This is about as simple as our food gets at the @gardenofeden

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Look at this beautiful platter of treats!

IMAGE 20200912 22:46:31.jpg

This lovely presentation is truly about as simple and easy as the incredible food art gets at the @gardenofeden

IMAGE 20200912 22:45:55.jpg

Composed of fresh and dried fruit, crunchy refreshing veggies, creamy savory dips, and a variety of cheeses with crackers and meats, the magic really lies in the presentation.

Since we eat with our eyes first, it is truly an incredible feast!!

IMAGE 20200912 22:49:44.jpg

✨💫💛💫✨ Sara!


This all looks very good , I'm sure it is good in morning to eat :)

Looks delicious, even I began eating #keto this year... lost 7 kilos and gained a lot of energy.