Bittersweet Pork Tenderloin

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Hello my dear Steemians! Today’s recipe takes only half an hour of your time: Bittersweet Pork Tenderloin


You will need:


1/2 kg. pork tenderloin3 green apples
50 gr. raisins2 sweet potatos
3 tablespoons liquid honey1 tablespoon butter


  • Clean the tenderloin by removing fat and nerves with your knife.
  • Add salt and pepper.


  • Cut your apples into eighths.
  • Cut your sweet potatoes in slices.


  • Put some butter in a hot pan, then put the tenderloin at hot heat during 2 minutes, turn it and wait another 2 minutes. This way you "seal" the meat, check the video:

  • Add the apples and raisins plus the liquid honey and cook at low heat covering the pan.

  • Meanwhile boil your sweet potatos, when tender, set them aside.


  • Uncover the pan and let it cook for another 2 minutes and you are ready!


Bon Appétit!

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Wow, thank you, it's an honor!

I'm glad you liked, you're welcome!

Yum yum, looking good!

Thank you @meesterboom! I heard you have some wholemeal bread?

Lol, made with green tea no less!! :O)

Sounds like a healthy bread!

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