An ice-cold house...and the nagging gym voice...on a Sunday...

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It sure wasn't easy waking up this morning.

A couple of heavy hitters last night is not the ideal recipe to wake up fresh the next day...

I had a great night though, very relaxing. I do think that's also healthy.

I rolled out of bed and straight away noticed something strange.

It was -200 degrees in the house. Ice-Cold.

I went to the garage and saw a red flickering light on the boiler.

Great...I had the thing serviced a couple of months back after years of just leaving it.

And it's always the bloody same.

In my experience, when you get something serviced that isn't broken the chance that the person that does the work does something that will break later on is much higher than the chance of them actually preventing anything from breaking.

I pressed the reset button to no avail...the red light came back on.

Mmm...then I remembered one trick I learned years ago.

The red light thing happened before and it was caused by a blocked drain pipe from the boiler.

I decided to have a look.

I removed the protective cover of the boiler and unscrewed the drain pipe.

I saw the problem instantly. The whole pipe was covered with a cement type sediment (probably Calcium, the water where I live is very hard).

I got a metal rod and started to chip away at the blockage.

It took a good 20 minutes but eventually, I got through it.

What I chipped away was probably several years of build-up, meaning that the maintenance guy missed it and didn't break anything. (I'm not sure if that's better or worse).

I put the whole thing back together and pressed the red button.

The machine sprung back alive! Warm water started to flow again through the veins of the house.

Great success!

I thought I deserved a brew and made a nice coffee and sat down.

Much better. Much more Sunday like...

And then.

Then that little voice in my head started to wake up too.


"O God, no...not today".


"Ffs" also didn't go yesterday...

"But it's Sunday!"

Gym...If you don't go now, you know where it will lead...

"%##$^%$...I hate it when the voice is right".

Losing your gym routine starts with not going to the gym for reason X.

Maybe your tired, maybe it's Sunday, maybe you had a rough day, maybe anything...

I went upstairs and changed into my gym clothes.

I drove to the gym and got on the exercise bike and started paddling.

So heavy....Body not happy, not cooperating....

The first 5 minutes are always the worst, especially when you don't feel like it at all.

But keep at it long enough and capitulation always comes.

It took a good 10 minutes but the good body started to warm-up, legs felt stronger. My mind got happier.

I didn't go full out but burned a nice 400cals on the bike regardless in 30 minutes.

After that, I did another 30 minutes of body exercises (pushups, lunges that sort of stuff).

After an hour I was beaten.

I changed and drove home.

I sat down and poured myself a second brew.

The house had warmed up nicely in the time I was away. It felt cozy and warm and, even better, the nagging voice was gone.

Good, now the real Sunday can begin!

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Yeah!! It's like the first thing you look at!! You are lucky it was that. When I was a service mechanic I got 20 minutes inclusive driving per address I said how? That is not possible... I did the same thing for another company and it took much longer... the other guy did it in that time.. oh ok I said I took the addresses and began with it.... people said oh you are the first in three years etc etc etc almost every heating had to undergo big maintenance burning out of the chamber, pipes not mounted good so the pipes were melted etc etc people could die...

What you saw in the drainage was aluminium from the chamber. The less the quality of the aluminium alloy the more aluminium you see in the drainage. I saw a heating once that was completely filled with water just under the burner. When the machine started up it almost came from the wall. Another one that wasn't serviced well it started with an explosion it looked like new years Eve on that attic. ...

You did good at cleaning that drainage. 😉

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Aluminum from the chamber! No way! I would never have guessed that in a million years.

Its always good to keep up with your habits and see it through even tho it can be hard :D


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What is the energy source for your boiler?

Well that would be gas.

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yeah, its' gas.

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Glad to hear it wasn't something worse. We had our furnace burn up last year and smoke was coming out of every vent and filling the house, the wife called me in a panic as my son was running around playing in all the smoke, and it turned out we could either fix it and wait for something else to go wrong, 15 - 20 year old furnace, or buy a new one.

with -20°F weather in the future we decided it was probably a good idea (for the protection of our pipes) to go with the new furnace.

From the sound of it, you did the right thing! Don't think those fumes were very healthy.

I took a break from working out this weekend. I was right back at it this morning though. It helps that my wife gets up at the same time to workout so I am kind of a schmuck if I just stay in bed while she works out. That is awesome that you were able to fix your boiler issue.

Good job on the working out man! It's not always easy! Keep up the good work. And yeah, happy to be warm again!

Don't you just love when you can diagnose a problem and fix it so quickly? I'm glad you have heat again!

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