#POSH Bot - How does it work?

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Hello there, @fbslo here with quick update on development of #posh bot. If you are not familiar with #posh bot, please read post by @acidyo HERE.

Edit: If you are not interested in how the bot works, you can read only "How can you start with the bot", normal users don't have to understand how the bot works behind the scene.

If your registration was not processed, don't worry, It will be processed manually. Twitter is rate-limiting the app and public Hive nodes are not reliable, so bot might miss your registration.

Update 2: There was a big design flaw with registrations (registration processing was not scalable), so I am working on fixing it. ALL registrations will be processed.

In this post, I will try to explain how bot works (for more questions, check out source code or ask in comments or on discord: fbslo#8470).

Source code: https://github.com/fbslo/posh-bot

What is #Posh Bot

#Posh bot will reward users who share Hive posts on Twitter with tokens.

How can you start with the bot?

Registartions are (temporarily) closed.

If you missed it, follow @poshtoken, @acidyo (and maybe @fbslo) so you don't miss the official announcement of the #posh bot when you will be able to register again.

All registrations (comments and transfers) will be processed asap.

You must register your account to be able to receive tokens, otherwise, they will be given to @null. Based on the feedback that old method was too complicated, @arcange proposed different registration method.

To register your account, send 0.001 HIVE/HBD to @poshtoken. Bot will send you money back with an encrypted memo. A memo will look like this: #Please create tweet with this content: "#poshbotregistration 811592"

To finish the registration, create a new tweet with content from memo, in this example #poshbotregistration 811592.

If you already used the old method, even if bot didn't reply to your comment, DON'T WORRY, all registrations will be processed, but it might take some time (a day or two) to do it manually. Thank you for understanding.

Old method will still work if you prefer it:

Old method, create tweet in this format: register-hive-account-hiveUsername (e.g. This tweet: https://twitter.com/GPujs/status/1283045955625979905) and then comment under REGISTER POST with comment: register link-to-tweet, (e.g. register https://twitter.com/GPujs/status/1283045955625979905)

You can see examples under registration post: https://hive.blog/posh/@poshtoken/register-your-twitter-account

How does it work:

  1. The bot uses Twitter streaming API (since search API does not return all results). It "listens" in real-time for all posts with hashtag #posh and store them to MySQL database. code

  2. Before tweet is stored to the database, bot will check if it includes any link. If it doesn't, the tweet will be ignored. All links on twitter are shortened (t.co), so bot must follow the URL and check if it's one of the Hive frontends (currently hive.blog, peakd and 3speak.online). If there is at least one Hive link, the tweet is stored. code

  3. After 1 day (bot checks every 30 minutes for posts older than 1 day), bot will use Twitter API again and check number of likes and retweets (sadly, number of replies is not returned from API). Bot than calculates a score (let score = retweets * 5 + likes) from Twitter engagement. code
    If the author of the tweet posted his/her own Hive article, bot will also check the number of comments on Hive post, then check if comment author transacted with ENGAGE token in last 100 transactions and add the number of commenters * 5 to the score and store it to the database as well as the time of score calculation. code

  4. After another day, bot will get all the tweets where the time of score calculation was over one day ago from the database, calculate the sum of all scores, divide the result by X tokens (currently 1000 tokens) and distribute tokens to each tweet. code

  5. The daily post with statistics will be posted on this account. code

Note that "tokens" are just digital points, not on any blockchain yet.

There might be some bugs in first few days. Thank you for understanding and your patience.


When will registration be open again?

Less than a week or two. Probably before, I am just moving bot to new server and fixing some issues with code.

Awesome, thanks for the reply!

Čestitke @fbslo
Lepo je videti aktivnost in doprinos skupnosti s strani Slovenije :)

i found it a little bit complicated

After registration you won't need to do much more than just tweet with links and share them in a comment under your post as many already do. Will write a post with some more info soon.

That's about all we need to know right now. :) tweet on.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

okay . .thanks to reply . .

hi, doesn't register me

Is it because I'm new to hive?

The bot is still unstable and it's crashing, so some registrations are missed. They will all be processed (either manuallly or automatic) before official launch, but it might take few days.

Thank you

I will check it out tomorrow! Great news 🎊👍

no hurries, bot is still in a testing phase, there will be probably announcement by @acidyo with more details about the future of #posh.

Hi! I sent 0.001 Hive to test the process as I was writing a blog about it. Now I see that registrations are closed so no idea about next steps ...

All registrations will be processed, don't worry. I just found quite some bugs in the code and I'm working on more stable version of the bot.

Thank you! Should I wait for a message in my wallet with the instructions?

I think you already received it yesterday. But you can wait for the official launch and register then.

There you go... using the https://hivesearcher.com this was very quick to search =)

FYI @good-karma

Trying to follow the registration... not sure if it was that much-complicated thought... I have discovered it because people were actually doing it.

But I like this method more.

Pumping my comment =) because I have been inquired about this...

Mh sent hive to the account, but it hasn't sent anything back :)

Bot is still unstable and it's crashing sometimes. It should be fixed soon. I'm currently "replaying" all blocks since last crash, so regsitrations will be processed, but it might take a little longer.

Hi, registration is available now? Thanks!

Let me know when registrations are open again, please - would love to participate in this!

I hope I registered correctly!

I missed this and I love it. I've now done the tweet, left a comment and sent a transfer, no idea which method was necessary or superseded so it was a bit confusing coming in a few days late to find this!

But I like the initiative a lot.

Given how much I #POSH, this sounds like a great concept, and it'll encourage people to share more good word on the Hive! Still, perhaps the registration process seems a bit cumbersome, so I'm hoping that it'll soon improve to be much simpler.

For example, just simply being able to link up your Twitter and Hive accounts together. Though I guess the latter steps once you've set it up are easy enough. Still, I'm keen to see what's next for this bot, so keep at it! 🤖

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Okay let me register and try to never forget to #posh when sharing links on twitter ehehe

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So it is basically just using posh tag like we've been doing since?

I had no info about it i'm using posh tag but without sense

Good to know, just registered mine! :D

Great info, not every one have this knowledge. Let's share!

I was wrong this isn't MLM formula.
This is "dance monkey!"
Poor souls need to jump through rings of fire.

The marketing dream team.

Dream as in ..
They wake and it's not even real tokens.

This is freaking awesome I’d love to steal this bot code and reward people for sharing on tribes or communities or even your own site

Feel free to use the code :)

It's still difficult for me. But I think I'll figure it out soon. Thanks you.

You don't have to understand how bot works, just share Hive posts on Twitter with hashtag #posh and you will get rewards.

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sounds too complicated

Most people don't actually have to know how bot code works. But for those who are interested, it's easyer to understand logic behind than reading source code.

I wasn't talking about the source code or implementation. I use Hive, I use Twitter. When I use Twitter I mainly talk about Hive. So, your code should figure out the rest. I shouldn't be asked to figure out steps, registration, etc.

Of course if I am really interested in rewards as a result of this, I would put in time. As is, I have no clue how it works and probably won't take any extra steps to participate.

That is what I meant with too complicated.

Let the code do the work, not the users.

I shouldn't be asked to figure out steps, registration

The code cannot know who owns Hive and twitter accounts. There is fbslo on Twitter, but It's not my account and if we want to reward users based on engagement on both platforms, bot must know who owns which account.

Users don't have to figure out steps, this post was only informational (I wasn't expecting it would end up on trending otherwise I would make this more clear). I was asked by @acidyo to make post describing how bot works.

The concept of #posh project is described in @acidyo's posts: https://hive.blog/posh/@acidyo/an-idea-for-a-posh-token and https://hive.blog/hive-139531/@acidyo/looking-for-a-developer-for-posh

I fully agree with you @geekgirl.
I had some talks with @fbslo and proposed a simpler approach to the registration process.

Please help me register my Twitter account: @jakim7

Send a tweet with these words, put at the end your Hive user

copy and paste the link on this page:


type "register" followed by the link

Thanks a lot best regards✌️

I think I have done it correctly! Thanks!

What is the point of giving away shit tokens that have absolutely 0 use or value?

This isn't 2015 where you can just create some worthless token and people are going to jump on it just because it's new.

"Tokens" are just a way to gamify sharing Hive contend on Twitter and to encourage Hive users to share their content. Currently, they are not actual crypto tokens, just numbers in a centralized database, but someday they might be moved to hive-engine or SMTs.

Maybe @acidyo can explain the project better.

Lol .. someday ..
That's the 8th day of the week.

But what are they USED for? Accruing worthless points/tokens/whatever is literally useless.

So again, what's the point? What can you do with them other than hold and maybe trade them?

Hey, the usecase for it is not completely clear as of yet, having a distribution phase with the coins not instantly having value seemed like a good idea to avoid gaming/abuse for starters but we'll still check that it isn't being abused through the daily distribution stats. The main idea for the posh token is for those who share their work onto Twitter and in the future other platforms to bring in traffic to our front-ends and possibly new users. Authors are already sharing their links a lot more than before #posh and that was with just some possible curation as incentive, now with the posh token they'll be able to also earn them by sharing the work of others onto Twitter and giving Twitter accounts that have a lot of followers even more incentive to share posts from Hive and not just the authors sharing their own posts.

Some possible usecases for future reference: using posh tokens for getting curators to check out their post and in turn burning those from circulation. Before we start giving them any value and a market we'll bring it up with the community if they have other ideas what could be done with them but the main point will remain to get as much traffic onto Hive from many centralized platforms as possible.

Spin it however you like clown.
You're demanding marketing and not even giving people real rewards.
You're a joke.

Even MLMtheycallhimdan who IS giving real rewards isn't attracting much more than poor people with the initiate anyway.

No innovation.. just repetition of desperate "this will bring the masses" campaigns that all flop.

Your shit is getting old, obvious sockpuppet.