The Flag Ring

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If you received a flag from some random account or list of accounts, some of which named after the @steemcleaners or other services, chances are you got hit by the "Steemit Defense League".

What is that?

It's a guy who got disillusioned with Steemit and decided to go around flagging. Whether he intended to flag only abusers or those he deemed as abusers to begin with is unclear. He degenerated into random flagging and then mostly-random resteeming on his 70 or so accounts.


You did nothing wrong if you got a flag or several from them. These in no way indicate any wrongdoing on your part and it's just that you are a random or not-so-random target. It's not your fault and no one should stop curating any individual who received these flags.

What can you do?

Ignore his flags and if they hide or damage your post, ask your friends or the Freezepeach team for help at

If you see a fellow Steemian whose posts have been negatively impacted, give them an upvote.

What's the witnesses and Steemit doing about it?

Ourselves (@guiltyparties) and @themarkymark are updating and compiling the list. This is a contribution for the betterment of the ecosystem.

Steemit Inc and its developers know about it, already removed part of the delegation, and will remove the rest of it. The flagger can try all he wants to make these faucet abuse accounts but they will all lose their delegation, making them useless.

It's not an instant button we can flip to remove delegation but it is happening in the normal workflow of things and everyone is aware and acting on it.

List of accounts

Adding the working copy list. This list is backed up.

You may translate this post into a language other than English and freely repost it as you see fit. You are encouraged but not required to provide a link back to the original. You may use this translation graphic on your posts without giving credit.

Like what we're doing? Support us as a Witness.
Go to
At the bottom, type in guiltyparties
Click VOTE


So far I've been visited by @trucmipo and @jetenculeprofond, apparently they are targeting artists now. I see @trucmipo has been flagging many people voted by the @curie trail which I follow in steemauto. I only have 1 account and use no bots and find it personally very insulting to be flagged by bullies that claim to flag abusers and trolls...

Besides it wastes my time and yours also.

Let me make a suggestion: perhaps it would be good to implement a system that no one could use votes/flags before having posted a few times? Both @trucmipo and @jetenculeprofond have zero posts, why are accounts that contribute nothing to the platform be allowed to vote/flag? Maybe it could discourage this type of childish behavior in the future.

Ignoring them will only make them bolder...

A big hug to all that are working to fix this. ❤ ❤ ❤

Let me make a suggestion: perhaps it would be good to implement a system that no one could use votes/flags before having posted a few times?
This is a great idea!

The ones I have looked at that have flagged me were all less than 10 days old, had made no posts or comments, their only activity was downvoting dozens of seemingly random posts.

Yes apparently that's their life mission: downvoting dozens of seemingly random posts!

Similar note, make it reputation based. Just something simple, like you have to reach 30 rep before you can upvote (so the bots can't upvote eachother to get higher rep as soon as they are made), and then 35 to downvote.

I shared your idea with other witnesses/developers. Definitely a good one and would make automated account creation/farm rings more difficult.

Thank you! At least would make them to have to work a bit until they could start pestering legitimate users :).

I have muted all the accounts that follow or are followed by these bots I reported but would be nice if it could also be implemented a block feature so users could block all contact with and from these types of accounts. That would also put them a step near oblivion and make the creation of those types of accounts meaningless as probably all they want is feed off the drama this type of behavior creates...

And it would save everyone else a lot of time.

Have a great weekend ! ❤

That's not possible unfortunately as that would allow scammers to block flags from anti-abuse accounts.

Ohh... didn't thought about that, too bad... on another note, I've been visited again, this time by @sesamcrs and @cleversteem.
Screenshot - 07162018 - 03:08:13 PM.png
The number of people/bots following them... they are multiplying really fast...

This continuous type of nonsense will bring nothing good to this platform...

Hugs! ❤

another idea I have is including where you have to pick why you're flagging a post, I feel this can cut down on false flagging. And add the little Capatch thing when you sign up, as I feel these are bots doing the down voting

They're interacting directly with the blockchain. Poorly at that. Half the time they flag month-old posts.

Only thing is it won't hurt since they already got the payout for said post

I got my two down votes from these Flaggerson a post that was curied! Such garbage...

I think some of these flagging bots are targeting users voted by the curie trail... or/and that follow the curie trail in steemauto.

I wonder who is behind these flagging accounts and what the real purpose of it is... seems odd to go to such great lengths just to annoy legitimate users.

@dfinney celebrate your curie vote, yay! To you and everyone else here: have a great weekend! ❤

I completely agree. One of my posts that was downvoted was in written in honour of someone who had recently died. Really upset me.

I'm sorry!
There's too many people being bullied...
Hugs! ❤

Back at you @elisea! Thank you. Although I have to say that this feels nothing like it did when I was phished and hacked earlier this year. Equally awful.

You're welcome! That must have been truly awful! ❤

It was. It did have some upsides, though. I wrote about it here
Feel free to share even if it is an old post - as long as folk know how to protect themselves and recover from it. Sadly, there are lots of nasties out there.

You know, one of my flaws as a person is that I hold grudges. But Jesus Christ...making 70 accounts?!? At least my grudges are against people I know irl, and I've never gone that far off the deep end.

How does one even get 70 accounts? I suppose he buys them?

And actually, I may have some very interesting insight about this. I work some online, in particular on a site called Microworkers, to make some money on the side. There was some guy on there who was paying people to create, and then turn over the passwords for, Steemit accounts. I think he got up to about 70-90 before they shut it down. I'll look into it and see if there are any records remaining.

Update: @guiltyparties I think I have something really good here. I have screenshots and an explanation of this job on Microworkers. The timing, number of accounts made, and the country the user is from all add up. I am almost certain this is how the Steemit "Defense" League accounts were made:

I just saw your post, that's very interesting. That's going way beyond the usual account spawning with free numbers and emails. That's also a new level of laziness amongst assholes.

I was curious as to how they made so many accounts, since Steemit takes 1-2 weeks to approve you, unless you pay. idk how much Steemit charges, but they sure had a lot of money to make a crap ton of account to flag people

Well @aaliyahholt if you see my latest article I think I have a pretty good explanation for how the accounts could be made quickly and cheaply. Microworkers doesn't charge that much (although they technically don't allow campaigns to pay people to turn over existing account login info, this guy got away with it for a while before being caught). It still would have cost him some money, but we are probably talking less than $100 total. Maybe even less than $50. I believe to make an alt on Steemit (officially) it costs 5 SBD, or maybe 5 Steem. Either way that would be many times more expensive than the Microworkers campaign I found.

I saw what you meant about the Microworkers, this was saying before I found your posts, how were these people able to create so many accounts just to down vote people.

To create these accounts all you need is a phone number and email address, both of which can be gotten for free. The guy just has nothing better to do and is a douchebag.

I had to use my mom's phone when I made my backup account. I don't see how they got so many e-mails and phone numbers, how the obtained them so quickly. I guess when you go after someone, you don't care about the means to get to it


Just had a discord conversation with @dfinney about it today! Thanks for great work you guys are doing to keep it positive around here.

Thanks man, it's been an ongoing source of questions.

Im still getting hit really bad on every post i post and now its moving into my comments as well...

That one is handled.

Please. go look at my recents... i am still continually being downvoted now by a whole new slew of accounts.. thanks


I'm going to counter that for you.


I was just starting to compile a list myself, might as well hand it over:
These are all auto-flag accounts. One thing to note, he, she, it, is using links to other innocent Steemians in their profile page, I assume to have people turn against them. No need to panic, these are 15 SP accounts and their VP is blown out. No harm done except for the annoyance.


@charlesdeherstal is the one that got me, same deal, 15 SP 8% VP

Yep, and since they're all 25 rep, it's just a fart in the wind.

Added two we didn't have, thanks.

Same one as got @senstless flagged me a few days ago,

@zorralarousse is another one, it use the same scheme

On the list. I just added that list into the post here for everyone.

I was just downvoted by @jupitersaturn, @superfipo and @christisthebest apparently for no reason :D
I have no idea if they belong to the same group or why they're doing this, because they have no power and their downvote can't really do any damage to people (except bothering them).

Thank you for this post anyway :)

Thanks for this. I got hit with one but I was able to undo the dammage with a self-upvote (which I generally don't like doing) the thing that worries me is that a lot of very small accounts (not that mine is big but smaller than mine) are getting hit and this is discouraging a lot of new or undiscovered users. For example, a friend of mine @exhibique got three on a recent post.

"If you see a fellow Steemian whose posts have been negatively impacted, give them an upvote." I think that is the best suggestion. My vote is only worth like .01 but if I see someone getting screwed over, I will give it to them.

Man there are a bunch of them. I was reading a post that said there were 25 new ones a few days ago.

Thank you for what you are doing @guiltyparties! I got hit with three of them the other day, but cross referenced with your Google doc, and you've already got them listed :)

Thanks again!

Good to hear they're on the list. By the looks of it they didn't affect your posts.

Yes, I was fortunate in that respect. I've been sharing this post in a few discord channels as well; try and spread the word that help is on the way :)

Thanks again for taking this on!


Thanks for getting this more clarity bud, it's been getting under the skin of quite a few people, despite the nominal (if any) effect it has been having on their rewards.

Typically no effect. The douchebag fails to realize exactly how many linked fresh accounts it takes to flag off any noticeable rewards.

So dunno if this is helpful but this was on one post today... look at all the negative 100Screenshot_20180712-151757_eSteem.jpg

Thank you, I'll crosscheck it against our list and will add them if not on. He makes new ones regularly.

that zorrolopiu account just downvoted my recent post even after i had them on mute...

Muting them doesn't stop them from interacting with you through votes/comments, it just prevents you from seeing them. I upvoted your last post to counteract any tiny damage it did.

Thanks for the heads up I have been flagged by two of them but not affected.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Thank you for this post!!!

Thanks @guiltyparties! It was so weird getting a random downvote on a post that had just been curied! Appreciate you keeping things hospitable here. ☺️

Thank you so much for the information. I was hit to by one of these bots, no real harm tho but thank you for sharing this and for all you guys do for us all. Cheers!

Thanks @guiltyparties.
I just had @astalavasti downvote 3 of my posts earlier today....

That one is on our list already.

Here's another @christisthebest
They must already be on someone's list with a -100 reputation...

Was on the list, thanks.

christisthebest also flagged some of my posts with no reason, i wondered why but thank you for this explanation. now i can continue posting without worry👍

Thank you for this information. I received a flag a few minutes ago in my last post from an account that calls itself steem cleaners bot.

It's just taking the Steemcleaners name. You have moderate payouts and high rep so at least it couldn't harm the post.

Hey im still getting downvoted really bad... it just keeps coming and wont stop and now i noticed via ginabot that its taking sbd away from me and im just a little no body... i stick to myself for the most part... Screenshot_20180712-201626_Discord.jpg

Just ignore them unless they cumulatively take a big chunk off a post.

Yeah, I've been downvoted 100% by two accounts earlier today, by botmaxu745 and nice-steemer, both accounts with just a shade over 15SP and 8% VP.
So they fit the pattern as well, and both hit my latest post, which makes me think they may be targeting @tribesteemup, @thealliance or both.

It's just random but good to see they didn't affect you much.

Yeah, I've only found one more instance so far, but then I've only gone back the past couple of days.

Question: do you want me to provide you with the user IDs, if I find more?

Thanks for all you do to keep the platform a positive place for Steemians.

I just edited this post to add the list of them. If you see any that aren't on the list please let me know.

Will do. Thanks again.
The third one I found was already on the list.

nice steemer has been down voting me and stopped after a couple posts, thank God they got bored flagging me, now I wish the rest of the trolls get bored.

I ran your account through the Freezepeach bot to counter some of the flags and upvoted you myself.

Yeah, I'd love to know what their logic is, if any. Seems completely nonsensical.

Their bio said " I don't like you, I flag you" question id, they don't know me nor gave me a chance

It's not personal, it's random, they did the same thing to me and a lot of other people. Try to let it roll off your back. They're just being jerks.

Its just, its disheartening posting quality videos and people down voting you because they have no lives

I can completely relate.

On Facebook, I only unfriended one person ever, but after I posted a piece questioning vaccine science (much of which doesn't qualify as science at all), that guy started posting reams of hate speech on my feed.

He started literally calling me a baby killer because I support parents who don't want to subject their infants to unproven and frequently harmful injections.

This after I included links to clinical studies that supported my stance, and after including anecdotal evidence regarding friends whose children and animals had been harmed, and in two cases killed, by the vaccines in question.

Some people don't want to be confused by the facts.

In any case, I tried reasoning with him, and when it was clear that reason isn't something he recognizes, I unfriended and blocked him, so as to prevent his hate speech from assaulting my friends and family on FB.

And as you say, some simply don't seem to have a life, and take it out on whomever they find online. Sad and frustrating.

Sorry they're taking it out on you, and hope it stops soon.

Thank you @guiltyparties for this. I have had two of my posts downvoted by two different account @usertelor and @icebergbitos.. Had me very confused until I came here. Tx again

Both of them are on our list. They just hit at random.

What a nuisance. Thanks for letting me know and thank you as always for all your hard work to keep @steemit a happy place!

Greetings @guiltyparties. I was downvoted by a brand-new account yesterday, and wrote a post today speculating about it. After posting, I was browsing the 'flag' tag and came across posts discussing the Steem Defense League, including this one, which makes me wonder if the account that flagged me, @bestwebmaster (BotAntiTrolls), may be yet another head of this hydra. I submit this information to your good detective services. Thank you 👍

Thank you, that's a new one, added to our list.

Hi again @guityparties, I had my post about the downvoters downvoted by a downvoter LOL


Looks like @trucmipo could be another one for the list if not already present.

[edit]: just did a search for 'trucmipo' on here and found that the very first comment. by @elisea mentions this account, so I guess it's on the list. Cheers 🔆

It's already on the list, thanks.

@guiltyparties the steemflagrewards discord also is keeping a long list of the steemit defense league accounts... in case their efforts are separate from yours. A second one hit me today.

I'll go take a look there. Didn't think of it. Thanks.

hemp. that is the answer why i got flag without any reason from some account.

Yeah, wasn't anything you did.

@jetenculeprofond and @cosmosteemer
It's 2 accounts that do downvote on my post here and here



I also been flagged by cosmosteemer

I got down voted by cosmosteemer

Got both of them on the list already, thanks.

Thank you for posting about this. As a relative newbie around these parts I was gutted to receive a flag from one of these accounts, and then a second one the following day. Luckily I've been a part of the WelcomeWagon and they were able to fill me in on it a bit so that I knew it wasn't me doing anything wrong...

I'd really encourage anyone here who are mentoring / looking after / encouraging newbies in anyway to pass this info onto them if you can - it's not so much a worry about the rewards us newbies have, but the fear of having inadvertently got something wrong or upset someone. It's a knock to the confidence and may result in a few of the more timid new users bowing-out. And that really is a sad and damaging result these flags can have.

E x

Exactly this. All new users should know that a random flag is just trash to be forgotten and shouldn't dissuade them from using the platform.

This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @peppermint24.

Hi @guiltyparties,

I translated your article and of course linked it. Is it okay to use the image? Otherwise, I'd be replacing it.

Greetings from South-America

Yeah of course, anything in any of my translation posts is for everyone to use. Appreciate the translation.

I'm getting down voted my "trollshunter" "donaldducky" and other accounts, not sure if they're apart of the defense team like you said

Yeah that's them. Let me know if they keep hitting you since they're zeroing your posts.

they're still at it ( I think) also a new account is on my called jupitersaturn or something like that

Thanks for this post @guiltyparties. I was just flagged today and this put it into perspective for me and the account was on the list.

Hi, @guiltyparties, thanks for this valuable info.
Yes, lots of friends got flags by those accounts.
I will try to post the indonesian translation thru my account.

Thanks again for the info. 😊

Thank you kindly for the excellent translation.

Thanks for this information

I was recently flagged by a few accounts too.. but they flagged my posts that are over 7 days.. and their VP are Low too.. but nothing I can do as they have no posts for me to downvote.

Their bots really suck at figuring out what posts they should flag.

Not sure if they are bots tough.. but yes they are annoying..

THANK YOU for shedding some light on this! Many people have been wondering, especially those of us who were mysteriously hit by this person, with no explanation.

It's an ongoing annoyance that's confusing everyone pretty much. If you can share the info on the Discords that'd be appreciated.

Hi, @guiltyparties!
I think we might have a new account, 1day old, that has the same behavior! I got flagged today by it. The name is @superfipo. I have also reported it to steemcleaners.

Thank you for putting the list together!

Thank you, adding that one to the list. That's a new one. I'm one of the @steemcleaners so reporting here to me is fine.

Thanks! That's great, I will let you know if I see something else.

Thanks @guiltyparties! I got hit by dernu this morning but see that account is on the list. Just noticed I don't have you yet as a witness vote so I will be adding you now..thanks again for the update!!

Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

You're welcome!!

It's hilarious you post this. I JUST got hit by one. 0.01SP, zero posts, and resteems a lot of negative reputation posts 😂😂😂

It's pretty much a joke unless they hit a very small account.

Oh, that's a great one freezepeach! I can't stop giggling about that!

But on a more serious note, thanks for the work you are doing! I will update my witness voting. Edit:no I won't, I already vote for you!

Hah thanks man.

Here is another for your collection, if you don't have him already.

This suck people who act this way, so far I have not received an attack from them!

I think @gladiatorwork is one of them.
He also had this link on his profile where he publicly states that he's working for the steemit defence league:

Thanks, added that one.

This one got me @poritoza Wonder if this account is related? I was wondering what was up with that account banner.
Thanks for doing this. Love to see the community come together to fix problems.

Already on the flag ring list.

Thanks for all you do. Truly appreciated.

I was just downovoted by @jupitersaturn, @superfipo and @christisthebest apparently for no reason :D
I have no idea if they belong to the same group or why they're doing this, because they have no power and their downvote can't really do any damage to people (except bothering them).

Thank you for this post anyway :)

Those are on the list.

I was downvoted by @gladiatorwork on the 14th. I don't see that on your list, but it was a rep 25 account with no posts.

Was added to the list.

Yeah, stormstblogger downvoted one of my posts! I was wondering what was going on but it never amounted to anything so just ignored it and moved on.

Some inappropriate downvotes from dodgy looking accounts happening on my last post.


Worth being aware of, @guiltyparties. Thanks.

All of these are on the list already, thanks man.

Nice one. Go get 'em.

Thanks, @guiltyparties. We appreciate all the work you folks do.

Thank you a million times over for taking steps to address this issues. As a newbie, it's quite frustrating. I've already noticed a difference in the number of downvotes though, so I can tell it's working. :-)

These gnats have flagged me often. No steem power, though, and very low vote strength. Probably be something we remember someday. Like upgoats or gentlebot.

many thanks sir @guiltyparties. i have make translation this post. very useful. and now i got downvote for account without reason.


that same account in your list Sir. great job Sir.

Thanks. The cryboo account seems to be unrelated.

Thanks for information Sir

Hi @guiltyparties great work you are doing. I believe I have two more that should be on your list these are @gladiatorwork and @kissmylips

Both on the list.

i just got flag on 3 contents for no reason

You have a few steemcleaners flags but I saw you also got flagged by two accounts from this ring for no reason.

ye mate, not much i can do i guess but it seems like they are living me alone at the moment, thanks for reply to me

Thank you! This is really helpful. I just wrote a post about a random flag from @niquetarace, (whose activity shows they've been doing nothing but flagging others.) In response, @chrisrice directed me to this post. I was worried I'd done something wrong, but couldn't find any info on what to do. Glad you guys are keeping an eye on this!

On the list, thanks.

Very important this information, and it reaches many people, I was a victim of this flags ring and they ruined several of my publications, that's why I already made the version in Spanish of your publication, Thanks for the help when the flag ring attack me
Thank you
Here my post

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier.

Nothing to be sorry for!

@baissetonfroc is another one not already on the posted list.

I got 4 Downvotes :/ Thanks vor helping 😁👍Screenshot_20180716-233327_eSteem.jpg

Those are all on the list, thanks.

Believe this is another one:

Vote | @friendtoppriest | -100% 13:27
Voter @friendtoppriest
Author @bjgeese
Permlink welcome-to-steemit-100-vote-for-a-week-pif-curation-contest-entry-week-12-f348273f23e07
Weight -100% ( $ 0.00 / ~ 0.00 USD )
Post Payout $ 0.87 ( 43 Votes / ~ 0.00 USD )

new one, thanks

Another one to add to the list.....I was flagged by @altrei.

You have a great concept. The flag is well designed. I like it. Thanks for your time.

That is the first flag I got. It happened yesterday and after I have read about this from several people. I started feeling left out lol but no, now I am special too :D
Thank you for this info, I am sure a lot of people will find it useful and thanks for everything you are doing to sort this person out.

no listed in googledocs @cyberdroid . Thanks you, @guiltyparties ;)

thanks! steempioneer: another unlisted who downvoted me. ;)

and these: encoremoi . casido

Steemit Inc and developers should get serious and sort this out forever. we cannot be losing our steem in that way. I have a thought that our steem might be slowly disappearing to someones's account in this way. If the developers do not want to create suspiscion in out minds, they should sort out this as soon as possible. Why are they paid anyway? Why is the management and the developers having breaks at this time yet this problem is not yet solved? Get serious and stop wasting our had earned money in this way

  • topfrsteemer -100% ≈ -0.00$
    this guy flagged my account and the I received this comment: -

@flagfixer (51)Pending · 7 hours ago
@claudiaz you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

So it seems they are on this one already! But this is turning into a nuisance and destroy peoples accounts!

and here is another one I just came across:

  • astalavasti -100% ≈ -0.00$

on the list already ty

thank you for your response, they appear faster than we can keep track of them!

I have been a victim of the above and have since been directed to this post, thanks to a concerned steemian @pasadomata (thank you) . I am just glad to see that I am being flagged unnecessarily as I really could not understand why, but all good I guess. I have included the culprits who are flagging me in the original query below in case you have a list you are compiling.

Original query:
Does anyone know what the flagging on my posts are about? I seem to have gotten flagged on my last 2 posts, and I am not sure what for? by @marcfrelon2 @treedain @altrei - if anyone can shed some light on this, it only shows up on my @steepshot though.

they're all on the list and getting processed. the flags are random

Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated, good to know.

Hi guys... I have another one to add to the list:

(With the @, of course - I just don't want to tag them in case they start a vendetta against me ;P)

on it already ty

Just got a flag on my latest post yesterday from coolanalp. List of flaggers I've had so far:

For a handy list of accounts that have down voted you, go to:
and type in your steem name.

Someone suggested in the comments earlier (i think it was @elisea) to make it that you need to have posted a few times before you get to down vote.. I'd suggest taking it further, much like the vote slider, that it becomes a feature that you get/have earned after having been on steemit for a certain amount of time (maybe 30 days), have a minimum rep .. say 35 and have to have posted a certain amount of times. I know you can get around the rep bit with bidbots but it just makes it that much more expensive for a spammer.. anyway, some kind of mechanic to discourage this none sense would be welcome.

Got it. One new one and one I didn't have on the list but delegation was already handled.

I just got flagged by @sucemabite, apparently for no reason...

It didn't do no harm, since his rep is only 25, but this is simply not done...