Huge ENGRAVE update: multiple blogs per user, multiple users per blog and more!

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After many months of hard work, we can proudly present the new ENGRAVE. It's faster, better and stronger than ever. Significant changes will allow bloggers to cooperate and get maximum benefits from the Steem blockchain. Our goal was to create a better and simpler place to blog on Steem in a unique way.

And after many improvements, it's also much, much easier for us to develop new features, so you can expect more of them in the upcoming weeks. This is me, working on Engrave.


Read our first post post: ENGRAVE - first complete blogging platform built on top of Steem network

Engrave is a native blogging platform with a completely different approach. You can create a blockchain-powered website in just a few seconds with your own desired domain. You can choose your website's design from modern and nice-looking templates with integrated Steemconnect. Your readers can vote and comment on your articles directly from your blog to make it worth more. Engrave helps hobbyists to create their own blogs on Steem, build an audience and monetize almost every legal content easily. Encouraging readers was never easier because of great and dynamically growing Steem userbase. With our help, you can build own blog and reach valuable readers to earn on your content without having skills other than writing!

New features

We've introduced significant changes to our infrastructure, codebase, and working flow.

Brand new dashboard

Engrave Dashboard

The new Engrave dashboard is rewritten from scratch. It is a feature-full frontend application created in React technology. It fully utilizes new Engrave API which is also created from scratch and allows everyone to do great things.

New Dashboard works much better on both PC and mobiles. It has a clear design and it's easy to use. Try it and you will love it!

Multiple blogs per user

As a blogger, I love to write about different things. Something about #technology, something about #photography and sometimes, something about my beloved pet #dog.

In some situations, you would love to differentiate your content between multiple blogs. And now, it's possible with Engrave! You can create i.e. to write about technology and to write about... well... you've got the point.

All your posts will be added to your Steem account but you will have two, totally different blogs on different domains and maybe different themes. Feel free to share your technology blog with coworkers and animal blog with your friends on Facebook.

You can create and remove your blogs at any moment. And now, you can change your blog address after it is created.

Multiple users per blog

It's hard to create a popular blog or news website on your own. You need to regularly post new articles and sometimes you just don't have time or inspiration. With Engrave, you can cooperate with your friend to create a blog. Just add your friend's account to your collaborators and he will be able to post his articles under your domain.

He will not be able to post his articles using your account. His articles will be added to his Steem account. But it will be displayed on your Engrave blog.

We believe that cooperation will be a crucial part of Steem economy in the near future. It's becoming harder and harder to earn tokens on your own. Such cooperation will allow a group of people to gather common readers and regular voters.

In the next big release, we plan to add functionality to cooperate on the same account. It will be the easiest and safest way to share account without sending keys to anyone. And you will be able to moderate someone work before publishing it! Stay tuned.

New categorizing system

Tags integrated into the blockchain are a pretty good way to mark your posts' topics. But on a real blog, you need to have categories. And now, you can categorize your posts with multiple categories and you can change them any time.

Managing articles' categories is stupid-simple. Just select an appropriate category from dropdown, save your post and that's it. Previously, you could select only one category and you couldn't change it later. All of these limitations are gone.

Managing your blog's categories is also super simple. Type your desired category name and press Enter. Nothing more. Engrave will take care of everything else.

Importing old posts from blockchain

Engrave is a real blogging platform. We focus on blogs, not accounts and it is great to start a new blogging adventure. But we understand that sometimes it would be great to have your previously published articles on your new Engrave blog. From now on, every user can import his posts to Engrave. Feel free to log in and do that.

It's also possible to quickly hide or reveal any post on your blog with just a single click.

Login, import, categorize, hide and reveal. You're now a real blogger.

Easier custom domain configuration

Engrave is a unique project which allows you to create blogs and configure custom domains to use it. And it is much easier now. Just add two DNS records, type your domain name and save your blog settings. It is that simple.

Moreover, you can add or remove your custom domain at any time. Your blog will be always available on our subdomain (unless you choose redirection to the custom domain). If something will be wrong with your custom domain, disable the redirection and have our blog still working perfectly fine until you solve the problems.

Way lower commission

From the very beginning, we've set a high commission (15%). These days, Engrave was just a proof of concept. We loved to see rising userbase but we had much more work to do than we could handle. This commission was a handbrake, which allowed us to handle everything correctly. But we are ready now to lower it to only 5%. It will allow us just to maintain our infrastructure, pay for domains and necessary certificates. But wait!

Early adopters!

Almost six hundred people have tried Engrave until now. We love you guys! We really appreciate being with us from the very beginning! We would like to show you our gratitude.

If you see this badge in your dashboard, it means that you've got an Early Adopter status and you're using ENGRAVE for free! Forever. Check your dashboard! We won't add any beneficiaries to your posts.

Thank you, Early Adopters. We wouldn't be there without you.

New working flow

We've spent a lot of time not only on our architecture but also on our working flow. Moving to microservices, docker containers and Gitlab CI/CD changed the way we develop and deploy new features. Deployments are automatic and bullet-proof (with health checks and automatic rollbacks in case of any problems). I know it may not be interesting from the blogger's perspective and you may not even notice anything from these things, but we did a great job on that field.

I'm going to write more technical articles about our engineering. It may help other developers to push their project to production in a safe and bullet-proof way.

Help us making Steem a better place. Click to vote:

See you on SteemFest!

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Hello @engrave - I really like the interface as it stands. This is great!
Out team includes members who are of many cultures and languages. Some team members may have difficulties navigating the dblog site though posting is straight forward and most will get it.

My biggest concern : From what I see, all team members would be able to change the site name, edit the style and even "Delete this blog which should only be enabled for the blog owner.

Maybe you could limit these powers somewhat. Maybe defining Owner, admin, and contributor on the team setting or just gray out the settings tab for all but the Owner.

Hope you are feeling well. Is your witness @wise-team or @engrave?

Wow, @engrave wonderful news, you have done an excellent work. This is really great. Totally amazing, thanks thanks a lot. =)

Thanks so much and glad to see Im now an early adopter and cant wait to check everything out on my desktop tomorrow.

That gif is excellent!

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You guys did crazy works.
I hope you get more people and be popular blog platform.

I believe you guys do it.

Also, Importing old posts from blockchain is awesome feature. Many steem users can enter your platform.


Wow it's just amazing and the kind of thing I was waiting for since a long. These will surely help bloggers to realize the power of steem blockchain. I always wanted to have my website but no coding skills. I am a graphic designer and motion artist. Blogging will help me a lot to showcase my artworks.

And this is why I created Engrave - to help people without technical skills to easily create and configure blogs with custom domains and appearance.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Thank you :)

Wowowowow honestly haven't upload there for a really long time. But it is looking amazing from this post.

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Feel free to check out the new version and give us some feedback! :)

omg, long time no news and then bam, impressive!!!

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Well, we were a bit too optimistic about our schedule but fortunately, we've delivered next release :)

These updates look amazing, I might have to come back to using it now.

This looks fantastic! I haven't heard of this platform before but I am definitely going to look into using it. You guys obviously put a lot of hard work into this! ♥️

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Thank you!

Curated by the HoboDAO!

Thank you :)

That's.... amazing!

You guys have no idea for how long i wanted something like this to exist here on Steem.

You guys just gave me the hope that i was looking for.

I would like to know a few more things about it, like, how much can we costumize it, will we be able to put ads on our blog pages, and a lot of ofther stuff...

How do i contact the team? Discord? email?

Right now we have three themes available but we are working hard to make more. You can contact us using Discord. Just ping @nicniezgrublem

Thanks, i Just found out the Discord.

Again, thank you for the project. I was wondering if i should sell out my Steem and move on to somewhere else, but this project made me want to stay.

One thing i hope you guys implement is the possibility to add ads to our blogs.

One of the main reasons i always thought Steem could fail is the 7 days payout window. I don't think that people that create content for a living would be attracted to this kind of payout (why not create anywhere else and reap the rewards as long as the content is on?

Anyway, i will start to explore and start writting articles that i used to, just because of you guys.

Thank you again for getting my hopes up again.

PS: You got my witness vote too.

Looks good, but um like Tribes ? How does that work?

To know more about ENGRAVE, read our fist post: ENGRAVE - first complete blogging platform built on top of Steem network. And you will get the preview of how this platform is working.

Any Refferel program?😇

Working on it. It's quite hard to design a good referral program for such a platform without direct incentives which we want to avoid. We're open to any ideas.

The project looks very promising.
I would like get back to blogging on the the Steem blockchain but prefer to create own blog under own domain, exactly what Engrave offers and i'm ready to try it out.

However two things that i am missing and that would make it perfect for our blog are:

  1. Have the option to choose an Engrave instance hosted in Europe. I don't mind sharing a higher commission for that.
  2. A template or option to disable the whole money/token/$ aspect from the blog, which only disincentives many of our visitors and content creators. Number of votes, likes or views is more then enough on our blog.

PS. Engrave blogs have 2018 is the copyright footer.

Ad.1) Is this because of the latency? Actually, we have our servers located in the USA but it might change if we scale the project worldwide.
Ad.2) This is the thing we consider for a long time. Direct money incentive is great if it's high enough, but if it's low, it does exactly the opposite. Showing net votes or STU might be much better because it is coin-price independent.

We may start with an appropriate theme, this is a good idea.

Engrave blogs have 2018 is the copyright footer.

Thanks, fixed :)

Thank you for the answers.

  1. Mainly, yes. Members of our project are in Sweden and visitors to our blog, no reason to route the traffic via US. As bonus this would reduce the tracking a tiny bit. I guess most users of Steem are in US, but hosting an instance in EU could be another good "seeling" point of Engrave for users in EU.

  2. Is it possible to edit the existing Engrave themes as a user or create own?

Yes, the verry nice a fantasi, and rekomendate your work.

Good to hear that!

Yes, friends

This is my first time hearing about Engrave and I am thrilled that something like this exists. I really appreciate you rewarding early adopters in such a way!

I hope you will hear more about ENGRAVE soon :)

Engrave is getting better and better. See you at SF4!

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See you :)

Good job Engrave!
I'm still working up some reason to use you I want to so bad lol

Does positing from steem also post on engrave?

Wow. Impressive!

We are doing our best!

Interesante posibilidad, habrá que echarle un ojo.

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Gracias ;)

Also, steem keychain login would be appreciated.

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We want to enable post scheduler soon so Steemconnect is required but we might use Keychain for wallet transfers etc

Yea! Finally!
I've waited way too long!^^

Sorry for being quiet for a long time. Hope you will still want to use our platform :)

Same here, but the website isn't reachable. It shows me a weird error?!🤔 I am thinking of uploading my blog posts again so that people can discover them through Google.

We do experience a temporary issue with our physical host. Will be back soon :)

Okay, thank you 😬

And we are back online :)

Can you guys provide domains? I’d love to have my own unique page that still earns me Steem.

Your project looks really promising. I’ll check it out. :)

Posted using Partiko iOS

The ability to buy a domain with STEEM or SBD will be back soon :)

That’s awesome. Will follow for the update :)

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Very nice & interesting...

You guys rock!

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Yea, that should be the future of Blogging. I have multiple domains and want to try this. I want to connect my domain with Engrave. I have already content on it but I cannot find the way to import my blog onto Engrave. There is only one option i.e. create a blog. please help

You can only import your blockchain posts into Engrave and importing is the third step of creating blog wizard.

The most important question for me is:
Can none steemians leave comments on my blog post. That will be the major incentive to use your service

Posted using Partiko Android

Not yet, should be implemented in the next milestone

Wow nice development just resteemed it so I can take out time to go through it again as alot of post tends to get mixed up on the steem blockchain ☺

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Great post

Posted using Partiko Android

can you help me out to delete my previous importing log so i could re-do it?
I made a mistake while i was trying out by deleting the blog entirely and it seems i cannot re-import what's been already imported previously.

Plus, can you remove 5 tag limit? or increase to 15 or something?
Also, can we make it possible to edit the category of the written posts without entering post editing page?

Thanks for the post.

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