Cooking Salmon with Spinach today 今天用菠菜煮三文魚

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Today we are having salmon for dinner.

I should cook more salmon as salmon has a lot of nutrients and a great superfood for health benefits.

For one thing, it has rich Omega 3 Fatty Acides. It is better to eat salmon than to take Omega 3 vitamins.

Salmon is also high in all kinds of Vitamin B supplements.

It's best to get fresh salmon but we don't have it here so I only manage to get the frozen ones. Still they are good and easy to make.

I like to put a lot of ginger to take away the fishy smell.


The sauce for salmon is very important.

I squeeze out a lemon into the pan and put in some avocado and butter for the sauce.

Enjoy this with white wine,



一方面,它具有豐富的Omega 3脂肪酸。吃鮭魚比攝取Omega 3維生素更好。三文魚還富含各種維生素B。