On Masculinity and It’s Decline

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Some insist that the world currently suffers from an excess of masculinity. But...is this really true? And, if there is an excess, then it’s an excess compared...to what?

While there are some countries where machismo is still the order of the day, its seems that masculinity, especially healthy forms, is on the decline most everywhere. In many ways the toxic machismo we witness today may simply be a false bravado attempt to overcompensate for the systematic emasculation of men in many cultures.

We can observe that emasculation, for instance, in Western pop culture. Though most are too young to remember, television shows and advertisements once portrayed at least some fairly healthy masculine stereotypes. TV shows like “Father Knows Best” (can you imagine any network releasing a show with THAT title today?), “Leave it to Beaver”, “The Waltons” and many more portrayed stable, stern and loving father figures. This was true even up through the 1970s (with shows like “The Brady Bunch”).

It’s difficult to find anything comparable today. By the 1990’s, men started being feminized and masculinity started being portrayed as either scary and disturbed (e.g., Jack Bower in the show “24”) or disempowered and buffoonish (e.g., Dan Conner or “Roseanne”).

Two of the most popular TV shows of the 90’s—“Friends” and “Seinfeld” offer us a good example. Don’t get me wrong, I loved both shows, but consider the main male characters in each for a minute. In Friends, Ross is basically a girl, Chandler is a barely functioning neurotic, and the only character that displays any real classic masculinity, Joey, is the ultimate buffoon. All of them are single. Likewise in Seinfeld all three male leads are neurotic buffoons, also single.

This trend from the 90’s regrettably persists to this day. The four male characters on most popular sitcom of the last decade, Big Bang Theory (one of my favorite shows, by the way), consists of four anxious, neurotic and mostly single man-children.

It seems that the only way to make masculinity, or even males in general, politically correct and non-threatening to modern (feminists?) sensibilities is to make men into harmless goofballs. Most every modern sitcom today incorporates this theme. Even advertisers have seized upon the technique. Consider, for instance, the Sonic commercials.

Interestingly, this cultural trend corresponds to actual biological changes in males. Average sperm counts in men in the West have declined by a full 50% over the last four decades alone. Yep, Western men produce less than half the sperm that their grandfathers or great-grandfathers did. And Average male testosterone levels have likewise plummeted, declining an average of about 1.4% per, or about 30% in total, since 1987.

So, where’s all this masculinity that people are so concerned about? I mean, truly, where is it? Maybe in India? In Saudi Arabia? Fair enough, but I don’t think that people are generally speaking about those places when they lament this excess of masculine energy. Rather, they are speaking of their own place, which for folks in my social circles generally means the West.

Some argue that our excess of masculinity manifests in the West’s overemphasis on logic, reason, rationality and observation (i.e., science) and and under-appreciation of more feminine ways of knowing and relating, like intuition and mysticism. But can anyone look at social media today, or even mainstream media, and seriously contend that the world suffers from an excess of rationality? I mean...really? Can anyone look at our politics today and seriously contend that we suffer form an excess of reason and cold, objective, unemotional analysis?

Of course not. Both media and our politics are positively overrun with cognitive biases anchored in emotionality. Appeals to authority, non sequitur, confirmation bias, tribalism, straw men arguments, red herrings, etc. are the rule rather than the exception (and if you don’t know what each of those things are, you kinda prove my point!). And these irrational biases are almost invariably employed in defense of an emotionally held belief system rather than a rationally developed one.

So, again, where is this excess of masculine rationality that allegedly permeates our Western culture? It’s not in our media. It’s not in our politics.

Some have responded that it’s on “obvious” display in our “rape culture” and in our penchant for violence and war. But, even if those are indeed the measures of excess masculinity (which is debatable), then the world is less masculine now than at any time in known human history! Wars and genocides are at all time lows (and not just by a little, but a lot!), continuing a trend that began centuries ago. Rapes and other violent crimes are down 75% or more just form the 1980s, likewise continuing a centuries-long trend of overall decline.

I’m inviting correction, but I can’t presently think of hardly any objective statistic supporting the proposition that the West presently suffers an excess of masculinity. That so many people nonetheless believe such an excess exists (even in the absence of rational evidence) proves that, if anything, society is presently overrun with feminine energies (e.g., emotionality) rather than masculine ones (e.g., rationality).

Disclaimer> I’m using the words “masculine” and “feminine” to describe archetypes, not genders. Masculinity does not necessarily correspondent to maleness nor femininity to femaleness.


This is one of the most important and misunderstood topics on Earth. My experience and understanding is that what has been missing is balance. We all embody a mix of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) essence and these need to be balanced for power, wisdom, health and longevity to manifest. The feminine is more toward emotion and the masculine toward thought - both are necessary and need to be balanced in the heart.

The imbalance towards the masculine is not exactly as we might imagine on the surface - it is most prominently found in the thoughtforms being held by people which judge/deny/reject our real emotions. The thought that, for example, 'anger is bad' can be enough to block up and lock up our emotional system - since we DO feel real anger. This seemingly innocent thought (within the more masculine domain of energy) causes a dysfunction in the feminine. Multiply this a trillion times and in almost as many forms and we have a huge imbalance that is largely operating unconsciously and in denial.

There are females who are embodying more masculine energy than feminine. There are males who are weak because they deny their own emotions. There are all kinds of dysfunctions originating from all of this.

society is presently overrun with feminine energies (e.g., emotionality) rather than masculine ones (e.g., rationality)

What is lacking is a deep appreciation of the mechanics involved here.
Emotions are not being given the balanced acceptance that they need in order to be processed and expressed in a balanced way. The outcome is emotions that are out of balance and that then leads to yet more judgements such as 'there are too many emotions' - when in truth, what is lacking is balance. Why do thoughts get to decide if there are too many emotions or not anyway? ;)

The challenge here is that the 50% of us that is emotional is needing great assistance to reach wellbeing and balance. This actually must be felt to be understood - so those who continue to deny their own emotionality will never understand the real causes of their problems and may continue - until death - to blame the emotions, whch are - in truth - only ever RESPONDING to the frequencies emanated by the thoughts that consider themselves to be so rational.

The emotional self RECEIVES - like a woman's reproductive system (yin). The thought self emanates/sends - like a man's reproductive system (yang).

If the feminine does not receive full, loving acceptance from the masculine, for every emotional response, expression and need - then the result is a loss of balance and an increase in unconsciousness. Given how little of any of this most people understand, it is no surprise that we have so many issues.

I regularly write on these topics if anyone is interested. <3

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That's the result of feminism. Men are getting scared to be men in most developed countries because they don't want to be labelled. Imagine how the world were before this excessive and skewed feminist madness, have you noticed any reasonable positive change in the world thus far? Family values -gone, marrital values-gone, moral values-gone, societal values-gone etc. What then is the gain? even in your article you still have to include a disclaimer because you're scared of being labelled. Masculinity has always been associated with maleness, thus i don't understand why you still have to include a disclaimer after registering your points

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I think that the rise of porn is the downfall of masculinity. When, as a young man, someone watches porn everyday and masturbates every other day the testosterone levels decrease and so the sperm quality and quantity. So, the way I see it, the more porn and misunderstood sexuality we have served to the young ones the stronger the masculinity decline will be. At the same time women start to hit the gym too much growing muscles like they were supposed to do that instead of squeezing the best out of their femininity.

Masculinity is the enemy of the left and the left is always self-destructive. The left sees a problem and if the left manages to solve this problem the reason for the left to exist perishes. Therefor the left will pull problems out of their asses just to justify their existence. Masculinity or the need of feminism is such a thing.

Interesting. I don't know if we really even know what healthy masculine and healthy feminine are. The concept of gender may be fading away.

I just wrote a piece about how destructive mainstream culture is. People are not well if they spend too much time in mainstream culture. One episode of Roseanne every week is one thing. Choosing a few things is one thing. But when people are steeped in it, they're not well. People take their cues from mainstream culture, and it's poison.

I think that humanity as a whole is just ill. I think we're healing, but I think most people are just displaying unhealthy traits because they're unhealthy as a person. Very interesting how much sperm levels are down.

Wow, you're totally right about the emotional "reasoning" rampant in mainstream culture that is not in fact logic. I'm definitely going to incorporate that into my philosophies.

Thank you @sean-king for this thoughtful and well written post. I'm a father of two young boys and I often worry about them for this specific reason. Perhaps I'm partially to blame as I have also fallen ill to the overly cautious parent disease. I catch myself limiting their imaginations and physicality by proclaiming "you'll hurt yourself!". This is merely an expression of my boys' budding masculinity.

Personally I'm a fish out of water around my social and professional circles. I'm the guy who always proclaims how it was so much better when I was young. The school system is awful. It continues to emasculate our boys. Even the rare one or two male teachers perpetuate the notion of 'toxic masculinity'.

I don't know where it will all end up (Perhaps the West will be conquered by a 'greater' nation one day that's retained it's masculinity - I surely hope not). In the home I'm fair about it. I generally try to let my kids see that being a boy/man is a good thing. I encourage (when it's appropriate) their goofy behavior making fart noises and playing rough. It's the least I can do. But I do wonder if they'll be chastised at school for just being masculine little boys.

What ever happened to tolerance and diversity? I guess it's a one way street.


It is an interesting subject. Yes "Leave it to Beaver" is hopelessly outdated and we live in a much less reassuring world. On the positive side, my son has become an excellent father to his daughter and it makes me so happy. It seems to me that fathers now are closer to their children, and it is a relief for them to be able to show some vulnerability and even cry sometimes (something I NEVER saw my own father do.

Somebody here already said it, but the fact that you put a disclaimer on this post to discourage people from calling you a misogynist or something speaks by itself. Too bad this post has expired so I can't upvote it.