Epic 2nd AMA discussion for the Hive Origin Story Movie Script! Proposal #212

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We just had an incredible AMA session with a number of key members of the community!

@thedeltron here, we’ve been speaking to the Hive community about developing a feature-length film that is based off the events that transpired with Steemit inc, Justin Sun, and Hive while showcasing the power of Web3.

We would like to thank @blocktrades, @themarkymark @theycallmedan @enginewitty @starkerz @guiltyparties @traciyork @shadowspub @ganjafarmer @taskmaster4450 @zekepickleman and all joining us for this awesome AMA session to go over the Hive Origin Story Movie Script.

Topics include:

  • Key events that went on during the take over
  • The Hive Fork
  • Key people that were involved
  • Communities that were involved
  • tweets and funny things that happened during the takeover
  • How best to portray the events in a Movie
  • The process to make this movie
  • The Proposal

The content of this AMA was pretty awesome and we took away loads of key points about what to include in the script. It was amazing to hear everyone's perspective and we have so many takeaways from it.

We do have a live proposal and we are looking to get as much support as possible, if you want to help make this incredible script a reality and bring even more eyes to Hive and the power to the decentralised community please give us a vote. You can find the proposal here: - https://peakd.com/me/proposals/212

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It's really nice to be able to get caught up with everyone who was a part of this.

I definitely hope that this can be a cult classic as well as exposed our community to the world.

I have a feeling the world will value our dream and community here on hive as much as we do.

Thank you very much for your help in starting this.

As a humble Beerologist and marketer, I was just happy to be there and included in that list.

I had quite a bit to share but instead spent the time listening and learning things even I didn't know about our whole revolution. If the stories and angles touched upon in context for a riveting screenplay are any indication, this is going to be a hell of a ride everyone on the blockchain will enjoy.


I am going to share this and give it my seal of approval! ;)

I really can't wait for all of us to hang out and enjoy our favorite libations together while we watch this movie for the first time.

Definitely a lot of content from the past as well as our present and on top of that the future.

Awesome I have so many friends here on the blockchain.

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Sorry I missed the AMA.

I just joined the Discord, so, hopefully, I won't miss any more key fun!

It was nice to hear this, it's fun to remember the genesis of the chain!
This project is nice, keep it up!