The 100 Years Old Book Pharma Would Hate To See Go Viral

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Our task with this series is not to paraphrase the most knowledgeable channels endlessly but to look at the philosophical aspect of fasting and how it exposes the health industry as a whole profiting from ignorance. Deceptions have always been more lucrative than Truth. It's an axiom!

Maybe writing about fasting for a while is our new calling as we see this knowledge as absolutely pivotal to changing the system from within and accelerating the transformation of the individual. Rediscovering how to treat one's body as a temple is absolutely key to understanding what we do to the planet when neglecting ourselves. The correlation between the two speaks the obvious.

Lilly’s Obesity Drug Could Bolster Weight-Loss Market People who took tirzepatide lost more than 20% of their body weight. If it turns out they also keep it off, demand for the drug promises to take off. (April 2022 Bloomberg)

Our diets define us and the boomerang effect of global gluttony can no longer be hidden nor skipped under the rug. The consensus of eating 6 times a day is actually not backed by any science declares Jason Fung in the video above. This was a mantra pushed by the food industry and big pharma that plotted to control our stomachs and ultimately insulin levels.

Yes, let's just think about it for a few seconds.

If a typical Whole Foods consumer spends around 30% of his\her budget on food, it is restricting freedom nonetheless because eating frequently caused mood swings (and even depression) as insulin levels constantly go up and down, hence why we have cravings. And it is even worse when consuming processed foods.

Then add to that the loss of self-esteem since our society is exaggeratedly look-driven. All these aspects are well-designed programs embedded in our subconscious and therefore affect our thinking patterns.

We use the subject "we" as we woke up to the reality of this world in the wake of the 911 attacks. The plandemic was also a wake-up call for many. What we mean to say here is that the awakening comes in many flavors and we believe that "the science of fasting" is going to be another one.

Upton Sinclair (1878-1968)

Every day now we ponder the ramifications between the food chain, pharmaceuticals, and global waste fueled by processed foods packaging, most of which is filled with high carbs and toxic vegetable oils. We live in a pyramid of deceptions that will unravel one way or another.

Then we've got the meaninglessness of the word "job" adding to the injury. When the mind is half of the time focused on the next meal or snack because there is little purpose in going to work, food is used to fill the void and appease anxiety. Many end up seeing a life coach or a shrink hoping to find solutions to their existential malaise.

But can counselors really help anybody in the long run if the system is itself biased beyond belief?

This also shed light on the wellness industry itself as people would pay almost anything to feel better. Indeed that industry generates $6.8 billion in America alone but since fasting greatly improves overall health and more importantly brain functions many will have to find another source of income as the fasting buzz is today no longer avoidable.

NLP and hypnosis may become sought after as there will be a demand to reinforce willpower to get started but (intermittent) fasting also increases willpower. There is lots of cognitive insight here as those who can control their hunger and also capable to make better choices as their mental clarity is at its peak.

When shopping at our favorite health stores, we just go straight to the wholesome food department, buy some organic coffee and vegetarian crackers, and eggs then head straight for the cash register. We do not even buy Stevia anymore as we learned that organic Stevia is chemically treated to neutralize the bitterness of the plant.

However, we now understand that the addiction to the sweet taste makes the brain salivate even before taking a bite and releases insulin. Less than other "natural sweeteners" but still, it is something to chew on.

Nonetheless, The Fasting Cure was published in 1914 and still manages to get a 4 1/5 star review on Amazon based on 302 ratings. Its author was without a doubt ahead of his time and had likely studied ancient philosophers.

Now let's read the quote by Hippocrates here below very slowly while keeping in mind that Western physicians regard the Hippocratic Oath as an oath of ethics they have sworn to follow when getting their degrees. It is also quite ironic that Hippocrates himself admired and respected the "ancients" while today ancient knowledge is too often deemed pseudoscience by corporate science.

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I 100% Agree!
And it is a problem of education as well...
I have always looked at myself as a unit that I should make as good as I can in all areas - including physical.
One of my roommates, who I watched do this is now over 550lbs! Obnoxious as they get, thinks he's smart and is not...
He is like the guy who buys a car and just runs the shit out of it, believing that a mechanic somewhere can always fix whatever, and don't care about the rest.
He feels the same about Doctors. And he thinks that's life, that's the dangerous part.
He is also raising a son to believe the same, who at 12 outweighs me by a good 30+lbs..
And that's where education should have come in, long ago...
You have a Great Upcoming Week!
Stay Safe!

Thanks for dropping by @lessmann... yes education has failed humanity for a very long time, we are on the brink, no doubt about that!

Do you mean that your 550lb roommate has started some kind of keto-intermittent fasting? And if so who told him about it? Or just he just noticed the buzz?

Oh he is doing "Nothing" but getting fatter...
Dieting really doesn't work, and won't for him anyways...
He wants to be loud, large, and in control - mostly through some "gaslighting" technique - yeah he is only a liar to you, not himself. He likes to intimidate...
I mention this because,
That's why he's fat, I mean he eats a lot for sure...
But he wants to be "HUGE" because he feels (subconsciously) that he can pull off his crap easier because he's huge....

He's tried diets, my other roommate as well (also large, but not that large) they want to be big because of their personalities. And they feel for that reason it's O.K.
My other roommate even had a gastric bypass, and is still well I er 200lbs.!
(*Another reason my 120lb self has to go!)
You have an Awesome Week!
Sorry about the fat rant, it's something that has really gotten to me as I have watched people do this to themselves, seen how others "do" suffer for it, and how they do not care...

it is frustrating to see people living like that and who may never realize how mind controlled they really are

And will not listen, cause they think they are smart!
Sad and the implications are sadder..
Wishing You a Great Friday!