Back in the saddle - Winter training setup

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Hey all,

Finally after about an year of back injuries I finally am getting back on the bike to train. Long story short - I attemted to ride my bike around Iceland last year, around 1336 Km and 11700m elevation. Unfortunately on day 3 after around 550 Km i had to stop due to injury.

From the Ride around Iceland tour:

Since then this has been a long struggle with back injuries but finally getting ready again. Unfortunately the summer season here in Denmark is over so alot of the coming months will be indoors on my hometrainer. It will be a slow and steady start with shorter rides and no races to begin with. But for sure as I get in better shape I will put a race or two in the calendar every week.

So my best companion for the next few months is my Planet-X Bike, Wahoo Kickr Core trainer, Wahoo Headwind fan and Lifeline Rockerplate.

Just got all set up so I am ready. My setup for the winter:

Hometrainer Setup:


As the back gets better I will start up with shorter runs on the treadmill and will aswell as utilizing my row machine - If all goes well and no further injury setbacks. I hope to be back in shape by next summer, as the last year has not been kind on my weight, so that needs to be worked on :)

Have a great day all and Ride on.


Wow, that's quite the setup! Sorry I made it here too late to upvote!