The university and the Blockchain.

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The university and the Blockchain.


Browsing the web I saw the following headline In Spain, the ISDI educational entity certifies student credentials through Blockchain y decidí leer toda la información que contenía el enlace.
News published in Spanish

Article Summary:

The so-called "Electronic Academic Record" (EAR) is what allows the digital consultation of the academic profile of the students, "Each student will be able to have all his academic history certified in Blockchain securely accessible for the consultation of third parties in real time to through a single click"

Based on this information, we see how the blockchain continues to provide multiple opportunities and applicability in everything you can imagine.

Many of my followers know that I teach in a university of the east and I can comment that from the first moment I met steemit I realized everything it can offer, although it is true the platform is based on the blockchain to share quality content, I knew from that first moment that I could also use it to create content from my classes taught at the university in this way to let my students know this ocean of opportunities that offers the blockchain on the steemit platform.

I have shared my classes within this platform and it is very important for them since it leaves a register for future students who can consult it at any time. I have been doing this type of publications of my classes since January 2018, the most recent thing I did was publish their academic notes this idea occurred to me due to the electrical problems that are frequently generated in the country and that directly affects the teleinformatics services of The university, in this way students can access and verify their academic grades.

In the following links you can see my particular way of publishing the notes.

Universidades en la blockchain birrete.jpeg
Fuente de la imagen

After reading that mentioned article from Spain, (the ISDI educational entity), I realized that I was not so far from a futuristic vision and how to take advantage of the blockchain for my classes and for students, of course This is also a way to make steemit visible something as great as this should be promoted everywhere.

Another factor that prompted me to publish notes on this platform is the constant attacks of the Venezuelan government, this outlaw government promotes the destruction of all universities in the country regardless of the cost that this brings to the nation, I can say with all the knowledge of cause for everything we live daily at the University of the East.

News published in Spanish
On April 30, a group of criminals with political tendencies and promoted by the government, in the style of the guerrillas, kidnapped the facilities of the rector of the University of the East. At the moment the facilities of the building of the rectorship, of the university are still kidnapped, all the facilities and under the permission of the government these criminals steal all the computer equipment of the university.

This situation of kidnapping of the Rectorate is forcing the few professors and students in the search for other alternatives since they, the criminals of the government, have been given the task of stealing the computer and teleinformatics equipment destroying what little they have, without those teams the web service of the university does not work therefore we can not access to load notes and finish the semester.

This experience of that university in Spain has encouraged me to make the necessary contacts and to know how they did to enter as a university in the blockchain, I think that we in our university can also do it.

So the blockchain lends itself to many things in addition to provide a better opportunity for an entire university community and in this way that experience can be replicated in many universities in the country.

I would like to know your opinion about it.

* That other things that are not conventional could apply the Blockchain

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Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

"In your constant evolution".


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Saludos @lanzjoseg

En la adversidad se desarrollan habilidades que permiten afrontar los retos, esta actitud se conoce como resiliencia. En Venezuela la situación actual a llevado a muchos ser resilentes y en este sentido buscar soluciones alternativas que permiten el cumplimiento de los objetivos.

“El hombre que pone el corazón en lo que hace, consigue recursos donde los incapaces se dan por vencido”. Federico II de Prusia

Eso se llama buscar solución y demostrar una vez más que la universidad no se arrodilla ante un gobierno delincuente.

Reinventarse amiga @rosargelisperez y compartimos el mismo concepto un gobierno delincuente.


I have a question.
I clarify to begin that for a decade I publish on the web the qualifications and study materials of the courses that I teach, before I did it in a static site, then in a blog of [email protected] and currently in Wordpress, I was wondering about what advantage offered to publish them on Steemit and what I can think of is that being a blockchain the integrity of the data and information would be supported by the network and any modification would be traceable and public
Beyond that, is there any other advantage that I am not contemplating?

Dear @pedrobrito2004

Yes, you are not contemplating the best of this platform, that in one way or another you will be paid for those publications, since you mention that they are of your classes that will be great for you and for your students, you just have to make the reference that they are originals of yours and place the address of the blog where you have it published.
I also used to publish by Wordpress

hahaha! You are right that I was forgetting a very important detail, after all, the other networks capitalize on the content we generate without sharing with small-scale content creators.

Muy cierto amigo @lanzjoseg. Creo que apenas estamos presenciando el inicio de las numerosas aplicaciones que la tecnología Blockchain puede tener en todos los ámbitos del quehacer humano, y prueba de ello lo describes a la perfección en tu post, donde haces referencia a una institución española y a tu propia experiencia personal como profesor universitario, en su uso. Saludos!

Amigo @manuelgil64 debemos avanzan a pesar de las adversidades que este gobierno nos coloca, y que mejor manera que la cadena de bloques. esto fue como anillo al dedo.

Gracias por visitar mi publicación

Would it be practical for you to provide course material on Steem? Perhaps you have additional material created by yourself that would benefit both your students and the Steem community if published here? Perhaps you could experiment with a mini curriculum on Steem where correct answers would be rewarded with STEEM, or say, LEO coins if the topic at hand were about investment? How about that driving adoption of STEEM?

Hi @markkujantunen

Excellent recommendation, I am sure that I will keep you in mind ... however, I am a steemit multiplier within the university and I always give my best effort to join many students, but the population of 80% students does not have access to the internet and the other 20% if they have it but since their parents have a lot of money they do not pay the minimum attention to the platform

To be honest I do not see any difference if I surf the www or the blockchain. The there.

I also do not understand why, if a computer is stolen, a school has no access to its information.

As I understood it is not said on the blockchain info will remain forever. If so I hope it is good one.
If you surf www you will find a lot of nonsense and with the blockchain it's the same (or steemit).

Good to hear from you 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi dear @wakeupkitty

If in part you are right but there is a difference what is saved in the blockchain is there forever since that block is stored on many computers and nodes worldwide and if a server is damaged there will always be another one where the imformation can be replicated.

Now, with respect to a WWW page, that information is stored in a single device that sells to the company X a hosting service for your page. if a company has a hosting service and stops paying its page can no longer be seen, or it can happen as it happens in Venezuela with the lodging services that are here when the power cuts applied by the criminals who govern to punish the population when that happens the website cannot be seen since the service is down.

I really liked your opinion, I laughed a lot at the way you say it ..

I send you a big hug that crosses the oceans-

They told me even what is on the blockchain can be deleted... let's hope we still have computers and power to find the info we are looking for.

We count on all the high tech solutions for everything, it all needs power, without we can do nothing.

Noticed the ATMs here are all broke/out of order or empty...very strange.

Good I made you laugh, must be the "translation factor".

Hug received, thanks 💕 to all!

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Wow, that's a new use for the blockchain, and like you said uploading notes on the chain for the students is a novel idea.

The other thing that I can suggest is that you can upload the notes on Steemit and ask your students to access them through their mobiles using @partiko app. Easy to download on mobile and 100% access to Steemit. That way you can by pass your government's actions of stealing the university computers. Well, what I don't know is the availability of phones for your students. If they have you can try this out.

Posted using Partiko Android

It is hard to innovative education when the one that should improve it, tends towards destroying it in the first place.

I too was contemplating how to use steem in the Educational system other than posting content.

Though there are some blockchain already experimenting on that, like Odem, check the link

I guess what we can do for now is try and keep on trying, and focus mainly on educating as many audience that we could have.

Its short but thats it for now.

Good day.

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Dear @guruvaj

Friend, I'm very grateful for the video and let me know the page and I'm reading how it works, then I'll subscribe

This is the nice use of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has so many applications and so many possibilities that one can use it in every sphere of of life. Only the imagination power of us is the limitation for its uses.
One can also post entire syllabus of history, politics etc on blockchain so that no government may alter its results or censor the knowledge.

This is great thanks for letting me know. I would love to see the government benefits scheme on the blockchain I think it would be really useful!

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Estupendo proyecto, no nos queda de otra que actualizarse la universidad ante la necesidad y fallas que se estan presentando @lanzjoseg

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@lanzjoseg, One thing is very observative point here and that is, University is one place where future creators come out into the real world to create, and if students get to know about the Blockchain Technology then it's really boosting aspect.

The student wouldn't live forever, so storing it at a good server is almost the same as the blockchain

Dear @fredkese

Friend, you are absolutely right and what he says is a good point, however, as I mentioned, communist criminals rule in this country. that they are doing everything possible to destroy the universities they do not do it directly but they send to their minions on that site the building where the rectorship works is where the internet connection services and the servers are said that we are all blocked to access the University systems.


That's sad. I've not heard of such a thing happening here, so that's where I made my point from

I agree that student qualifications should be on a blockchain, there is too much fraud regarding fake qualifications etc and what if the university loses data or gets hijacked like in the example above. That would be good, we do have to becareful of leaking identity numbers, how do you associate an identity with a qualification without revealing this identity publicly on chain. A suitable identity solution needs to be developed first for this to work.

Dear @thecryptodrive

Wow Thank you for your comment, I knew that a wise words from the external point of view make me rethink the way of publishing the notes, and I just came up with one is for the position of the class list, and the other for the first surname and First name, I will put it into practice for the next semester. and in this way I avoid placing the identification number ..

And as your sentence was marked ..

I send you a big hug that crosses the oceans.

Thanks @lanzjoseg hope my insight helped. Big fraternal hug to you also.

That's really encouraging to hear that blockchain can help in all these different ways. Decentralisation is coming

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Although using a blockchain to enter data and information of a school might be exposed or compromised, it is more valuable and rewarding cause those data can be retrieved at anytime and by any one provided they have access to it.

Posted using Partiko Android

For the Steemit side, it is a good chance to make Steemit widely known. This could trigger someone else to use Steemit in academic way at another university.

Posted using Partiko Android

It's great to see that you are taking the initiative to adopt this new technology. That's the best way to increase its adoption, and the way to ensure that the technology develops further and is used for a wider range of applications.


Hi @majes.tytyty

If in fact I have to take advantage of all the opportunities that Steemit gives and if it works for the students, it also works for me. From I have seen that one that another student also adopts steemit and I tend to be his tutor until he manages to continue alone