Satis Report - You won't believe what price they say EOS is going to within the next year!

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The Satis Group research report came to some interesting conclusions on some very popular cryptocurrencies.

A few days ago, the Satis Group came out with a report detailing what they are expecting to happen in the future for cryptocurrencies and also their prices.

They used past trends, future expectations, and some very interesting estimates as inputs into their models to spit out price predictions for several major cryptocurrencies.

The full report can be accessed here:

Their findings were pretty interesting to say the least.

The ones that everybody talks about...

The headline grabber from their report was their prediction for bitcoin to be worth $96k within the next 5 years.

As you can imagine, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, as well as CCN were all quick to run with this headline.

Which was then followed closely by the next most controversial price prediction, which was that of XRP.

XRP's 5 year price target was $.01.

The reasoning?

"Little value in XRP ($0.01), and crypto assets which are misleadingly marketed, not needed within their own network, and have centralized ownership/validation."


Ouch, well that was pretty harsh, but at least they have conviction in their beliefs!

By the way, if you are not familiar, Satis Group is a major ICO advisory firm.

The most shocking prediction of all?

The most shocking prediction in my opinion was that of EOS.

Yes, the beloved EOS of many here on the platform.

The beloved EOS that raised some $4-$5 billion and was touted and backed by Wall Street heavyweight Mike Novogratz as one of the main players going forward.

What is the Satis Group prediction you might ask?

In 5 years time they think EOS will be worth $4.50. It's currently trading at $6.

Not good, but not terrible I guess.

However, the 1 year estimate is what is really shocking to me...

In just 1 years time, their model predicts EOS will be worth $.05!


The full table of their predictions can be seen here:


Their premise seems to be that store of value, privacy, and currency uses will ultimately win out over the fabric chains which are some of the more popular and valuable today.

EOS and Ether are both expected to lose value over the coming years, though Ether is still expected to have one more moon shot left in it according to their model.

Steem wasn't mentioned but I would imagine it would grade somewhat similar to EOS and Ether considering it is aiming to be a fabric chain as well.

But remember, this is only one group's opinion and opinions are often worth less than the paper they are written on.

Also if prices really do go that low, but bounce back, buying at $.05 would yield a massive return in just 2 years if it gets back to their prediction of $3.60.

Steem likely something similar.

Stay informed my friends.

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Everything is speculation at this point. Though they backed up their opinions with their reasoning pretty well. Though like you said, their reasoning is still just speculation.

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I'm not familiar with the term "fabric chain," what's meant by that?
As you mentioned, opinions/predictions like this are often worth little, but I do find it almost refreshing in contrast to the mega-hype currently surrounding EOS. I was shocked to see a coin so speculative jump into the #5 spot on CMC.

Then again, Dogecoin is still worth more than STEEM currently. The markets are anything but rational. Too bad we don't have a crystal ball to see how the crypto space will settle out a decade from now. I'd love to know which coins will fall out of favor ahead of time!

Basically just a chain that is easily built upon or other tokens are easily launched from. Ethereum is the quintessential definition of one.

Gotcha. I'm gonna read through the report in a bit because I'm curious why they think fabric chains have little upside. They seem a lot more dynamic than the older coins and thus, have more potential to revolutionize various societal systems. Maybe my mind will change after reading it!

They think that going forward the most valued is going to be placed on stores of value, decentralization, privacy, and currency use. They go into great detail in their report. It's a really good read if you get the chance to check it out.

Cool. I'll check it out later this evening. Sounds interesting.

Now we can see one more time how afraid the banksters are of EOS. EOS has the potential to be the next Google without any centralised interference but transparent open source algorhythms. My personal opinion differs quite a bit. my prediction: EOS will be on 2nd place in marketcap by 2023 with approx. 50$/EOS /not including the net worth of all the airdrops. ETH will be worth 0.52$ by 2030. lolZ

ps.: convoluted chains with Fees have no purpose whatsoever in future.
just look at blocktivity at the CUI (capacity utilisation index) and see who is doing the job without a sweat. Yeah its EOS and STEEM

and another thing. In September 2008 Bloomberg financial experts told us to hold on to lehmann brothers and to not panic or sell few days before the crash. How legit are these sources ? aren´t they undermined by the bankster cartell and tell you false information to maximize their own profit? Why is nobody out there talking about pure and simple COIN SPECS ?? WHY? because they would have to admit that EOS is 1200 times faster than bitcoin, and 120times faster than ETH and is handling 4.5 million transaction per day at 0.35% capacity. I surely prefer to pay my coffee in realtime with zero fees rather than waiting and paying a fee on top.

Yea they certainly seemed to favor the POW consensus and a limited number of coins, which provides a digital store of value. That and they also favored privacy chains, which is why Monero scored well. They were looking at use cases and their thinking is only a few coins will capture the lions share of the value in the space for store of value, privacy, and currency use cases.

Wow! My head is spinning 🤪

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Thanks for shedding some light on this! There might be some point to it, that store of value coins might grow faster. But I don't believe in their bleakish scenario for platform coins, since the would be able to disrupt platform businesses and those are the most highly evaluated companies currently...

True. I am not sure why they don't see any value there to be honest, but they laid out here main value drivers going forward and for whatever reason, platform chains weren't really part of it.

Sounds to me like they have absolutely no clue what they're talking about. They forgot to factor in that the internet created the phenomena of fake news, and soon crypto will create the phenomena of fake money. When that happens, next stop is a mass exodus from national fiat into crypto. There will be as many popular cryptos as there are currently fiat currencies and they will be able to do atomic swaps between them.

Their old models for financial prediction will not work in the new world. As a result, authority will be blindsided. Eventually this ends with the collapse of most national fiat currencies.

I think they are actually predicting something along those lines actually. If you read the report they very strongly favor coins that are either a store of value, offer privacy, or are used as a currency. The ones that can be built on top of didn't grade well in their eyes.

I read the report all the way through, but I don't agree with it. For one thing the estimated market cap by 2028 of 3.6T is drastically low. By then, the internet of money will be the dominant form of banking and the banks that survived will be subservient to crypto. Or we will have a digital panopticon and crypto assets will be a centralized version of bitcoin with high speed networks (aka Fed coin).

They don't seem to understand that the main use case of bitcoin as a SOV is not going to be the dominant use case of even the dominant form of money in the future. The uses of EOS, ETH and other smart contract platforms are going to be the most dominant because they will be used in hospitals, corporate infrastructure, manufacturing and logistics, and will replace many aspects of current governance. Simple P2P value transfer as bitcoin is merely scratches the surface.

The speed at which this is happening suggests the first hiccups to global control will happen by fall 2022 and depending upon whether we fall down the path of a digital panopticon we could then have a generation of pain following thereafter until it's understood by the population that centralized IT doesn't work and is DANGEROUS.

If we're lucky and don't fall down into Amazon becoming a one world government that controls everything with the new constitution based on "social media credit" then decentralization will cause governments to collapse everywhere along with national fiat. When the other 6 billion unbanked people of the world jump the USD petrodollar ship, it will be game over.

It's certainly possible. All we can do is wait and watch with some popcorn. :)

I donot know the base of this kind of reports. Are those guys serious about crypto and its future. I think the EOS must have crossed 500 dollars in next 3-5 years.
This is just a matter of spreading fud and try to degrade the cryto value.

I am not really sure about that. They were big pushers of bitcoin and monero, both of which they likely own very little of. Had they pushed a small coin I would have seen their research as a bit suspect. It actually appears to be fairly impartial on what they actually think might happen.

Seems pretty ridiculous considering no one has been able to come close to guessing prices on any cryptocurrency basically ever, so trying to apply any kind of current trend to cryptos seems pretty useless..

Haha yep, it mostly is. Though it makes for interesting talking points!

The report is utter bullshit. Knowing exactly about the Satis Group knows what I'm talking about. EOS will be worth over $ 1000 in 3-5 years. It even won a Block Award. With reports like this I get to puke.

Did you read the report at all?

Yes. And if you had been closer to the Satis Group you would know what I mean. Confuse the little people with such an EOS article. Do not let people fool you, EOS will be number one in a few years with a price of at least $ 1,000. Go EOS.

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I'm not buying that! Sounds like wishful thinking to me. There's a new website, Coin Fair Value that has EOS listed at $7.34 so it's undervalued right now by almost a buck.

Looks like an interesting website, but how is it calculated? Also, why is STEEM not even listed when it's the #2 most transacted crypto daily? I thought it was supposed to be based on actual use.

I was wondering the same thing... I contacted them but haven't heard back.

How do they calculate a fair value?

They have some weird algos and formulae. I looked at their stuff but didn't understand a lot of it... most of their valuations I disagree with, like BTC $4721! Here's a link if you want to check it out.

Sure, I'll give it a look. There really is no such thing as fair value in crypto since there are no earnings, cash flows, or dividends. Perhaps number of real transactions or cost of mining could be something close to a book value I guess.

I've never been a big fan of statistical analyses... there are too many variables that can't be quantified, like human emotion. If you click on that big box that pops up it will take you to their white paper.

Yes I agree. If just one of your inputs are off, the entire model is way off. And the inputs they are using are rough guesses on their part, though they may be good guess, they are still just guesses.

One thing I've learned in 73 years is that humans are notoriously unpredictable and any market that involves humans is unpredictable as well. If it was amde of purely institutional investors their algorithms may work, but...

me dejas sin palabras compañero

Well sounds really cool for BTC but not that much for XRP or either EOS :)

Be that it may hope few of the predictions comes true in reality while some do not ;)

Thx for the share, I did read it and I must say, STEEM is finished. :)

Lol, they probably wouldn't rank it favorably judging by what they deemed as value drivers going forward.

I seen that report a few days ago, I just had to start lmao when I read it. Wonder what there agenda was 😀

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I am not really sure they had one. I have read it a couple times and they don't appear to have one. I mean the coins the are really positive on are some of the most decentralized out there. Bitcoin and then Monero with its privacy use case. They make some good points, but they sure aren't thinking a fabric chain will have anything of value built on it for some time.

well ... :) let's make some money

I don't think I'll go and read their report.

In my opinion, these so-called fabric chains have much more real value than any value transaction only chain.

I believe in utility, not in speculation.

Time will tell...

Currently you are correct. I think that is their point if you read the report. Things are going to begin changing going forward and they see the main value drivers being a store of value, privacy, and currency. Which means coins that do that the best receive the best grades in their view. Apparently they don't envision anything of tremendous value being built on a fabric chain any time in the very near future. Who knows if they are right or wrong. They don't have a crystal ball either.

I do hope they are wrong.

We as humanity don't need yet another financial network. We need self-governed utility with all the benefits that technology can bring to make our lives more free.

Eh, time to go to bed. I can't express myself clearly .. Good night :)

I hope they are wrong too. Well sort of. I just hope steem gains some level of adoption and fetches a much higher price than it is currently. Anything beyond that is gravy to me. :)

Really good article

Thats a point to be think upon ...good search

vary good EOS

I never know about XMR. My fear is that privacy coins will be the ones targetted and hamstrung as much as possible by regulators. Is there any validity to this fear?

Yes. Those are my thoughts as well. Perhaps the thinking is that even if they are regulated off of exchanges there will still be a robust market and use case for them that is not easily controlled, if controlled at all. I am not sure that market is nearly as big as they project though.


if that happen eos could turn out to be the best project ever in the history of crypto

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Do they have any fiat ramps or all crypto?