A MUST WATCH: especially for all you American Hivers

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For those of you who do not (yet) know the man in the video below; that is Vic Dibitetto.
And let me tell you, Vic has something to say to you. And your government as well!

But, while listening to him, keep in mind please that your government has handed out trillions of dollars to prop up the economy it shuttered amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Also keep in mind that a record 26 million people lost their jobs the last four weeks, while at the same time, the billionaire class has added a staggering $308bn to its wealth.

Now you can start the 5 minute video.

Don't panic when your screen gets a bit blurry; it's just his "exiting" way of speaking (and I guess he was out of masks).


That was Vic.

Food for thought!?

Guess it's time to make some noise ... and not only in the US, because we're all gonna "feel" the consequenses, Worldwide.




I hate to just admit it, but the man is damn right, staying at home won't cure or bring an end to the virus, the government needs a plan in other to move forward and sadly the Nigerian government where I live are still bunch of confused idiots with nothing up to sleeves to curtail this pandemic. It's a pitiful situation

I understand mate.
But although the facilities for healthcare are maybe better than in your country, and with a "soft"lockdown we have, our government could have done much better also.

You're right when you say your country could have done better I think of one the reasons is I feel emotions and sentiment and panic might be one reason why they're not, don't you think?

Shutting down a country is never good and has consequenses.
Look at Sweden and Japan. No lockdown.
They don't have more corona-deaths than elswhere. I believe even less.

Exactly, I think the right plan is what countries like yours and mine has not been capable of putting through. In all honesty it's fraustrating it'll be a huge dent in people's life should the psychological effect of this lockdown continue

Oh smasssh. Sad sad sad...n

The situation over here has me speechless....lockdown with zero relief materials, absurd testing, zero stimulus check and a super inactive president. Relief funds sent by EU and UN are unaccounted for. Shithole it is.

Can imagine that man. Hope this all comes to a good end, and soon.
The longer it takes to solve this, the more people will get irritated, and the longer it takes to get the economy running again. For that last part (economy) I'm almost sure that no country on earth will be back to "normal" within 2 years (if ever).
Take care.


haha :) Like it

Was getting worried about the guy and thought he'd need to open his windows to let some water out.

Imagine he got coronavirus though, no-one would be safe if he had a bee in his bonnet!

For the viewers it would be nice if, for his next video, he could install a pair of windshield wipers on the inside ...

Seen a couple of videos of Vic now and for me the icing on the cake is that face he puts up at the end of every video. Awesome!

Same here mate.

Another great one ...

I honestly feel he's right. I have encountered something similar in the past: not being able to pay a monthly bill because of the high costs and after an X amount of time being put on a blacklist because of not having enough funds. Meaning: even 50% more costs every month, because clearly if you couldn't pay this high amount of the original bill, you could surely suddenly find funds to pay 150% of this amount, right? It pissed me off like crazy and I can defo understand how people get stressed out by not getting enough support in these times. What's 1200 bucks going to do for someone having much higher monthly costs and even some mouths to feed :( It's such a sad situation we're going through.

Thanks for sharing!

This 1200 bucks is indeed peanuts if you compare that to what your government spends on bailing banks and companies out to make sure Wall Street isn't gonna crash.
Thanks for your comment, hope your situation is better than last times when having that issue with that bill.
Take care.

Agree with you 100%.. And yes, thankfully that situation was a long time ago and thankfully I don't have to stress about losing my job. Very thankful for that! Hope you're ok as well ;) have a good day..

Vic is a treasure for sure...😀

He is indeed. A bit like an unpolished version of George Carlin.

Either way, we'll all have to have the COVID-19. 28 million and it continues ... What do you think?

I think the longer it takes, the more that number will rise. This is just the beginning.
Because after this is back to "normal", even for big companies (if they make a profit), for quite a while they first have to pay a lot of outstanding payments, (interest on loans, creditors, salaries etc., you name it.
Anyway, the biggest expenses of almost all companies are salaries. And the easiest way to ensure that balance sheet give positive numbers is to cut on those salaries. So lots more people are gonna be discharged imo.

Why are you not more active on here bro? Get writing them witty posts again. :-)

Just taking a kind of break from it all man.
Currently having loads of work, despite (or maybe I should say Thanks to) Corona.
And since my post payouts or not even a fraction of what I make an hour, working has more priority.
Appreciate your encouragement nevertheless.
Thanks and take care mate.

I can understand that, look forward to when you have more spare time and can post again, take it easy bro.

i hope the government put in speakers to listen to this guy

Don't think they need speakers to hear him ....

yea justing trying to point out how eager they should listen

Give that man a cigar!

Absolutely. Think he deserves a drink also; he was rather "dehydrated" at the end if you ask me.