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Happy Weekend Steemit Friends! πŸ€—

Don't ya just loovvvee ❀️ warm, super moist muffins straight out of the oven?! Oh boy, I sure do!

Today, I'll share with you my adaptation of a simple guilt-free and gluten-free muffin recipe. It's quick and easy-to-bake, with just a few main ingredients.

I hope you'll go 🍌 bananas 🍌 for this delicious and nutritious treat! πŸ˜„


Greek Yogurt Banana Oatmeal Muffins Recipe 🍌😊


2 1/2 c. old-fashioned (whole grain rolled) oats
2 large eggs
2-3 overripe medium-sized bananas
1/2 c. plain whole-milk Greek yogurt
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tbsp. cinnamon*
1/4 tsp. fine grain sea salt
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract*
2 tbsp. maple syrup or honey
walnuts, chopped*

Yield: 1 dozen muffins | Prep time: 5 min. | Bake Time: 18-20 min. | Oven Temp: 400Β°F (204Β°C) | *optional



1. Preheat oven to 400Β°F and grease or line muffin tin.

2. Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.

3. Divide batter among a dozen muffin cups. Top each one with chopped walnuts and rolled oats.

4. Bake for 18 - 20 minutes or until inserted toothpick (or knife) removed from the center of the muffin comes out clean.

That was easy-peasy! Now, enjoy your freshly baked muffins! πŸ˜‹


Thanks for commenting, upvoting and resteeming this post! I hope my post will inspire you to treat yourself to something yummy! Until next time...

Bon AppΓ©tit!



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Amazing posts! Food pics delicious looking. Makes we want to make and eat them immediately!

I'm glad my pics have you savoring the flavoring ; )

It is obviously a delicious food.It is also beneficial for our health.
It increases our nutritional power.So that we can safe our body from undernutrition.
Thanks, @michellectv for sharing.
I will wait for your upcoming post.
@Resteem & follow has dne.

Thanks for the resteem @hhumaira! As the first resteem, I'm upvoting your comment to the top ; )

The food looks very beautiful. I like to eat too much, I think. Thanks for sharing a nice meal recipe.
waiting for your next blog.
And resteemited done.

Food is one of the few real pleasure in life for us to enjoy ; )

I agree with you. We have good health while eating fruits. If the person is healthy, then the mind is also good.



@michellectv It looks delicious, indeed!! And nice plating and nice click!!
upvoted and resteemed and follow ;)

Thank you @acongsteemer! Happy to have you as a new follower ; )

they look delicious, and tasted great too! and even more to the point, for those who may have missed it... notice no added sugar to the recipe! πŸ˜€ πŸ‘

Well, not table sugar but a bit of maple syrup or honey as a sweetener. And yes, I noticed how much you enjoyed munching on my muffins. They disappeared quickly!

OMG That looks sooo good and soo colourful!! I really am starving now for that! yummy!!!!!

Oh thank you @allasyummyfood! You are THE authority of YUMMY FOOD! ; )

These look amazing and healthy too! Thanks for sharing!

You're very welcome @yasminep! Thanks for stopping by ; )

The Greek Gods would die for Greek Yogurt. I'm Oatmeal. Liked. Shared. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Thank you! Lovely to make your acquaintance Oatmeal. ; )


Mmm, send me some! :)

Sure thing! A baker's dozen via Steemit Express ; )

It looks delicious and healthy, thanks for the recipe.. resteem :)

Thanks so much @rayfa!

I love strawberries so much, I will surely try your recipe.

Enjoy it! Save me a bite ; )

Muffins are my all time favourite thing to go with.... Loved it thank you for sharing

Muffins are easy-to-make and hard to resist. Thanks for stopping by!

☺️ this is really true

Its so Delicious. It has great health benefits. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week end.

Yup, delicious and nutritious!

These are amazing! I have never seen a strawberry beet recipe before! Thank you for sharing this, I am looking to broaden my horizons with foods! I am huge into healthy foods!!

Who knew that beets could be so delicious? Hehe. I'm always on the look out for nutritious and easy recipes too. ; )

Oh dam that Italian smoothie! Its just too attractive and can't think of anything at this very moment. It feels very smooth after looking at it, must be mouth watering and tasty!

It's funny how seductive a smoothie can be!

It looks delious & yummy....

the recepi are simple with easy to find ingredient too..

I'll resteem and keep it for my future references :)

This looks extremely good, I want them all !!!!

(nom nom nom).... Ate 'em all.

Β 5 years agoΒ (edited)Β 

I like it for sure, it looks absolutely deliciuos! i am not very good cooking but my wife has a gift.. hehe.. So we will try it. Thanks!!

It's super quick to make! Help your lovely wife with the muffin clean up ; )

i liiiiike the strawberry

I like strawberries too! So nice with tangy Greek yogurt!

@michellectv I often make a similar dish, but I add a bit of coco powder to it.
Doesn't add many calories at all, yet tastes amazing!

Yummy! Chocolaty banana muffins!

Nice. Thank you for showing us how to do it 😊

No problem!

It looks delicious, if I can get all the ingredients I'll try to make

Hope you get a chance to try it! ; )

So Yummy and tasty i just feel hungry, superb, i am following you for your amazing post.

Happy to have you as a hungry new follower @zehra42 ; )

are you greek?!

My muffins partly are ; )

haha ;) !

Hello Michelle... i would like to share to you my specialty... . I hope you like it. This is best when prepared during winter.

Sounds like a nice, warming, spicy soup! Perfect for our cold winters here ; ) Thank you!

Looks so delicious! πŸ˜‹

Thank you @gwenbyyy!

Nice photos, and amazing recipe of course hehe, lookΒ΄s delecious.

Wooow! thanks for sharing this food dear i will try it Hope you wi;ll share more with us

Oh, I will! And I hope you share your muffins when you make them! Haha ; )

sure I will share dear Hope you will appereciate me thanks

Omg this looks absolutely yummy! I have been trying to eat healthier and I love bananas so this will be a great addition to my go-to list of healthy recipes. Thanks so much for sharing!

You're very welcome! This is perfect for when you have a couple of bananas that are going bad but not enough to make traditional banana bread. Enjoy!

I used to bake when I ate wheat/flour. The only time I eat flour now is pizza which is not that often. The gluten free breads that I have tried are not that good. Your muffins look really good, so I'll be trying out the recipe. Thx!

I agree, most of the gluten-free breads aren't that yummy. Hopefully, this one will be to your liking ; )

I actually purchased a set of silicon cupcake liners that you used for the DIY peanut butter chocolate cups the other month. I haven't made those, but I might be able to use them for this recipe.
Regarding the gluten free breads, I purchased a bread machine to bake my own and still have not had one come out good, they were OK at best. Without gluten, there is minimal 'rise' and soft moist texture to breads...

Β 5 years agoΒ (edited)Β 

Oh, it must be wonderful to own a bread machine! And yes, the silicone baking cups work well for these muffins. Used them for this recipe too ; )

The bread machines are actually very affordable and they are easy to use. Dump everything in and press a button. I'll let you know when I make these muffins, I have most of the ingredients, just need ripe banana's!

Sounds good!

Here is my version of your recipe, they came out quite well and I will continue to make them. I even attempted a similar cover photo, lol

I want to try, it seems very nutritious and delicious, thanks for sharing a good recipe again

You're welcome! Enjoy it ; )

It looks very delicious

It was! Everyone gobbled them up!

And you didn't save me Jejejejeje to try them out.

thanks for your vote, I've been stalked and I love all your posts, I'm your fan

You're welcome!

It's delicious food. My kids love muffins

That's because they have excellent taste ; )

OMG, it is delicious. i think i need chocolate right now

Chocolate is always a good idea : D

Looking at them makes me feel fat haha

They shouldn't. They're full of fiber ; )

I love this. Ama make you my wife to have it all the time.

You don't need a wife, you got the recipe for free!

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its loooks very testy .. isnt. it...!

Tasty it is ; )

How sweet food

Sweet food, sweet life! Enjoy!

I swear, Nigerians will LOVE this.


Wouw delicious! Thank you for you're post!!

You're very welcome!

Excellent perfect combination I love sour and sweet or salty and sweet. I am new to this community but I love it because we can learn a lot from other people. I invite you to follow me ...

Yes, tangy yogurt pairs well with sweet!

looks interesting

For sure!

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Once you do, I think love it ; )