Education Debate Challenge #1. Is a Degree Relevent in this Changing World?

It's been a long time since we did a challenge, so I think it's time to try again. I want to give this a broader range this time and invite everyone in the Hive community to give it a go.

A question that has come up from a few different people about education is whether a degree is relevant these days. I think the answers and thinking with this question will be varied, depending on your culture and situation.


Some ideas/topics that by no means have to be adhered to:

• Do you have a degree in an area that you never ended up going into?
• Do you think an apprenticeship is more useful to teach you workplace skills?
• Or is a degree now the least you need to even get a job at the lowest levels?

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We also have $7 HBD (That's HBD not Hive, so higher value at this point) for our favourite entry or split between entries if we like more than one.

Entries close on Thursday 23rd July.

- @minismallholding

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This is REALLY interesting to us, and relevant right now - my Year 11 student is asking questions about this stuff in a world where travel and university are no longer givens. And in light of Australian universities begin to collapse - huge redundancy rounds happening, overseas students who bore a huge burden of the cost disappearing and the balance needing to be borne by students who are already heavily indebted for a questionably relevant education.

Reblogged. Will share it via twitter a bit later - just on the move. And yes, planning to engage around this hugely important topic.

Looking forward to it. Just trying to decide what my own approach will be.

I'm not a contest guy but I sure have something to say about this, having been schooled ( more or less voluntarily ) from age 4 to 25 and having been a teacher for many years afterwards.

I'll see what I can come up with as I feel this is a highly important topic to talk about, more than ever now.

Really love to hear your thoughts and side of this. Really, I'd hope people join in because they want to join in the discussion and I think it should be talked about, but sometimes extra encouragenent helps for some. 😊

Oops. I forgot about it.
Life happened...

I hope there were some nice and inspiring entries :<)

Have a great week! ✨

You weren't the only one! 😆

They was a great variety of entries, I was really pleased with the response.

They was a great variety of entries, I was really pleased with the response.

Nice to hear that.

Have a great day! ✨

This is an interesting and relevant challenge. I have spent some time assisting my children during this lockdown. It was more than normal but I am happy that I am not a homeschooler. I hope things will go back to some semblance of normality as this method does not work for all children - it did not work for my son who went to school to go his online lessons.

All this to say - that I hope this will not be permanent because it will have an impact on long term learning and hence higher education which I believe is a necessity but only for some professions.

I am curious about the responses that this challenge will receive.

You don't have to be a homeschooler to join in the discussion, as education is important to us all. Homeschooling is just another choice and, like you say, not for everyone. Thank you for adding your thoughts.

I'm so sorry - I bloody well went and subscribed to Homeedders, then went to post and forgot to post to community. I'm tired - been on the fencing of the chook run all day - so wygiwyg.


Wow! I‘m completely in, and it is so relevant to talk about this topic when you have so many works that are becoming relevant and you don‘t need a degree to make it real, count me in!

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on it!

Looking forward to seeing different views on this.

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As an educator myself I would be remiss not to join in!!

My take on it is.. it depends. I wrote it on my blog

Thank you.