Chicken Rice Noodles with Spring Rolls 春捲雞米粉

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This is a very appetizing noodle combination.

Put in a bit of cucumber and tomatoes to the rice noodles.

Always add in some green onion.

Great noodle for lunch.





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Hello @rosatravels I got a DM from you asking why I am downvoting your posts.

A couple reasons:

By only putting one picture into your post, and then writing only a few words it seems your posts are earning alot for such short posts. There are thousands of minnows that write lengthy posts and add alot of content (images) but never see over a dollar. When they see a post like yours, they feel quite discouraged and may quit the platform. By downvoting I can bring your posts down to a reasonable level.

Taking pictures of the same place over and over again with little to no changes is considered farming and is discouraged. If this was a title photo for some challenge or such I would understand. But just taking the same picture over and over again is frowned upon on the platform.

The upvotes you get are nearly always the same. It would seem you are not engaging with other users beyond your own circle, I can tell by looking at your Voting CSI on hiveworld, see below. This looks alot like a "voting circle" and seeing many known abusers upvoting your posts makes me think this is all planned.

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Thank you @solominer for your reply. Will find time to try to put more effort in writing more detailed posts during this shut down.