Ecency Mobile - Rebrand, better onboarding, communities and more

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Finally, we have pushed major version release of our Mobile application. In this post we will briefly talk about changes included in this release.


This is huge update with packed improvements and new additions. Over 10,000 commits in this release PR, part of it from reorganising some parts of app. 😮 Listing all changes probably will take pages of writing. We will mention major ones.

What's new in v3.0.0

  • Rebranding changes to Ecency
  • Better onboarding, delegation request for new accounts, new accounts who run out of RC after signup with Ecency, can easily request for delegation for 30 days from app with single click
  • Communities, explorer, search, find new communities and join, check posts in those communities, we will continue to add more features in these sections
  • Better Search page, includes Communities, Posts, Users, Tags, discovering and searching become even more easy and fun
  • Notifications changed from deprecated Appcenter Push to FCM, this will allow us to offer more flexible notifications in future.
  • Beneficiary lowered to 1%, to continue consistency with website, we are lowering beneficiary reward that helps us to support further development, from 3% to %1, more rewards to our community
  • Native Sharing, you can now select image, link, text and share on Ecency directly and app will quickly put content into editor for your publishing
  • Image uploads and proxy changed to follow our recent updates
  • Post renderer fixes, some image/table rendering improvements
  • Many many bug fixes and improvements
  • Hivesigner logged in users will have relogin due to rebranding account changes.

In next couple updates, we are going to focus on performance improvements. Mobile app is full of features and sometimes, we have to revisit and improve components so performance can be better. If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help, our mobile application is opensource.


Stay tuned, stay excited! Don't forget to share news with your friends.




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Congratulations for this excelent aplication, It is very practic and intuitive. I hope for more. Success.

Just updated!
Got a bug saying I "didn't have enough RC" - I tried to reblog this post.

I closed the app and opened it again and it worked.

Same for me!

Have you gotten it since?
I only got it once.

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Yes, just once!

Interesting, were you logged in with hivesigner before update?

We had to logout all hivesigner logins because it was using esteemapp as oauth account, likely relogin was needed, did you relogin after welcome screen or there was no need?

There was no need to login again. After the one time error it all worked perfectly!

That's likely due to, you already tried Ecency website and authorized new app account there already. Some edge case but glad it is working now without major issues.

I have a question. Is it possible to login through the app with another account and then switch between them? I would like to use my community accounts here.

Great to see this going on and reaching a milestone well deserved with the mobile version.

Any close plans with the Surfer?

Surfer is in pipeline, stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can try our website:

I'm going to love this!

Congratulations!! Just updated and it is much faster than eSteem app. All the best!

Awesome update. Finally, communities feature is available. Pretty happy about that.

Hello. Good to see a new community feature improved although I'm new here. I joined the discord but I'm still a little confused. Can someone help me through?

I'm happy to help anytime!

Nice upgrading. I just done upgrade to Ecency. Its cool.

Cool development,new Ecency is amazing.

Can't wait to get my hands on the iOS version :)

Waiting for review, shouldn't take long now!

Nice work. I have just installed it. Let me check how it looks. Thanks for the update. 😀


Czech Republic: Updated :-)

So we have to uninstall esteem and install this ?

All I had to do is update in the Google Playstore


Soon, waiting for review!

The original mobile app. Congrats on the rebranding

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It keeps logining me out. Even with Hivesigner

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We had to ask perviously hivesigner logged in users to login again, because we have changed app account from esteemapp to for hivesigner and that requires new login and authorization.

False positive removed


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Something might be wrong with script, please check! "Confirmed" should perhaps have correct links?!

Indeed something went wrong. Investigating.
Please apologize for the false positive.

Update: found the reason, the typo in previously triggered it. My warning-bot is very touchy with the spelling 😀😀


Wow, can’t wait for the release 🥰🥰

I think it's already there. At least in Russia I've just updated on Android now.


Guess not yet for iOS 😂

Also avaliable in Denmark already ^^

Very well! Thanks a lot

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The new client looks great! I discovered one bug however. When I reblogged a post, the app erroneously told me I was out of resource credits, while I wasn't, but that didn't prevent me from reblogging.

All hivesigner logins should relogin, due to rebranding, app account on hivesigner has changed and that requires relogin to continue working properly.

app just told me I failed because I don't have enough resource credits....

Funny thing is I was just thinking yesterday about how hive or steem can go mainstream and replace twitter for those serious about getting the full story. Onboarding is very important and messages like this need to make sense to most people.

besides that, looks good. I was surprised my esteem app disappeared and I couldn't find it in Google Play. Maybe have esteem appear in the description or however would bring this app up for those searching for 'esteem'

Search Ecency instead of Esteem. Google indexing might take some time but should work already. RC error message is bug if you previously logged in via hivesigner, from other comments.

since I find my apps by name on my phone, esteem did not come up because the update renamed it. I did not know it was renamed. Google Play search for 'esteem' showed other apps. Maybe it did show ecency, but I didn't recognize it.

Thanks for pointing out bug condition with HiveSigner. I fit into that category. That message would make more sense if was more appropriate and I had just posted 20 times.

I love these features, updating now

Is it already available in iOS?
As for checking at this moment, there is still no update.

Yes, it is now available, please check.

Yah got updated as of this moment.

Congratulations🙂 on keeping this useful and fun app in this #Hive community. I'm pretty happy with this app, no problem so far. Keep it up🙋‍♂️

Can post a photo. Is anyone having the same issues?

iOS or Android, what error do you get? Are you logged in with hivesigner or standard login? Giving these info to developers might help them to find it faster.

Standard login it says. Invalid image, try different file. But i already tried many file but the same result.

Thank you for reporting, we are looking into it.

Got updated just now on my iOS device. 👏🏽🇵🇭

I have downloaded the ecency app. It seem cool except for some bug am facing in uploading image In a post

Thanks for your comment. To help us track down the cause, could you please help elaborating bit more?!
Did you get any error messages?
Are you on Android or iOS?
Are you logged in standard login or with hivesigner?
Did you try relogin?

Whenever I try to upload a picture a get this error message "invalid image, try different file* . All the image get this message error.

Am using an Android phone "Tecno Pop 2 plus"

I logged in a standard login , not hivesigner

I just updated the app. I didn't try logging out and to relog

What was the image size, if you remember? All images not working?

I tried 6 different picture. The highest size was around 243kb

Thank you for all this details, we are investigating. Can you try to logout and login again, if possible? Meanwhile, we are checking servers to see if there is some bug

Alright. I will reply you when I do

I logout and login using the standard login, not the hivesigner . I again tried to upload and I still got thesame invalid image.

I tried logging in using hivesigner. after importing and putting a hivesigner password,I was still returned to import account and when I did. The process did not go further

We have found the bug and fixed it. Could you please try again and let us know if it works?

I cant post an image on the app, why @ecency ?

Do you get any errors? How are you logged in, standard login or hivesigner login? Did you try relogin or what did you try so far that didn't work/help?

I guess my default login.

I tried to logout and login again, try to add image but it cant

After updating to new app, did you try logout and login again?

It says: Fail, invalid image, try another file.

What was the file size, if you remember or all images are saying same error?

I am just using an iPhone6 image captured. It is not that big. Yes tried different images but it wont work.
Even in adding image to comments is not working.

ok, thanks for update. Issue might be only related to iOS. We are investigating.

Thank you, hope to see an update soon.

Please try again, I think we found the bug and fixed it on our end.

Wowow. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 installed!!! Works much better;) thanks so much for this hard work 😎

Glad you like it, we will add more communities feature and optimize performance in next release. Did you check Search page?

I did... works nice. It works quite well to explore communities like this.

I will do a post using communities this week, to see how it goes.

I wanted to ask something I have been pending for a while... does the communication (broadcasts) from the app to the API servers is/can be encrypted? The reason I ask that is that in some places the block stuff by detecting what is being sent, and if encrypted, they have less likelihood to detect.

All communication with API servers are done after transaction is signed, so yes, it is encrypted. You can always change server to different one if any is blocked in certain regions.

Awesome 😎 thanks

I use the app and I love it.

Hi, @ecency!

Today, I noticed that setting the payout to "Power Up 100%" didn't work — the post got 50/50 when published via the website.

Please check it out! :)

Oh, we are checking it out... thank you for reporting, sorry for inconvenience. 🙇

Oh, don't worry, I'm just checking the functionality. I understand that the website is still in development. 🙂

Please do report if you find some other issues. Yes, it is in constant development but features should be stable and working, sometimes our tests are overlooked due to size of our testing team being small. Any help from community is super helpful.

Yes, of course! 👍

Downloaded it yesterday and it's awesome.


Yes i saw it and i am very disappointed.
Uploading images doesnt work.

What's the image size you are trying to upload and is it iOS or Android device?

Andorid,and size is 5mb

Ecency is an awesome app for posting my art and pictures from life! I love community building on the blockchain ❤ follow me and I will follow you back so we can become friends 😊

Wow, I will give a trial and download it from my play store. Watch out for my post with this..@ecency

I had so many issues with my esteemapp many months ago , I decided to uninstall it but I will give this a trial now and give a post on it.

Ok, great to hear that. Please link your post once you try it out... Stability and performance will come with consistent updates and we are constantly gathering feedbacks and improving 🙇

Good work! Everything's runs well on the phone, rebranding well done! 😎💎

Your software is missing one of the most basic or necessary functions to clear the cache.

Clear cache is provided by operating system, no? Android for example, has that, if you check App Info.

Just updated!👊

wow! that's great news! I loved the new name and logo, not to mention the app usability, which is getting better and better!

I would only suggest it could have a totally dark mode, an optionals black background would give it a luxurious touch. my 2 cents.

I love #ecency!
have decency and leave centralised social networks.

bring back your liberty.
download ecency ;)

Looks amazing guys.

Looks awesome, will let you know if I find any issues 🤞

Hopefully the bug will be fixed one day

The logo is so cute! I like seeing it on my notifications. :)

Generally you make a great thing but after the last update i can not access the server That's why i cannot even log in the app. I have a Xiaomi Mi8 and Android 10.

Please check back, we have pushed update yesterday to fix that bug.

Yes after the update everything seems fine...thank you...

I like this application..

I still have problem with the Title section of the layout of the new Dapp. I could not see what I was typing, so I have to reduce the title to three words!

Also, the tag section has a problem with iPhone6S Plus, they kept disappearing when I pushed Save the post.

It would be nice if I could write a whole sentence on the Title tap!

Thank you very much.


Just trying it out ; so far so good although some things are not so intuitive .

Thanks for feedback, any details would be helpful for us to improve 🙇

The lack of Communities features make it hard to use TBH now that most activity is in communities .

We have communities, click on search icon in mobile app or on website
Let us know what missing feature to prioritize and we will do that.

Perhaps I am missing it but how does one see your community feed (like the community feed tab on PeakD?) ? There is also no way I can seem to find to see my posts that I make in the community like the All Posts tab in PeakD other than going to each community page?

I assume, you are talking about Ecency mobile app, if you clicked on search icon 🔍 you will see community list, once tapped, you will see community feed, you can subscribe, make new post on those communities. As for your posts, you can see your posts in your profile.

Here are some screenshots of your profile.



Yes but it only shows your community posts if you have re blogged them back to your own profile. If you look at the difference between "Blog and All Posts" tabs on Steempeak you will know what I mean.

Is there any communities feed that shows all the posts from all the communities you follow ? To me that is the main use of communities. See PeakD screenshot below.


That's the confusion. In mobile app screenshot you can see your community posts and normal tag posts are visible, there is no need to reblog. Peakd uses different approach, that's why you are confused and have to do reblog.

 11 months ago Reveal Comment

Thanks for comment! is also mobile friendly and yes as mentioned in post, we will be focusing next update to improve performance.