Cake-my sweet

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Hello group again. Today I want to "introduce" you 😁😁😁 to everyone's favorite cake ", which is also very easy, economical and fast. Here it is: Cake with chocolate


Products for it:



Confectionery products:
1 cup yogurt
1tsp soda
2 tsp sugar
2/3 tsp oil
2 teaspoons cocoa usually
3 tsp flour
and a bowl in which to confuse.
Everything is put exactly in this sequence. The yoghurt with the probe is a little foamy, then the sugar is mixed with them, the oil is also added and mixed to mix, followed by the cocoa and the vanilla is mixed again, the last is the flour. He is confused vigorously.


To become a homogeneous mixture. Everything must be pre-set so that you do not waste time and the mixture falls. Pour into a pre-greased pan. Smooth as much as possible iii ....


Then it is obligatory to bake in a preheated oven, top and bottom at 300 ° and when it rises it is reduced to 200 ° until completely baked. Here it is baked already ....
It smells like home-baked cake and everyone starts spinning in the kitchen Nooo, while baking I make the chocolate topping. She needs this:


Chocolate envelope products: 1 large chocolate 3 tablespoons fresh milk 1 teaspoon of cocoa usually 1 tablespoon butter Put everything in a bowl and melt. Maybe in a water bath, but I do it in the microwave. (It gets faster) I mix it well to make it smooth, this is the mixture.

Once the cake is baked, I pierce it and pour it over it while still warm with this melted chococoverture. Mmmmm magic. Just look ....


I let it cool down a bit before I cut it. If the "gang" at home does not attack him immediately ... " And then I put a whole walnut on each piece.


This is .... good appetite 😋🥧.


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Вкусотийка ❤😘🤗

Мхмммдаа, хареса ти нали....

Беше много вкусно 🤗

Радвам сече ти е харесал ☺

Страхотно е. Много вкусно изглежда. Сигурно е било за наща група ама трябва да е ecency-bulgaria не само ecency 🤍💚❤️🙏

Ами даааа, малко се обърках🤪🤪🤪 в бързината при качването

изглежда много вкусен .трябва да го пробвам 🙂

Пробвай го и ще кажеш, вкъщи всички много го харесват

Мале, вече припадам 😂 Каква вкусотия само и нея задължително ще пробвам 😍

Много изкусително изглежда, то се вижда, че е ужасно вкусен този сладкиш! Браво!🙂☘️🌹💐🥀🌺🥰

Трябва да го опиташ

Неееее! 😂Ще си правя бележник с рецепти от групата🧐💕. Много вкусно изглеждааааа, и съм сигурна, че е така. 💕То няма иначе как да запомня всичко!!!🙃
Хубав ден и благодаря от сърце!!! 💕💕💕