Morri Coffee - Mediterranean style cafe

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Morii Coffee is a unique establishment nestled in the heart of the city, yet it effortlessly transports you to the depths of the ocean with its sophisticated and refreshing maritime ambiance.


From the very first glance, I was captivated by the serene sea-blue hues that pervade the atmosphere, making the air inside the café cool and inviting. The first floor of the venue is a true emerald gem with its marvelous garden space. The tasteful combination of stones, flowing water, and lush greenery creates a harmonious tableau, allowing every guest's soul to unwind and become one with nature.

The outdoor seating is thoughtfully designed with low chairs reminiscent of the comfortable ones found on the beach, making sitting here both intriguing and comfortable. The gentle sea breeze, accompanied by the soft sounds of waves from the flowing water feature, generates a truly tranquil environment—perfect for savoring coffee amidst nature's embrace.

The café boasts ample space, accommodating nearly 100 people on each floor. The meticulous and aesthetically pleasing setup in every area leaves a lasting impression. Not limited to the outdoor setting, the interior space is also generously designed, creating an overall sense of comfort and ease for patrons.




Morii Coffee is not just a restaurant; it's an ideal destination for those who appreciate uniqueness and diversity in the world of beverages. With a price range of around $2, the establishment offers customers not only a taste experience but also a journey of exploration through a variety of fascinating drinks.

Morii Coffee's drink menu is a flavor museum, featuring a rich selection ranging from fruit teas, coffee, milk tea, yogurt, and fresh juices to blended beverages. Particularly noteworthy are the mouthwatering dessert options like strawberry cake, lime cake, mango cake, matcha cake, blueberry cake, and various other treats that will satisfy your sweet cravings.

One standout is the mango milk tea, a creatively crafted choice with toppings like aloe vera and white pearls. The tea cup is beautifully adorned, with mango syrup drizzled around the rim, creating an enticing piece of art. The fragrant mango aroma, combined with the silky smooth milk tea, delivers a truly unique flavor experience.







The honeydew melon tea is also a delightful surprise with its rich tea flavor, complemented by the refreshing and sweet sensation from the fresh honeydew chunks. Stirring the drink before sipping enhances the blending of flavors and introduces a novel sensation.



With its aesthetically pleasing ambiance and a diverse selection of beverages, Morii Coffee is the perfect place to unwind and savor distinctive flavors with friends and family.

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