White Sands New Mexico, and Los Angeles. Here is a link to the trailer if you are interested in checking it out:

Perhaps I wait a bit until the tech gets there... Again thanks for your time and info!

I'm quite happy to see a lot of alternatives to YouTube popping up. You have now have PewTube, BitChute, the now defunct Vidme, and now DTube. I hope that people would stop using the word 'tube though. Because it makes it sound like a copycat of YouTube.

I'll definitely signup for DTube! I like the idea of websites built over the blockchain. This is definitely an improvement. And there's of course a monetary incentive doing so.

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Amazing work as always from the DTube team! I see alot of potential in this site, which got me to register a Steemit account in the first place. But can this really be the opposition to YouTube we've been finally looking for? Yet so many questions from this humble follower and I don't think they'll be answered as frequently, but may I make a few suggestions?

As for being an opposition to YouTube, you guys still have a massive beast to fight against, and I would love to see DTube thrive, but my suggestions are that it follows: first off, the option of monetization. I have a few videos I like to upload there with assets that aren't exactly mine, thus credit given, and I don't like to make money off of things I didn't make (obviously), as I tend to share my content freely. I welcome donations of any kind, though honestly I think you deserve these donations more than I do, if DTube itself is going to run on raw horsepower. I understand there are podcasts, and even independent media who make a buck daily by their uploads through both Steemit and DTube.

A second suggestion I may add is privacy. Yeah, yeah I know. I know what you're all thinking, but just hear me out. As much as I love sharing content freely, though I do not intend some content to ALL audiences however, but only for my inner friend circle and what not.

What I want really, is a YouTube from 2008'ish looking style of video uploading site with none of that copyright algorithms stuff, as most of the things I make intend to fall under fair use and what not.

I'm still fairly new to both DTube and Steemit, I have alot to learn about before I consider uploading my videos to DTube and,,, part time career I guess. Well, I would consider it more like a hobby when it comes to Steemit. As for financial sources, I'll be aiming to make content of my own accord, though I haven't really put much thought of how to earn Steem yet.

That being said and aside, I'll be vowing support to DTube. Good luck! :)

This is awesome! i'm literally going to make a post when I get the time on how to minimize your video sizes and optimize the files so you can keep the highest quality but have it upload faster and not take a toll on the servers.

Dtube just made a new move.

this is FANTASTIC! I love the new logo and the new visibility updates, infinite scrolling, tag searching and related videos. 2018 is going to be a HUGE Year for D-Tube. Im proud to say that my Steemfest2 adventure vlogumentary has just uploaded its FIRST D-TUBE EXCLUSIVE episode! hooray! No more youtube for me, the revolution is happening RIGHT HERE!!!! And some day soon there will be an interview with your good self Mr.Danger :) Keep your eyes peeeeeled ;p

Nice!! The new logo is legit, as the kids these days say, lit! I'm really enjoying looking at it with either the white background or night mode. While I still haven't thought about a good video series to put up, I'm really looking forward to contributing on the Github repo. Awesome update by the way!

Insane changes! Thanks for all the hard work!

Love the new logo!

i will be expecting you.

Yeah this thing is going to take over the world. Glad I'm seeing this fast-paced development, the site grew 500% in badassery today.

The road is still very long but it looks very promising, keep up the great work @heimindanger :)

im very happy to know D.tube through your blog. thank you. I think it is good to use. I hope it is populized.

I really like that you changed the logo. Now it feels much less like a youtube clone.

It is an improvement over the previous logo. The old one risked being confused with YouTube's logo. The press kit is great too. Thanks for that.

Thanks so much for all those amazing features. Am I right in saying you still take 25% ofbthe author rewards because I have To admit that this puts me off uploading by my content as it seems a bit high?

More important to get your following over to DTube Danny, we'll be early-fish in a little pond! Worry about the 25% later! Getting your foot in the door early is highly valuable.

 6 years ago  Reveal Comment

The dtube upvotes are so generous I think that this negates the 25% for many of us anyway. With the dtube upvotes, since they are done manually are there better/worse times to be uploading for the team to see and vote for the videos?

There are 18 pages