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Greetings Steemit Friends! 😉💃🏻

Sampling yummy local cuisine is always at the top of my to-do list while traveling. Today, I'm sharing with you a few of my "foodie" photos from a springtime trip to Spain. 📷🦐🍷


Every year Barcelona (the capital of Catalonia) tops the travel destination lists as one of the "the best of the best" to see, do and experience in Western Europe.

And for good reason! The city and region's delicious food and drink, spectacular art and architecture, sunny Mediterranean climate and warm hospitality are NOT to be missed.


After a long afternoon of sightseeing the city's Modernista landmarks, squeezing in the Picasso Museum, and strolling through La Boqueria, I was STARVING....

The buzz online from food bloggers was that Carles Abellan's Tapas 24 was a must-try. It's popular with ex-pats, tourists and locals alike so, the food should be on point.

And talk about buzzing! It's walk-in only. The line went out the door and snaked all the way around the block.

After a half-hour wait, I was finally seated. Judging by other patron's plates, the ham and cheese croquettes (Croquetes de Pernil Ibèric) were the first round of tapas (or tapes) I would order. Shortly followed by La Bomba de La Barceloneta, a potato and meatball stuffed croquette topped with a spicy sauce.

Next, my favorite tapa...

Photo courtesy of Food Barcelona.

The Bikini Comerç 24

A Catalan version of the Croque-Monsieur and just as irresistible. Melty goodness made with black truffles, cured Iberian ham and Buffalo mozzarella.

Next up are...


The Grilled Prawns

A simple dish that was simply delish. Also noteworthy was the Ous Estrellats al Gust. I ordered the full-sized entrée of smashed eggs with potatoes and Iberian ham.

If ham isn't your jam, you also have the choice of chorizo, bacon, sausage or decadent foie gras.

Next up is my favorite course... DESSERT!!!


Chocolate, with another side of chocolate, por favor...

The dessert on the left is a gourmet interpretation of a classic wafer ice-cream sandwich with chocolate and vanilla. On the right, is a lil' somethin' somethin' sweet 'n salttyyyy...

A threesome of flaky sea salt sprinkled chocolate pudding quenelles. Each quenelle is drizzled with olive oil and is served with a simple slice of crispy crostini. So seductive!

The total Tapas 24 experience was totally ñam ñam (yum-yum)! So much so, I ate there twice!

This video captures Tapas 24's vibe perfectly...

I also dined at another Carles Abellan restaurant during my stay, the Michelin-starred Comerç 24.

The dinner tasting menu was a lenggtthhyyy gastronomic journey. To be honest, a little too long for my taste.


Unlike Tapas 24, the service and food felt like it was trying wwaayyy too hard to be AMAZING.

Maybe it was the slabs of stone and rock as dinnerware, or the very unflattering streetlamp lighting flooding the fancy dining room that made it seem so strange and off-putting for a pricey meal. Or, maybe it was the snooty waiter... or, all of the above.

Oh, and the food? It was forgettable. Here are my best shots in the photo above (from left to right)...

Fish with chickpeas, glass noodles and greens, more white fish on a slab with foam and edible flowers... and for dessert, chocolate and peanut butter nougat with chocolate gelato and a side of yogurt.

Oh, and a bottle or two of cava. That bit was the best part.

No yummy 'Bikini Comerç 24' sandwiches at Comerç 24. Needless to say, the dinner was a bummer. I've learned that this restaurant has now closed. Not surprising.

Now that I shared a small taste of my dining experience with you, here's my quickie review for Tapas 24...

The Good 😃

Serving contemporary Catalan fare by renowned chef Carles Abellan.
Fantastic selection of local wine and beer on tap.
Attentive service.
Fun and unpretentious décor and lively ambiance.
Cost: $$ - $$$ (the average price is about €27 per person).
Conveniently located in the L'Eixample district.
Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 269, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 12 a.m. Sun. - Sat.
Visit website for more information.

The Bad 🤔

No reservations. Walk-in only.
Long wait during peak hours.

The Ugly 😧

None! Just yummmm! 😋

The Official @michellectv STEEMIT FOODIE FIND Rating Score is 4.5 / 5 PLATES! 🍽️🍽️🍽️🍽️.5


Thanks for commenting, upvoting and resteeming this post! I hope my post will inspire you to treat yourself to something yummy! Until next time...

Bon Appétit!



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looks like quite a delicious meal, and for some reason I now feeling like having myself some really decadent extra chocolaty ice cream! 😋

and then I can follow it up with some yummy Croque-Monsieurs along with some prawns to boot! 😀

Will you make some for me too @alexpmorris?! Hmmm.... shrimp grilled cheese sounds like something to try when I have the midnight munchies!

hmmm, that does sound rather tasty. In fact, it may be something worth considering right about now! :D

Ooooo.... shrimp wrapped in bacon grilled cheese.. Yes, please!

Now that looks tasty! I wish I knew about this spot the last time I was in Barcelona... definitely have to visit next time! Thanks for inspiration :)

You're very welcome @phortun! I was hoping to try Tickets too but couldn't get a reservation. Regardless, I was more than happy to try Tapas 24 twice : D

Barcelona is such a great city with some amazing food. Might go there again to visit a friend in April. Have been to the Comerç 24. Thanks for the tip!

Yes, Barcelona is some the best of the best!

Oh, It looks amazing, especially the dessert!
I have to go there and try it by myself ;)) You make me hungry now :D

If you're visiting Barcelona, I'd highly recommend it ; )

Delicious post!
Impressive pics of some cuisine style foods.
Those desserts are really mouth watering.

Thanks @buster544! They were drool-worthy, hehe

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gracias, poco a poco aprendemos más de esto y haremos mas enfoque en recomendaciones como estas (ahora no pude usar el traductor)

Delicious food item.So much good trip.Some good event,Some bad thing.
overall it is very good experience and i mean expensive

Yes, yes and mostly yes!

Looking so yummy and tasty, specially chocolate pudding, i just want to have a byte, and thanks for sharing such a yummy food.

You're welcome!

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