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The Abaca Baking Company is one of the many restaurants under Abaca Group, popular for its several restaurants because of its top-notch food and excellent service that spread like wildfire within the island of Cebu.

This place has everything that you are craving for when it comes to comfort food, they have quite enough variety on their menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Breakfast is served 24-7)

Luncheonette Burger


Although they have an American short-order restaurant named 'Luncheonette', they also offer this at ABC. Homemade burger buns, grilled smashed brisket, belly and chuck, American cheese and their special sauce. It also comes with fresh potato wedges and their very good homemade pickles... what else can I ask for?


So many times we ordered this burger to share with another dish but I always regret sharing it with him because he likes to give me less portion that I should be getting, lol. He would tell me 'I should get the bigger cut because I am bigger than you' and I would raise my right brow but I just ceased.

Then I would tell him, we should just order one each but then I always want to have a different dish on our table. Women can really be complicated ha? lol

Traditional Meat Pie


While my boyfriend and I were waiting for the main dish that we ordered, I went up to the counter and just looked through the freshly baked goods and I saw they have a meat pie. I never had a meat pie before other than dessert pies so I thought I would try this out.

If I remember correctly, Genesis, one of the staff told me that it's a combination of pork and beef. The stuffing was very tasty and I enjoyed the pie crust, it was flaky and moist. For some cooks out there, we know that baking a pie crust isn't always easy. It can be bland and boring if you haven't perfect any pie crust recipes and the key answer to an excellent pie is the crust! ;)

Mashed potato


The best tasting mashed potatoes I've had in a restaurant! Am not even sure which one is better, my mashed potato or this one ;p

I 've had some awful mashed potato in other restaurants, how awful? So bad that I wanted to go into their kitchen and boil some potatoes and show them how easy it is to make an excellent mashed potato, am not even kidding, lol. It' really upsets me when they can't make a simple dish like this.

Bakery Benedict


One of the best dishes on the breakfast menu is the bakery benedict but it doesn't mean you can only have it for breakfast, which I'd have this anytime of the day ;)

It has two perfect poached eggs, shaved ham, two halves toasted English muffins and poured with some rich tarragon hollandaise sauce! One the menu you select from shaved ham, smoked salmon, crisp bacon, or corned beef.


I think if I wasn't outside I would lick the whole plate just because the sauce what THAT good ;D

Strawberry Banana Watermelon Smoothie


I also ordered a strawberry-banana-watermelon smoothie and I wasn't surprise since they're always consistent. I tried their other smoothies and they're all very good but this one is my favorite.

Dessert at Abaca IT Park

After our lunch at Abaca Ayala Mall, we spent about two hours roaming around the mall and bought some stuff that we need before going home.

Headed back to our condo, we weren't done with Abaca for the day so stopped at the ABC branch at IT Park and had some dessert. ;p

breads at the counter.jpg

Now, Telll me this isn't making you hungry!- Because as I am writing this, my stomach is grumbling and am thinking to ask my boyfriend if we can grab some thing at the closest Abaca Baking Store ;p

dessert at the counter.jpg

Who doesn't love sweets? The desserts here are to die for! If you happen to visit any of their branches where the time strikes for a 50% up to 70% off on selected items then take that chance to grab some treats.

Carrot Walnut Cake


Overwhelming as it is for me whenever I visit this place, the variety of dessert is what I am always after for. One of one favorite cake is the carrot walnut cake. It has a balance of flavor from the carrots and walnut, oh warning this one is so addicting.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie


If it's got peanut butter, I go to have it!

My boyfriend and I ordered one slice each of carrot walnut cake and two peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. I couldn't take a good photo of the cake because I couldn't wait to eat plus my boyfriends eats fast (coz he is used to eating fast while he was in the Army) So sometimes I feel like I have to rush to finish my food once he is done, lol. I like to eat slow and appreciate every bite, I enjoy the food better that way. So this time, I didn't rush and I took all the time I had to endulge in my lovely desserts.

I highly recommend this place to all food-fanatics out there. For every delicious calorie is a value for money!

Abaca Baking Company has now 8 locations in Cebu:

IT Park Cebu, TGU Tower
IT Park Cebu, Filinvest Cyberzone
Ayala Cebu, Rustan's. 2/F
Ayala Cebu, The Terraces, G/F
Sm Northwing
Crossroads Mall, Banilad
Robinson's Cybergate, Cebu City
Paseo Arcenas, Banawa

Since, I am from the future, I wish you all a bountiful weekend! ^_-



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@purepinay i am not found of philip food but this is looking so delicious so it must be rich of minerals.

it has a lot of things, carbs, protein, minerals, depends on which food you're talking about, maybe the burger without the bread ;)

"must be rich in minerals" that is a funny comment about food, never heard anyone refer to food in that way before...

the food look really nice!

Hahahahahahahahahahah @purepinay how are you doing hopefully you and your boyfriend enjoy your self.
The burger is too much for him to eat it alone nah. Lol
Why don't you snap the full picture of your boyfriend? Hah Okay, you don't want those girls to snatch him from you abi........ Lol my best regards to him.

Wow pasti lezato,saya suka

it does indeed, especially those eggs benedict, could have a pair of those.

It looks so yummmyyyyyy😥😥😥😥😥😥
Keep a small bite for me 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Favorite mo gud te nga Walnut Carrot cake 😁😍..

Am confused already about Cebu, seems to have too many good stuffs, am afraid that if i come to cebu, my money will finish. Hahaha.

How you my sweet friend Gilain, and how you my darling Gerel.

Nice to see you after a long time.

Yours truly loved,

Hahaha.. You can buy good food in Cebu for a good price.
How you doin my dear friend?
Stay safe
Your friend

It seems like a very nice city for tourists, from what I've seen in Gilaine's posts. So many nice restaurants. That or I haven't travelled my own city enough, because I haven't seen as many delicacies in here.

Hehe. Try to explore. My sister really loves good food and she's an adventurer too, she looks so thin but she's tough .hahaha.
Travel around your city @cryptosharon. Good food is just around the corner. 😍😊

haha don't be, @iconnelly

you have to visit Cebu sometime ;)

Excillent post my dear lovely friend @purepinay and good job.dear @purepinay i all time like support and love your post.But very miss you dear. realy I miss you for 15 days from today.

I well never forget you dear

keep it up

You miss her for 15 days from today? Are you coming from 2 weeks into the future to call her on today being the last comment she left you? :3

Excilent sir, like yur post pls upvote tank you

@iconnelly you bet! :) So you better save a lot before you visit Cebu... hahaha


gutom na ngayon (isinalin sa google) 🤨🤣

haha it yana mag magawas ka ngan mapalit hin snack kay nakita ka naman ak food blog haha

Haha ungod lat ate.. =)
Bis nag diet it hiya kanan kasal.. Hehe

Hahaha.. Diri, mahulat nala ak te pagkadi mo.
Miss you ate 😍

haha kan kanay kasal?

Kan Fatima ate, kakasal na eya this year. Hehe

Hehe fast approaching =)

Ou nani. Body figure not ready yet. 😂

Oh la la tasty food making me hungry, I would eat myself to sleep if that food got to close :)


Kamagrasa man hito. They looks like all american food but I am wondering how the 3 mixed-fruit smoothies taste like Hmmm. It that restaurant owned by a native filipino or cebuano?
Thanks for sharing this @purepinay!

American Chef it tag iya ngan damo it ira restaurant na under Abaca Group, so mayda niya mga kasosyo, haha na amaze ak kay nagwaray-waray talga kita baka makuri permi mag-Ingles haha

Ambot ngani kayano na nahisulod ako nganhi nauubusan ako ingles haha.

Waray ka ghap @wilsonblue5?yay!amazing myda ghap mga waray-waray nga steemian :)

Yes @micch puro nga Waray-waray haha ikaw hain man na perme yana?

adi ak ha cebu haha, taga diin ka @wilsonblue5 :)

Taga Dagami ako pero adi na ako ha US nanmamakabuhi 😊

Ha Leyte ba iton dri ksi familiar :D
Woow ka nice..sige la pakabuhi la dda hehe :D

haha i am on a diet from a couple of days and after watching this post I AM GONNA EATTTT. you are responsible for this okay haha :D. although ceby is one of the beautiful place in the world and with delicious food. excellent pictures and amazing post. well deserved to be in trending

Wow sweets :)
Nakakagutom man iton ate Gil 😱

hahaha kana pangaon ta

Hehe hin rasa ada :)

Purepinay... this was one fine looking post. They do it right at Abaca. Better go with an appetite. The eggs benny looked amazing and so did those fries:)

thank you, @prydefoltz ;)
I wish there's a way to upgrade my tummy so I can fit more food lol they have a lot of yummy dishes and snacks ^_-

There are togo bags and no cooking next day:)

omg most of the time I can't resist to walk out of this restaurant without a to-go bag haha

looks incredibly delicious

Hiiii my sweeet friend @purepinay!
How are you i hope you are going very well and enjoying your life a lot. My best wishes with love always for you.
Your this post is really mouth watering and after seeing all the pictures that you brilliantly shoot are awesome and I love them. Specially fresh juice "Strawberry Banana Watermelon Smoothie" attract me lot. Good work dear and Stay Blessed.

Everything seems so delicious~!!! I just had lunch but I'm becoming a glutton upon seeing those xS Yummm~

Haha ako din @tegoshei, :) nah kaon ta balik kanang mga foods sa pix ni Ate Gil. :)

hahaha... lami btaw ikaon balik ba... makatintal ning post ni Gil uii... DMD.. hahaxD

Haha kaya nga e =)

Hahahaha.. Let the food digest in your tummy first before eating again. Hehe

hahaha... the food on this post are just too tempting... T_T

Yeah right. Food is Life. 😊

hehe thank you, dear

you should visit this place sometimes ;) may sale sila ng breads and pastries up 70% off, their breads are really good too!

You're welcome Gil... ^^
Yeah~ Will try it out someday! :) Thanks for the info... Don't we love sale??? hihi ^^
And good food, too~! xD

ay basta sale gorabels! haha

hahaha... maojud!!! ^^

I want to taste every food featured in this blog. I'm droooooooling :D but seriously though I never been inside an ABC. I don't know why but I feel intimidated even though I really wanted to go in because the aromas of freshly baked goodies are calling me haha! Now, I should really check out an ABC branch :D

oh dear, this place is never to miss! check out there discounted pastries and breads ;)

Lol! Did you really eat all this? I bet you and your boyfriend had to roll out of the restaurant haha.
Everything looks very yummy. I know it's not appropriate to lick the plate in public, but looking at those bakery benedicts I think I would leave my manners behind and act like a wild caveman, lmao.

Something tells me that you will go again to devour all those desserts you didn't try ;)

Lol! I like your comment @ralk98, yes these two are really food explorer haha. They roam around Cebu just to taste different kinds of food. Her boyfriend can even devour 1 whole pizza .Lol
By the way I'm her sister @gerel.
Nice to see you here
Have a good one.
Stay safe 😍

@gerel Nice to meet you! I know it right, he looks like a guy who can eat a lot xD
Enjoying life through food is one of the best things in the world :) my best wishes for you!

Yeah, your right. Enjoy life while we can.

haha yep yep!

it's hard to resist all those mighty mouthwatering calories!

eat+exercise= keep eating!

I did eat a lot when I exercised :O And I was surprised that I could last so long. Gotta love dem calories.

Exercising is good, you should continue :)

Reading this just before my lunch break is not helping. The food photography is mouthwatering. I should go eat now to satisfy my tummy. LOL

haha sorry, dear. Enjoy your lunch, pakabusog! ^_-

Haha 'I should get the bigger cut because I am bigger than you' You should say, "I'm smaller than you because you keep taking the bigger cut!" :)

One of my favorite things about the Philippines in terms of food is the bakeries. Bread and pastries here are very good and also cheap.

oh yes, there are a lot of bakeries in the Philippines. It's like a bakery store next to another bakery store lol

I agree with you @vagrantone. One of the famous bread in some bakeries is the 'pandesal' :) and it is actually one of the fave bread the pinoy

Pandesal sounds like Spanish "pan de sal" (salt bread). Is it just salty bread?

Oh really, not a salt bread but I guess we filipinos adapted the word pandesal to spanish people.

That's pretty delicious foods indeed fabulous post @purepinay. made me hungry. Carrot Walnut Cake, and juice most favorite one to me. Buy if give you every foods my stomach ready to eat and enough space there. :D

@pureninay Good post! That lunch looks delicious. That meat pie is mouth watering (yummy) Steem on :D

saktong sakto po miss @purepinay lunch tine hehe. ang sasarap naman po niyan
Bet ko po yung strawberry banana watermelon smoothie, perfect sa hot weather ngayon
Thanks po sa pagshare 😍🤤👍

Miss @purepinay , ninominate ko po kayo sa loveitshoveit challenge , latest post ko po 😊❤️❤️❤️

ay enjoy your lunch, ano ulam natin?

tama, sobrang init na kailangang ng cold drinks! ;)

thank you for nominating me, that's so nice of you ^_-

Great hanging out with your partner. you guys made some good picks in the choice of cake. It looks tasty from the looks of the pics.

thank you ;)

That is great travel experience and funny life enjoy. looks for yummy food.
thanks for sharing
Thanks @purepinay
Have a great day

Ouch.... Grabeh.. Nakakagutomlahat.. Tingin pa lng ang sarap ng kainin

Am soo salivating, these foods looks delicious and mouth watering...

She really loves different kinds of food except seafoods, she's allergic to it. Hehehe,
I'm @purepinay's sister by the way. Thanks for dropping by @aideedavies.
Have a good one 😍

Awwww, I didn't know she's allergic to seafood. For a food lover, all of these allergies are really a bummer. At least she's not allergic to peanuts!

superb food and looks healthy too :)

Have never tried this mixture before....strawberry banana watermelon smoothie and carrot walnut cake .....tomorrow will do this and enjoy myself .thanks for this post @purepinay

Food looks yummy :)

You're rightttt, some of my favourite dishes there! Now I want to go out and eat some junk food. Lol.

maka-uhaw man ang smoothie.

Hehe. Ou nga lalo na ngayon tag- init.

yung binilhan nya malapit lang sa office namin. parang gusto konh pumunta dun. hehe

Lagie noh @purepinoy, favorite mu ang smoothie? ako din e.. :)

di kaau pero tag init man mao lami i kaon ug something sweet and cold. haha

Yeah right, especially kay init jud kaayo karong summer :) wooh daghang different flavor of smoothies =)

ummmmm..... all the foods are looks so yammy....specially the dessert items.... bkery benedict also looks so yamm ....want to taste this item too.

The food looks so delicious & Tasty. I wish i could eat them.
Your travel diaries are so amazing.
Best of luck for future traveling.

My friend @purepinay always share her travel diaries, and yeah twa's really amazing knowing different places from her blog:)

The writers like you need the steemit community. By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need. And indeed I responded very much to you and your articles.

I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

All the best for a bright future! May there be success at every turn of life and all your dreams come true!

thank you for appreciating my work, for the lovely motivation!

More power to you!

ganda ng mga pictures! masarap ang mga pagkain at maganda pa ngbablog!

Omg everytbing looks so mouth watering! I'm looking forward to trying their cakes😋

Wow this looks so good! I love the meat pies! The first time I ever had a meat pie besides a turkey pot pie was at a Tibetan restaurant and it was so well done. The crust had a nice thickness to it and an even better buttery taste. The inside of the pie was really simple, it was just yak meat and onions but they made their own homemade chili paste which was a combination of so many different flavors like garlic and onion that really complimented the meat and pie so well.

This place was by far my favorite Tibetan restaurant until they changed into a clothes store because the business was too good and they didn't like being so busy (it was just a small family run restaurant). I miss them and their meat pies and seeing yours makes me miss them again!

Mmmm yummy naman😊

salamat po ;)

Kaya nga e, want some? Hehe tara sa cebu @gyn :)

nindot tan awon ang mga pagkaon waaaa. . Im sure masasarap din hehe

haha korek @gyn nindot kaayo and of course lami kaayo ang food :)

sa tanan pagkaon, burger lang jud akoa gusto ani. kalami. huhu

Lami jud kaayo ang burger @lakawero, ana jud ang lami sa tanan :)

haha. lami syang burgera. awp. laway mode lang sa ta ani kay baba ang sbd. haha

haha korek @lakawero sige lang more than burger pa yan if mutaas na ang sbd haha kapit lang ta :)

the food was very tasty, and i really love the post @purepinay.

Wow !!! So delicious food....!! @purepinay
Enjoy your journey and keep it up..

Yeah 'such a delicious food to eat. @purepinay loves eating but she really maintain her body :)

thank you for droppping, @prince121 ;)

Steem on!

That looks really yummy. I'd love to try out that smoothie but unfortunately I'm allergic to watermelon :/

Woooh, so sorry for your allergy. Sad you will gonna miss the sweet smoothie.

I don't eat lunch yet, then I saw your post sis 😱.. Mouth watering! Sana meron silang branch dito sa Luzon. Want to try all!

Wowow..excellent food photography....& very good your traveling.. i like this post..thanks for sharing with us...dear @purepinay... &g great work..

You are making it so hard for me to go on a diet lol.

Lol, I've noticed that since I'm on Steem I have these urges to go travel and eat junk food. It's hard with all these posts trying to allure me!

Travel, eat and live life my friend. We only have one life and we should make the most out of it. As a bonus it sparks inspiration and imagination. Taking us out of our usual routine. I think I need one soon.

Nice food

the food was very tasty,very nice food photo,
my dear friend @purepinay,i love this post,thank you for sharing with us,

delicious food at this restaurant.
May be more complete at the price of each menu.
So if anyone wants to visit this restaurant more interested again already mengatahui price ...

the best way to try some great food is not really because of the price, sometimes you have to let people discover it themselves coz they might not even bother to check out the place if they're just after the price of the food. Once in a while we have to treat ourselves to some excellent food ^_-

Abaca is just infront my workplace( IT park) . I love the idea that they offer promos on late nights. Everything is mouth watering yum! Thank you @purepinay for giving me idea what to order.

Dear really your post make my mouthwatery. I like every dish which you represent here.

Luncheonette Burger: I think this is sufficient to full stomach.

Traditional Meat Pie: Looks good i will surly eat this if this is made-up off meat or Pork or Mutton.

Bakery Benedict: I think this snack must be spicy.

Strawberry Banana Watermelon Smoothie: I never try it but whenever i visit to store where Strawberry Smoothie available then i will surly try.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie: This must me very delicious i think but don't mind i don't like this Cookie shape and color. I wish you get me what i want to say.

Waiting for next post @purepinay

Hmmm, you two tried a lot of different food! Seems like there is a lot of choice! The Benedict looks really mouthwatering! And carrot cake... It's my favourite and it is indeed sooooo addictive! I hope I can eat it today 😂 thanks for sharing!

if only there's a way to upgrade my stomach, I would pay to do it haha!

thank you for dropping by, @byriss. Hope everything is well on your end.

Yes an upgrade would be really great! Double foodness 😍 I'm fine thank you for asking ^^ although I'm busy, I'm missing the steemit community.

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