Visions for the Hive Origin Story Movie Script Proposal #212

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Hi Hive Community!

@thedeltron here, we’ve been speaking to the Hive community about developing a feature-length film that is based off the events that transpired with Steemit inc, Justin Sun, and Hive while showcasing the power of Web3.


In our discord channel, @basilmarples asked a great question about the vision and what our ideas are, so good that we wanted to do a post about it :)

For the vision, we want to frame it as a tale of hope and a real demonstration of the power people can actually have when they decide to wield it. Fiction is full of stories of empires being toppled and David’s beating Goliath’s but rarely do we see it in real life. This isn’t the case with this film, it’s a case study of how powerful the little guy can be. So even though this story is about blockchain, I think it had much MUCH wider implications on the world we live in today, and that’s the angle I wanna take with it! It’s a story we’ve heard a thousand times in fiction and now we’re making it a reality.

The thing we would really like to reiterate is the scope beyond the world of crypto, this has so much bigger implications and that is what we really want to emphasise. we think that’s what’s gonna get EVERYONE interested who watches this film, not just the Hive which is what makes this story so incredible. This is a case study on the power people have when they choose to use it.

In regards to structure, we are debating a number of ideas. We want this character-driven with a number of characters and really like the joining together of the key characters in the town hall and community meetings. We have a few characters in mind who are going to lead the story, the characters are all going to be fictional to play the story based off the original take over buy we will take senarios that actually occured.

The style is going to be comedy-drama that strikes the balance between grounded character-based realism and more wackier satirism similar to the Big Short. We plan to have very juxtaposing visuals (eg. Conversations between characters will be filmed more traditionally, the acting quite method, while animation, skits, and quite OTT visual metaphors will be used to explain concepts and add clarity to ideas - in a similar vein to Euphoria. The frame is not just a story about blockchain, but the limitless ability that communities can have and that will be what we portray in the last acts of the film.

In regards to why we are the right people for the job is simply that we are not new to blockchain but are to Hive, we are discovering these narratives and are able to objectively put them into place. Ryan has extensive experience in writing and is a highly creative guy, although this is his first office feature-length script he is more than capable of putting together an incredible piece for hive as writing is his life. With my film managing, research and community management help we will be able to put together an incredible script to get this story produced.

Until we actually start the proper work (hopefully when our proposal passes tomorrow) we will be able to build the meat and gravy of this, get the community interviewed and start actually scripting out these ideas and deciding what characters and scenes we are going to need to tell this incredible story.

We and many of the community members we have spoken to agree if we can get this film produced (which we already have potential interest in) it will bring not only exposure to Hive and the power of the community, but also bring funds to the DHF, as well as having an epic movie tell the communities incredible story.

Our Proposal

Thanks to everyone for the community support so far it has been amazing! However, we have till Friday to get our proposal passed so we are calling all the community members who have upvoted and commented support on our posts to consider giving our proposal a vote.

Proposal Links

We have an incredible response so far and we have been speaking to a number of key community members reach out to help us and offer their side of the story and support in the research.

We have an epic AMA with some amazing guests including @blocktrades @themarkymark @theycallmedan @starkers @shadowspub @traciyork @ganjafarmer @taskmaster4450 and many more. Check it out as it really does outline how epic the story really is!

Wish us luck for our proposal passing tomorrow and hopefully, we can get this movie script off the ground and tell the world this amazing story of David and Goliath! -


@deraaa @davidbright @b0s @monica-ene
Check this out, a movie about hive in the making.

Thanks so much for the tag dear.. I wil definitely check it out.

Yeah it's epic!! Please vote for the proposal 212

I think I have already though

Please check to make sure that you have and also I was more talking to all your friends... LoL please go get them to vote for this as well.

Oh yeah, that's why i tagged them.

Thank you thank you thank you you are super awesome and I really really appreciate all of the support.

I absolutely called it during the town halls that this was human history in the making and what we are going to do will be shown in the future.

Indeed history is in the making, I can't wait and I am glad I am part of the process.

Thanks for the tag, I will go over to it and cast my vote.

That's good , thank you

Should be a really interesting storyline guys, good to keep it going as it's good encouragement for others.

It sure is an interesting idea that I will be following closely. I yet have to listen back to the AMA recording first.


A movie about hive will be great, I can't wait to see.

can I join this program?
I will love to be part of sure history but it's fine if am not part but just to be a part.
Skill editing and programming is my specialty.
I never thought of a film on this but it does make sense t have one, Great job

Do you work in film mate?

NO, but I am good in video design, I will be bringing some to the hive blockchain as I am starting a movies recap on the hive blockchain, I hope it looks nice.
I design for others I never put much work into designing for myself before.
But on acting, I will be good too as a have a very good memory and facial expression.

OMG!!!! @khaleesii thanks so much for the tag. Of course I'd give my vote! What a beautiful idea... I'm in full support

@belemo @readthisplease @pappyelblanco & @reineesmay check this out you guys... ❤️

You are welcome

I read about this yesterday. I think it is a great idea. I can't wait. Thanks for your post.

I just voted YES! I would LOVE to see a movie made about HIVE, it sure was a crazy time back then! I have reblogged & tweeted this to spread the word!

I would definitely love to see it! even though I think I'm aware of what happened and what's happening here but I still wanna watch how it's interpreted and maybe I missed some details of the story.

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Nice. I am interested in how this plays out. GreenHouse Radio Online was one of the hold outs to leave steem for only hive. We tried to broker some peace with our Steem Witness Forums right after the migration. We received a lot of back lash for simply trying to create a forum where those who weren't ready to give up on steem could join and talk.I would like to think there will be some kind of light shone on members and communities who really tried to save steem in a way. RESPECT

I love this idea!

If that's the "narrative" you're going with, I would be careful about making claims about it being factual or based on real events. There could be a level of liability only telling one side of a story like that. Generally mid to higher level production teams like to explore nuance instead of whitewashing events to create an infallible hero. It kind of screams paid shill and might get tuned out by the wider crypto community. Or worse, if fraudulent information presented as fact were used to onboard people, that could also be another layer of liability that could have blowback on the production team.
Food for Thought. Information is Currency.

We intend to be very careful, it is based of the real events but is a dramatisation so can have poetic licence. Cheers for the advice mate, you are right we really have to be aware of the risks.

Yeah I understand your position too with needing backing. I wonder if anyone would tell you the real story about what happened because if you think it's all David and Goliath, you might need another read of the situation. There are a lot of blurred lines in everything that happened and much of the problems were created because of a handshake understanding which was not written into code. Its really easy for people to feel burned by what happened and there's nothing wrong with feeling that way but those emotions can easily distort a person's perception of what happened.

This is a really cool idea. I've only heard tidbits of information about this subject since being here, so would be interested in hearing more about it.

I wanted to offer my services to the project, I studied TV and Film Production and graduated from three years of it back in 2018. During college, I directed and wrote short films, short documentaries and a feature documentary, as well as numerous small scale class projects.

Since leaving college I have worked freelance, filming music videos, a short documentary and short films as well as some stuff for different people's YouTube channels, more than anything else though I have written scripts. Shorts mainly, but a TV Pilot and a feature film script.

Recently I completed a short film I wrote and directed with some people I met while working on Vikings: Valhalla and I'm currently in the process of getting it into some film festivals.

I'm a good scriptwriter and would love to work with you on this and on pre-production in general for this project. I'm going to be starting Vikings again in a few weeks for season 3 but, until then and if I have the time during it, I would be happy to work on this and help in any way I can.