@furiouspete123 You might as well because it is pretty low effort for you and DTube upvotes you every time hoping that one day maybe in 3 years you will tell your YouTube following about DTube or at least put a link to your Steemit / DTube profile in the YouTube description. Overall most people like you and you are a hustler and keep kicking cancer's ass which is pretty bad ass. But as far as really being a part of this platform you aren't really engaging with the community by upvoting anyone else or telling your following on other platforms about the fact that you are over here as well.

I mean what an amazing thing. You could tell your YouTube followers about Steemit / DTube and you could actually give back to them by upvoting their comments. Giving back to your following monetarily on here but you don't. Because you are embarrassed and don't really want YouTube seeing you promoting this platform.

This platform is ultimately just a money grab for you. So just keep talking shit about YouTube on here and DTube will just upvote everything you post. Then only tell your girlfriend about his weird place on the Internet where you keep getting paid to talk shit about YouTube.

Ultimately we like you man and by simply voting for other people and telling your following about this place goes a long way. You told your YouTube following about your Twitch account but you won't tell them about DTube. Seems weird.

yeah keep them coming

The short answer is NO. You should not start daily DTube vlogs.

In fact, you should probably stop posting here all together until you decide to actually contribute something to this platform. Nothing you say is believable. All you do is repost your YouTube vids here and any video directed at DTube is just about how "terrible" YouTube is.

You've already posted these "Should I" type videos before and delivered on ZERO. "Should I Post on DTube Full-Time?", "Should My Girlfriend Post On DTube?" and maybe some other ones. But I know why you do this. You do this to get upvotes from whales like dtube to get a $100+ payout. "I don't care about the money, it's more about the big picture." GTFOH. Nobody really cares about your normal content here so what better way to earn some money then just talk about how "awesome" DTube is and how "terrible" YouTube is?

Admit it. DTube is a just a place where you can dump your YouTube vids and earn some extra cash. You don't give a fuck about it and I'm sure you love YouTube.

If your future videos will continue to be like this, then please leave. Maybe a DTube Yearly would be a better fit for you.

Hahah, I just now saw this and was thinking the same thing really when it boils down to it. I just checked his YouTube description and he still hasn't put a link to Steemit or DTube in the description. And as always his voting power is at 100%. No need to upvote other people. DTube upvotes him every time in hopes that maybe in 3 years he will announce to his YouTube following that he is on this corner of the Internet as well.

go for it pete! i also just have started. dtube is the next big thing

I would definitely recommend to anyone with enough time to spare to start Vlog in Dtube ASAP. Every minute not posting or being active is a missed opportunity for rewards, fun and experience.

Why is it even a question, Pete? Of course.

Furious Pete on Dtube?hmmm.... Good job, bro!

You should! & I wanna workout with you. lol

It's nice to see you here and I hope you will be here for good :D I watched you many times in YT so it's nice to have you on steemit :D

I agree with that, crypto can blow-up anytime! :D

yessss furious pete my guy !

good to see on this.nice blog.doing the right things.go on your own way.

If you just plan to make simple vlogs why not :)
If you put some effort in it like cinematic sequences a lot of colour correcting and colour​ grading I would ask yourself if its worth it when your videos will last just for 7 days :)

Hell yes! It's good to see old school youtubers coming over to this platform. Your channel was one of the reasons I started getting my ass back in shape a while back. I hope everything comes back ok, bruh.

Holy shit you're on dtube wtf how did i not know this !!! YESSSSSSSS Subscribed - Made my day dude!

I would watch you if you decide to do so and I would share every time, and stay hungry it gives you more energy and motivates you to do more!

please do so :)

Holly shit you on dtube?