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Please verify the authenticity of this message. It is very suspect to think a company like Block One wouldn't make an official announcement about this before you. It also doesn't make sense that you would post here instead of the other channels (like your blog) you've been posting on more consistently. No activity since October, and then two blogs posts (to make the account seem legitimate?) and now this? On a weekend? Seems like FUD. Post on your blog or on your Voice account or even Twitter (which I know you said you left).

Edit: looks like you just did. Thank you.


It's either dan or someone with his keys. I'm willing to bet that Dan keeps his keys secure.

Bring back all the devs to hive please. We have something important going on here. The job of EOS is being taken care of by ETH and 500 other blockchains.

They are already here. The guys who helped launch EOS have a significant overlap with Hive.

Good to know!

With Parler being cancelled from AWS, he obviously remembered how important censorship resistance is!

lol I told him to come casually in his twitter comments.. He doesn't know me but I guess it worked 🤣

or maybe he just needs the money :-P

OMG! 4th DPOS blockchain is coming!

Maybe he will become a full time Hive dev now :)


Your savior has left yet again!! Time to gather your herd of sheep and follow!!

the only douche I can see is you. Go away idiot.