Boss Status Florida Trip - Part 2

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After laying down several fat stacks of Benj'ees for the new ride I went to a Sushi restraunt to get some proper nourishment.


I try to eat like a God King when possible because my nutrition is so important to my recovery and health.

After that I went to a boat ramp launch area to try to take some pictures and video of the car.


I went mini viral on Instagram with a Reel I posted. It got about 3,800 views in about an hour. @brianphobos on Instagram if you guys want to see some of those.

That night I stayed in a DoubleTree hotel because my friend had family in town. I only told my friend Goran I was down there after I got the car.



I screwed around with the head unit some the next day and decided to get more elite nourishment.


After that I headed to Goran's place to hang out with him. We were going to go out and check out the Miami scene. I did a great Instagram story from Goran's balcony because there is a police station right below him that has a rainbow fruitcake squad car as well as a pink one.



Goran and I ended up going to some Speak Easy place and got these drinks that had writing floating in it.


After that we bounced around several places spitting game and talking crypto and cars.



I ate this pizza towards the end of the night.
I can't say it was proper nourishment but it was good.

I posted some more stories to lay more foundation for the women. The weird thing was all the foundation that I layed this past summer down there wasn't coming through real great for me for various reasons. I just ended up falling asleep.

Stay tuned for Part 3 when I join the Amish Mafia Cocoa Beach Chapter


Is that a Bentley? Are you still trying to pull chicks or is that just to get chased by a gay cop car?

Hahaha, I don't really leverage the Bentley for the chicks for the most part. It just sends the wrong message.

If the Gay cop car attempts to chase me down I will just do 200mph and say I didn't recognize the car as a valid law enforcement vehicle and felt I was being sexually demonized for loving so many women.

It sends an I'm rich message!

I had to check what they sell for in NZ - holy cow!


I just love the body style, it is a timeless design.

You start the thing up and it just roars. 🦁

Best of all, at this point I was mainly looking for value. With the chip shortages and supply chain issues on parts I'm looking to be able to drive it and then be able to get my money out of it. As long as I can somewhat drive high end cars for free or take a small hit over a years time that isn't a bad deal.

Yes, that is pure style - what year is yours?

Is it a V12? They are rare as hen's teeth in NZ!


I like it when you use the word nourishment instead of food because food is meant to nourish your body. The sushi looks mouth watering.

Hahahah, It cracks me up when I say Nourishment. I will even tell friends they need to get some proper nourishment and not be drinking sody pop and eating ramen noodles. 🤣