Make your first sourdough starter in a week. Days #3&4

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Well... we are already on day #3. If you made it to here, you are almost half the way to your healthy starter.

If you want to start from scratch, follow the steps from my previous post.

So... here’s my starter at the morning of the third day.

As you can see a very wild things have happened in comparison with the previous evening. This had happened to all my starters. They tend to be absolutely booming on the third day, and tend to keep theirselves a bit calmer the following days. The usual rise of the starter is about double the non-raised state.

Well... during the day, the starter was even got out of the container.

You can see the difference from the previous evening

At this state we need to establish a more stable yeast starter. The faster and more vital “bugs” tend to work more and faster, but they die faster too. So after a couple of days only the more stable cells will be alive and fermenting the flour.

The evening of the third day you will throw away most of the starter. I tend to keep only about 1/2 cup or less... maybe 60-70 ml of starter. Then add again, equal parts of water and flour. I tend to use still a mixture of all grain and all purpose flour. At the following day the tendency is to reduce the all grain flour.


Now leave the starter rest and the yeast will work over the sourdough mixture.

The next day:

As you can see, the starter is far less active than the previous day. Don’t worry. It’s not less active, the reason is that it just started to stabilize a bit. This is pretty normal, so keep on feeding the little cells. They need this food in the form of flour. The fourth day is the last one when I add equal parts of all grain and all purpose flour.

Again, the ratio flour to water is 1:1 again. Here’s the amount after I have thrown away some of the starter:

And here’s the starter after the feeding:

Now it’s time to leave it alone, at room temperature, thus let the “bugs” do their work steady and at a healthy rate. In the following post you will see the last steps towards getting your healthy starter. And the following tasty doughs for pizza, bread or whatever you like.

See you soon.