Why you should put at least 10,000 dollars into EOS

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If you are not privy to the innovations presented by the EOS platform, let me give you a brief introduction. Speaking strictly to investors however, EOS will be a money machine, and you can take that to the bank.

Let me explain

EOS is the third coin that was developed by Mr. Dan Larimer. He is responsible not only for the development of the Steem blockchain, but also Bitshares which can be described simply as a blockchain exchange. EOS, like Ethereum will be a platform for which other coins can come into fruition, but what separates it most notably from ethereum are two things in particular. And both make it the ETHEREUM KILLER.

  1. Without question the most important aspect of EOS is the fact that like Steem, Bitshares and Peerplays, it utilizes a technology known as graphene. Graphene is thirty magnitudes of ten, faster than Ethereum. If you recall weeks ago when Ethereum went into the dumps, as a result of the three days of backlogs for transactions, Graphene would have been able to handle the three days of backlogged transactions in under a second. This throughput allows for real world scaling like we have not yet seen in terms of applicability. This leads strongly into the second part that makes EOS the ETHEREUM KILLER.

  2. EOS can be written in any programing language. This is unlike Ethereum which requires its own (and untested) language. EOS allows anyone to be able to innovate on the blockchain in a reasonable way, where they can use the resources they have already developed within themselves, as a means of achieving a world changing coin. EOS is like the one coin to rule them all.

Sitting at a price below $2, without a question EOS is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies that we can currently buy. You can bet your bottoms end that EOS will be $1,000 within four years.

Thanks for reading, and Steem on!


Good info

Thanks my actual bro, glad I could convince you on this train.

I am also happy with this @extrospect

This video from @sgtreport (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1738&v=SydSQx-dYvM) has been posted a few times on Steemit.
To all the doubters, Justin the co-funder of Bitshares said this:
“The people who say that there is no product yet, Dan has built 2 of them if they think he’s not gonna build the 3rd one, they’re crazy. This is the one he always wanted. The other 2 were just helping him get there.”

I have not seen this video yet I will watch it now! all the doubters in EOS just don't understand how important it is. And btw, as if Dan is not a fucking genius who didnt learn more than a thing or two from his other two successful coins.

You really need to, it just sums up why you should not (entirely) listen to people saying EOS is a scam because they raise Ether token that have no "legal claim" over an asset, project...
Basically, you need to believe in Dan Larimer to invest in EOS.
In Dan I trust (IDIT) :D

Great post! EOS doesn't seem to have gained much in the very recent price jumps though. IOTA is the one to watch out for...

I'm very keen on EOS, even more so now!

Can't spare 10k but have invested a good % of my crypto funds here, lets hope for the big time in the coming months!

That is awesome to hear I had even remotely an impact on your decision. As I mentioned to a earlier commenter, be sure to invest over time within 7 months before its release. theoretically it could drop as more are released daily and all the while, no use exists for 7 months.

Cheers :)

Yeah i was planning a gradual approach, looking for maybe an investment each month when it has a 'bad day'. So 6/7 months of that and should be set!

That sounds really great.

What if dan disapear or die ? Or if he stop all like with steemit?

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To the best of my knowledge, these coins exists on there own, without Dan doing a thing. Really good question.

I wrote an article about death and bitcoins actually, its a real thing. but for the producer of these coins, I believe they work without him living.

EOS is certainly interesting! I joined the ICO for a small amount and bought some extra later on. The downside of EOS is that there is no product yet, but even if they can't make their promise come true there could be some profit to made in the short term on speculation when ETH goes through a harder era while maturing. I wrote on this subject a while ago:


well the product already exists, it just is not usable yet, it is just tradable. Check out the post just below your post, Im watching this video now.

It's tradable because it's an ERC20 token ( ethereum ). There is no working product yet.

To be fair however, Dan produced the Steem blockchain in 2 and a half weeks flat (I know this from insider info). To think he hasnt made EOS yet seems unlikey, I believe it is more likely that he learned from his Steem and Bitshares launch, how to garner big capital before launching the product.

I think dan and his team are more than capable of finishing the project. Just quoting what is in there white paper


Keen, thanks.

Also, thanks a ton for the comment!

G'day. This is a great post but more importantly, the comments and interaction by everybody is fantastic. Everybody has an opinion and nobody is too judgemental.
How scary is that???

Anyway, I've got 100 EOS and I'm going to add when I can afford it.
You can never hav e enough!

Having a decentralized economy and government is great solution to slavery, mind control and corruption. Centralization has really failed the world due to the lust for greed and power. EOS is a great platform I look forward to invest for the long term. The more decentralized applications appear the more freedom is brought back to humans. STEEM, Lbry, stratis, EOS, Bitshares are just a tip of the iceberg of what we should expect in the future. Cheers for making the great posts.

Thanks so much for the eloquent comment, and I could not agree more. Cheers.

I disagree that EOS is an Ethereum killer and that it will reach a 1 trillion market cap in 4 years. But it will successfully co-exist along side ETH.

Just my own speculation.

I think that it will be the killer because it will be evident as it already has become, that it cannot support the throughput that is expected of it. Like when it collapsed because of ICO transactions as it could not support the amount of transactions. I do agree it will coexist alongside, but EOS imo will take a great deal of the ethereum market cap.

Just my speculation :P, thanks so much for the comment!

No problem , maybe you haven't seen this http://plasma.io/.

i would be very carful because the EOS tokens are not what will be used in the EOS blockchain the current tokens are ether based.

Yeah, I too am curious about this. At Least the tokens had been redeemed if purchased through an exchange however. If bought through an ICO to the best of my knowledge, the purchased tokens must then be redeemed afterword.

Still though, I suspect that the process would be painless, as was the case of redemption of Bitcoin cash for example. This is my sneaking suspicion anyways.

I love the idea of EOS and I do want it to succeed and maybe I'm being too cautious. but this time I am using my head over my heart. It things like this (below) in their white paper that don't fill me with confidence. I might jump in after the ico has ended, maybe I would of missed the boat by then but for now I'm investing big in the iconomi toxen ICN and their index fund ICNX.

"DISCLAIMER: This EOS.IO Technical White Paper is for information purposes only. block.one does not guarantee the accuracy of or the conclusions reached in this white paper, and this white paper is provided “as is”. block.one does not make and expressly disclaims all representations and warranties, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, whatsoever, including, but not limited to: (i) warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, suitability, usage, title or noninfringement; (ii) that the contents of this white paper are free from error; and (iii) that such contents will not infringe third-party rights. block.one and its affiliates shall have no liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use, reference to, or reliance on this white paper or any of the content contained herein, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event will block.one or its affiliates be liable to any person or entity for any damages, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses of any kind, whether direct or indirect, consequential, compensatory, incidental, actual, exemplary, punitive or special for the use of, reference to, or reliance on this white paper or any of the content contained herein, including, without limitation, any loss of business, revenues, profits, data, use, goodwill or other intangible losses."


Thanks a ton for this. I will be sure to look further into the specificity of this in particular.


no problem. The team are also sitting on a massive amount of Ethereum it's totally possible they could be buying back their EOS tokens to prop up the price. Also when they launch they could dump all the ether on the market and crash the Ethereum price. Just speculation but totally possible.

TBH, the true nature of those in the crypto space is speculation of gaming the system and security, so do not fight your instinct!

True and I love the excitement and how the industry is now moving so fast. Last year I dabbled in the stockmarket but i was frustrated with high fees and stagnant prices. The crypto currency market is exactly what I was looking for it gives me hope that I can make large sums of money so I can escape the rat race where we are all living as modern day slaves controlled by money and harvested for our time haha

With regards to the discrepancy between the ethereum token and the live EOS token, this is non-virgin territory for several coins. This is an effective and easy means of redemption and had been successfully implemented among coins including Peer-plays and Storj. This should ease any worries in this regard.


I agree that this seems to be a long term no brainer but most people seem more concerned with day trading, or at least very short term trading and as EOS is not due to deliver for approx. a year, I don't see its price rocketing just yet (unless its by the general crypto tide).

I did have a few concerns about EOS, namely the token not being the coin that will be used and that Dan appears to be a single point of failure, but I have come to terms with these and I'm looking to invest in the future, when I can find a suitable entry point.

thanks for the comment. I know what you mean about the one man show, but, these coins really are designed smartly in a way in which it can exist without him (persay). Time will tell, but I suspect the problems of Ethereum will be sweet pickens for EOS.

Tezos could also become a major competitor

I have heard good things about the future of tezos. Iota, eos and tezos are what I plan to get into when I figure out how it is done.

I plan to invest on EOS, every month, I have bought 10 EOS just this Monday. It is undervalued at the moment and I know the price will shoot up.

Looks to be a smart decision thus far :)

Yeah @extrospect
Very smart decision

yes, this is very smart

I totally agree! thanks so much for the post!

you are exactly right to buy every month! very smart! thanks

Thanks for the hint!

any time! lemme know if you have any questions.

I am very interested in EOS and truly believe it's going to be amazing. Dan is a brilliant person, so I expect nothing less. You speculated EOS going to $1k a coin? My understanding is there will be 1,000,000,000 (1billion) coins released. That would be an astronomical market cap that would even put bitcoin to shame of 10,000,000,000,000 at $10 trillion? Please correct me if my understanding is not accurate in the correct coin count release, etc. Thanks.

And what if the Crypto markets emerge to be a 50 trillion dollar market? I think you would see that.

Remember this would be concurrent with peoples predictions of bitcoin appreciating beyond 15, 25, 50, 100k.

This article shows 50 trillion in dollars sitting in cash. That means that could be 50 trillion sitting in cryptocurrency. http://www.businessinsider.com/50-trillion-of-cash-on-the-sidelines-good-news-for-stocks-and-gold-2016-11

Thanks a ton for the comments!

Very possible. We will get there some day I'm sure. It's just a matter of when.

i agree the smart peoples buy eos and hold...
the others listen to the right now market cap , that is stupid.

Well said.

1 billion coins speculated at $1k a coin gives a $10T market cap.

Interesting, I will take note and do some research on EOS. Certainly won't be investing $10,000. 😂 Wish I could!

:), what you can is the perfect amount.

I wish I had available for eos at least $10.000
Nice post keep it up

It's still going down, I don't know why to invest in it

EOS is released over time, as mentioned in other comments, therefore should continue to decrease until it comes into existence and can be used. If one were to invest, you would do it over time to average the price change and appreciating the fact that it cannot be used for like 6 months. Thanks for the comment.

$1000 within 4 years?! Wow...

If so, that would give it a market cap of $10 Trillion. I think EOS will be huge, but that is 50% of the yearly GDP of the USA per year. ... quite a bit of money.

I think it is very achievable tbh.

So, you believe EOS will be 200x bigger than BitCoin today, which is currently at $50billion +?

Totally Agree! I'm sitting on 5028 EOS waiting to pop the Champagne!

Do not do it yet! :)

I believe in your decision
I think since you adviced a pause
Everyone should

Thanks Sami for the continued interaction on my post. I shot you an upvote ;)

Thanks sir, you just caused me to smile once more this morning, It's been a while I earn 14SBD on a post, only your upvote just made it. I'm so excited.

I've been trying to see you blogs but you don't drop posts, so i had to keep track of your comments which are few.
Looking forward to posts from you or chatting with you privately.

haha! terrific! I have just 700, I plan on putting in 2 bitcoins next month.

In total I plan on putting in about 16 BTC

Great article I currently got myself some give you that follow have a great night!

I appreciate that, thank you! I am glad it was helpful. If you do invest in EOS, it is best to do it incrementally over the course of the next 7 months.

Of course this coin seems very lucrative and has endless potential!

Great post! already in ship with 18 EOS tokens 😎

😎😎, rock on! and I really appreciate it @tujisas, let me know if you have any questions or anything I can help you with!

Upvoted & RESTEEMED!

Thank you kindly, I appreciate that a ton @well-yeah, this is how things happen :P!

I have a new idea- throw some money into Bitconnect and then use that daily interest to buy EOS tokens through the next year :-D As long as BCC keeps running you will have plenty of free tokens!

hahaha, its the hot secret :P, bitconnect dope as hell lol.

BTW i just put in 7 BTC in bitconnect in order to do exactly what you said haha.

"As long as BCC keeps running" is the key phrase.

I have a 4.92+ BTC investment (was $12,430 at the time I invested, around a month ago), and I no longer think BitConnect is something to promote. One of Craig Grant's videos got me into it and he seems to have quite the shady background, along with his girl. I wrote about it recently:



https://steemit.com/life/@libertyteeth/can-t-resteem-a-story-older-than-7-days-oh-well-read-this-though-bitconnect-promoter-craig-grant-and-his-girl-were-nigerian (scammers, it ends with)

I expect the music will stop. Hopefully it won't be while we're still waiting...

Good luck to you!

great information bro

ok i always vote you .you see my blog @farhannaqvi7

I will check it out thanks!

i always thanx to you for your support you remember me i am very happy :)

Of course, EOS is a great project, but I think NEO has better fundamentals to be a strong opponent for Ethereum. Good post @extrospect :)

Thanks for the post @websensei

If you can also explain where i can get that 10.000$ that be great!!!

Time machine included, or excluded? :P

Wow nice info thanks for sharing...upvoted resteemed and followed

Terrific, I really appreciate that! thanks so much!

You're welcome

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So you are telling me if I invest 10k now i will get 5 millions in four years ... intresting but risky!! Great article

That does seem to be the math. I wouldn't argue with it. conservatively it might be no less than 700, but without question you will profit. Less risk than you might imagine.

great post brother . i always vote you .

Always great to have you comment, thanks!

My holdings are already almost at your recommended level and you just inspired me to perhaps get a little bit more.

Exciting times!

Terrific! Remember, 2 million are released daily, and it cannot be used for 8 months! so, if you do put more in, do so over time! cheers.

I certainly wish I had 10,000 to spare to invest in EOS. Sadly, my investment will be considerably lower.

I do have a question regarding how/where to buy it if you can help answer that would be great.

I understand that I can buy it from an exchange, but is it the same as buying it directly from the EOS website? And then what happens when EOS actually launches? If we buy EOS coin/tokens which are on the Ethereum blockchain, what will happen to them after EOS launch? Will they be transferred to the EOS blockchian?

Forgive me if my question is very basic, but I am a total Noob when it comes to Crypto :)

Hi, you invest what you can, even if you can't do the full 10,000. I responded to another person having the same question.

The reason you might want to do it via an exchange is because you know the price you will be getting. The exchange that you can buy EOS includes Bitfinex (https://www.bitfinex.com) If you buy via the 8 month ICO, you will be issued a percentage of the 2 million coins released daily relative to what others had invested. It is for this reason, if a big whale comes in on that day you decide to buy from the ICO and spends 100,000,000 dollars, you might end up paying a much higher cost than the assured price on the exchange. But independant of this, you have to be slightly savvy to participate and redeem via the ico, and thus you would be to do it from the exchange.

It is important to learn to secure your coins offline from an exchange once you acquire them. you can do this via a device like a Trezor hardware wallet. I suggest strongly purchasing either this or a S nano ledger, if you have investments. This is because if it is in an exchange, you do not own it, as if they get hacked, that is it.

Hi @extrospect, that is a great explanation, many thanks for your help. I will go and purchase some through the exchange then.

Be sure to secure them!

Eos still at ico moment. I will looking for it. Maybe buy few at the months.

Good idea. Definitely the talk around the town :P

Would someone please explain why you would buy this on an exchange around $1.80 USD if claims on "to-be-issued tokens" are for sale for an entire year directly from the developers? As I understand the ICO, there's no real limit on how much these guys raise over the course of a year. Shouldn't EOS exchange prices be pegged to the ICO price? I would sincerely appreciate an explanation. Thanks in advance.

Hi. the reason you would do it via an exchange is because you know the price you will be getting. If you buy via the 8 month ICO, you will be issued a percentage of the 2 million coins released daily , but if a big whale comes in on that day and spends 100,000,000 dollars, you might end up paying a much higher cost than the assured 1.80 on the exchange.

On the other hand, you could buy on a really good deal and get a great price. This is the difference.

Thanks. But isn't the price set before the sale each day? What happens if it is under-subscribed on any given day? I feel like I'm missing something and my failure to understand the mechanics of the daily fund raise makes me want to walk away from EOS.

So let us say that you put in 10,000 dollars on a particular day of the sale. And on that day, no one else in the world purchases any EOS via the ICO, you would get 2 million coins. This is because the distribution of the 2 million coins is distributed amongst those that participate on that day.

Do you have to pay in ETH? If so EOS should somewhat track ETH. In that case it might be worth buying, if ETH's price increases as much as the token-to-be-issued gets diluted each day.

You can buy on an exchange for Bitcoin. Or you can use a different base currency if you use https://changelly.com?ref_id=f303146d3267 . That is my Reference number.

Well the Ethereum token that is EOS right now, will be different from EOS after launch, whereby you would convert your Ethereum compatible EOS token into the true EOS graphene based token. This process should take someone just a few short minutes. It is akin to what the token drops of various other coins had also adopted.


Thanks. I took a position in EOS yesterday.

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I would love too man! But I need money :(

Just gotta put in what you can bud!

I will man! Can we chat on Steemit.chat? :D

I don't have an account for that :P, but whats up? What about bitmessage? message me via bitmessage at BM-2cU46hhXv9BSX6WkozQxLdX8ufrMnNURSj

I wanted to ask for help :p

Id be happy to help, download and message me on bitmessage at my address: BM-2cU46hhXv9BSX6WkozQxLdX8ufrMnNURSj

I will man! Thank you so much! Making a post now! 10001 posts now!

I have som questions regarding EOS and I hope it's okay to post them here.

I just bought some EOS on Kraken without really knowing what I was buying into and I was hoping maybe someone could explain a few things to me. I know it's stupid to invest in something I don't understand but after selling my Bitcoin Cash that I got after the fork I felt a bit adventurous =) I'm new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

What I don't understand is, what will happen to the EOS I bought after June 2018? Should I get a real Ethereum wallet instead of keeping them in my Kraken Exchange account before June 2018? Can I still trade my EOS after this date or what will happen?


Hi, thanks so much for the comment and I would be happy to help you out and answer your questions!

This was the thing to be adventurous towards, first off, so congratulations. You are exactly right with your gut feeling that you should secure your EOS on an ethereum wallet. I would reccomend strongly (depending on how much you invested), to purchase either a Trezor or S nano ledger, which both support EOS using its ethereum wallet (assuming you have the latest firmware).

Also, McAfee dude said correctly that only a hardware wallet is secure, and I have been saying that since I bought my first generation Trezor! I hope this resolved your questions!

Yes I plan on getting a real wallet. But what will happen to my EOS after June 1, 2018? I understand from EIS.io that something will happen, but since I'm new to cryptos I don't understand what that means for me as an Investor. What will happen to the EOS that I keep in my wallet? What would happen if I still kept them in an Exchange account?

After that date, it will increase in price, and nothing changes with the coin for you the investor. Just be sure to posses the hardware wallet with them on it :P.

Are you sure? From what I've been able to understand they will later turn into a different kind of token on a separate blockchain that is independent from the ethereum blockchain. Why would it automatically increase in value? How would you know that?

The new token will be based on the distributions of the initial tokens, so when you convert later, it would be the same as what everyone else would be doing, but I predict that you will see an eos at 25 dollars, 50 dollars, 100 dollars, 200 dollars, 400 dollars then 800 and beyond.

Either way, all those aforementioned numbers are above $1.80.

Am I sure, no way lol. No one is sure of anything, but I am sure enough to put my money into it. And I put my money into bitcoin back in 2011, so perhaps I feel like I know more than I do, but I have a good sense.

Okay, now I understand more. Thanks for the information. Will my current tokens be converted to the new token even if I keep them in my Kraken account, or does that only happen as long as I keep them in a real ethereum wallet?

I don't have 10k to dump, but I'm keeping a few bucks in EOS.
I'm rooting for the cheep currency's to one day rival the big ones.

Cheers to that. I believe it will perform.

@extrospect you are very much on point,EOS uniqueness,creativity and innovation is mindblowing,it jumped over 300% to occupy no 9 in the coinmarket cap with market valuation of $800million,eagle eye investors should have a grab of this coin,followed post upvoted,resteemed,check my daily crypto analysis @detycoon .. Cheers

Thanks a ton for the comment. Followed man, can't wait to check out your posts.

What kind of return are we looking at in the short, medium and longer-term?

Hi. The price theoretically should continue to lower, as 2 million coins are released daily for 8 months, and no use exists for 8 months either. With this said, once it comes into existance for usability, you will want to own it, at which point you would see big profits. I suspect 25 dollars to 35 dollars shortly after use begins, and then we might see a similar trend to what we saw with ethereum. That is my two cents anyways!

Awesome explanation. Makes perfect sense.

So it's an 8 month releasing stage.. When the 8 months be done? Is there an exact date?

So also in theory then, it will be the better buy to purchase as close to the very end of the releasing as possible? That gives us some time too.

I wouldn't say $1000, I would say $400 is more realistic.

haha, your profile description says it all. I gave you a follow.

Wow! excelent info about EOS!, I will learn as much as I can on it, and purchase some in the process! thans extrospect!

Thanks so much for the comment! look through the comments there is some really good info I gave and received!

In June 2018 you will either convert your eos tokens or they will be converted for you, so buy but just stay up in the news! Good looks bro.

Congratulations @extrospect!
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I don't seem to understand the point of the EOS ICO. What's the reason for creating a token that won't even be compatible with the EOS blockchain?

Thanks for the question, sorry for the late reply.

It is a token, akin to to what so many other coins have done. This is a proven and tested method of developing coin. So Like Peerplays, or Storj, you would "redeem" your EOS after launch, by following simple instructions that might take the average person no more than 2 minutes. I hope this answers your question.

Interesting post. Following and upvoted. :)

Thanks for posting @extrospect. Finally got a chance to read it, and way behind on my EOS research. This helped a lot.

much appreciated!

Thanks for giving it a read, perhaps I will come up with a follow up post. Lemme know if you have any questions!

eos.io says "NO U.S. PURCHASERS" why?

Hi. This is because of new regulations regarding ICO, and Dan wishes to follow every possible law.

If you are a U.S citizen, I would recommend purchasing it through an exchange like Kraken or Changelly. Remember it can be secured on an ethereum wallet that you own.


would they take my tokens away if they found out I used VPN to change my country IP?

Nah, but there is a certain degree of additional knowledge and expertise to participate in the ICO if you were to use a VPN. This includes redeeming after buying them, which a lot of people do not know they have to do.

Typically I would suggest buying from an exchange. Cheers

What about Gemini?

sounds amazing

Thanks for the comment @shakriar27, I think EOS is really good.

Lose eyes get fat shew. Winter can indeed letter oppose way change tended now.

Because long ICO and long development time,
Sometimes EOS make people doubt including me of course.

When we looked at previous successful of Dan's development, we should trust him

This has to be the best blog post title i've read in days. Trading price of EOS is much lower at the moment than it has been for weeks so could well be a good time to buy. i'll be throwing money at it all the time it's under $2. Nice write up @extrospect.

Much appreciated, thanks a ton @res!

great info as i continue to learn from the masters like you who I am now following

EOS is released over time, as mentioned in other comments, therefore should continue to decrease until it comes into existence and can be used. If one were to invest, you would do it over time to average the price change and appreciating the fact that it cannot be used for like 6 months. Thanks for the comment.

I'm convinced, not only by this but also because the EOS i bought last month has already gone up 5x in value :o

@extrospect this was a great post 6 months ago! It was early to mention about EOS and you were there! I had the chance to buy 3 to 4 months ago at 50 cents and 60 cents.

And now, 6 months after your post a 7x EOS from the $2 that you mentioned, and still the big day of launch has not come, and I believe we are very near now.

This will put EOS at least at $50 and then its a story!

Regards, @gold84

Hows that eos goin now? Hope you sold some

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