My Goals for 2022

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It’s the beginning of the year again and it’s the best time to set goals for the year. I can’t remember the last time I’d set goals during a new year. All I remember was that I’m so bad at achieving them. This year, I decided to share my goals here on Hive. Perhaps, putting them into writing and sharing them with a community hopefully increases my chance of accomplishing these goals.

Without further ado, here are what I plan to accomplish for 2022.

Finish Tasks and Accomplish Goals


As mentioned earlier, I’m bad at finishing tasks and accomplishing goals. I tend to get distracted or bored while doing one task, so I’d proceed with another task. Then, I would forget that I have to finish the previous task. My attention span is so short and I have the memory of a goldfish. And I no longer want to live that way. I badly need to improve my focus. Last year, I made a daily schedule. It improved my goal accomplishing skills but I still miss out on doing a lot of things. This year, I’m thinking of going ballistic on this and record goal accomplishment on excel. Yes, that’s a good plan. We’ll see next year if I improve.

Trading Goals: Follow the Plan and Review Trades


Whereas for 2020, I just read a bunch of books and attended webinars on trading. For 2021, I actually traded. Trading this year was an emotional roller-coaster. There had been really good months and there were depressing months. I’m not yet very consistent and I’m still not sure what kind of trader am I. I’d really want to be a momentum trader but my biggest losses were momentum trades. My frequent wins have always been swing trades yet I don’t find this setup interesting. Last December, though, I’m warming up on this strategy. Hopefully, I'd find my identity as a trader this year.

Aside from that, what I want to improve on is following my trading plan and reviewing my trading journal. Last year, I have established how to make a good trading plan. The problem was I still have a bunch of unplanned trades, mostly momentum trades, which as mentioned end up being losses. This year, I want to be more disciplined and trade only what’s in the plan. What’s in the plan was carefully-thought about so it usually has a higher win-rate. I should always repeat that to myself.

As for my trading journal, my goal is to find a decent automated one I can sync with Binance. Manually recording my trades is tedious. Hopefully, a reader of this post can suggest a free automated journal. I really want to properly review my stats to improve my trades.

As for investing, I'm still more focused on trading since I am a very bad HODLer.

HIVE Goals


For Hive last year, my activity had been sporadic but for this year, I’m positive I can post regularly. Someone has been helping me take care of the little one since late November and I’m positive she’ll last. Hive had been a wonderful experience last year and I want to spend more time in this space.

My goal is to post at least four times a week. Twice on this blog and twice also on a new blog that is crypto- and investment-focused. Aside from that, of course, I want to improve my engagement. By that, I mean participating more in community events, commenting more on posts and generally interacting more with the Hive community. I’ve got to meet a handful of warm and helpful people here on Hive. I’m hoping to meet more and build on existing relationships.

Family Goals


This, of course, remains my top priority. Despite everything I want to achieve I want to give ample time for my daughter and my husband. For my daughter, I want to be more patient and mindful. As her words are still barely comprehensible, it’s difficult to understand her needs and she gets frustrated when I don’t understand her. I am planning to come up with a way for her to better verbalize her needs and we’ll be practicing more her speech.Of course, I need to learn how to understand her better.


Basically, I want to avoid impulsive buys this year and I’m hoping to discard a bunch of clutter. Aside from that, I want to minimize the waste we produce in our house as much as possible and be satisfied with what I have. Minimalism was something I’m slowly practicing in my life and I wish to embody it more this year.

Learn How to Drive

This contradicts my goal to embody minimalism but this is a skill I'd need to learn soon. The pandemic had made it risky to commute and I can't keep on depending on my husband to drive me to the grocery store or to my family. Also, we predict that he'd be busier this year.

Reconnect with Lifelong Friends

Well, I miss them.

Get More Inspired

Looking at the success of people here on Hive and on trading communities sometimes make me feel small and scared. I keep doubting that I won’t be able to do it. In hindsight, they should serve as inspiration.

Establish a Routine


James Clear’s compounding improvement got me inspired into establishing routines. The problem was I never got to apply it for more than 3 days. Let’s hope 2022 is the year. Key takeaways from last year is that I should make sure it fits my existing lifestyle and that I should avoid distractions. By distractions, I mean things I want to do since other people do it and not things I truly want to do.

Be More Grateful

No need to explain this one.

That was quite a handful. I’m crossing my fingers I’d get to accomplish these goals. If you’ve read this far, thank you!

Let’s all wish 2022 will shine bright.


Good luck accomplishing these goals. You are right, writing them down here on your blog can really increase the chances of them becoming real :)

My pleasure to feature this great post of yours in my next upvote giveaway for more exposure. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year :)

@tipu curate

Wow! Thank you for the support! This was really motivating 😁

Hello Lavie, these are awesome goals for the year, wishing you success and many opportunities that would allow you to seamlessly achieve all of your goals. Driving is a great skill to learn, excellent for emergencies, and being mobile. A big yay to no waste.

Hi @discoveringarni , thank you for dropping by! Yeah, I really have to learn driving. I actually started last month but I'm a bit uncoordinated when it comes to steering but I believe I'm getting the hang of it. 😁😁😁

Hello @laviesm! I'm jealous you were able to make goals for 2022! I'm bad in setting new year goals because it usually changes after a month. 😂 You got great things ahead of you. I hope you do make it in the trading world. its more on improving every single time despite the setbacks. I am looking forward to reading more of your Hive blogs and that is good to know you are planning on more activities here. Perhaps we shall see you on one of our Hive Webinars? 😁 but we don't have definite schedules yet.

I have been practicing minimalism since the pandemic and it sure helps you lessen the shopping impulses 😆 because you realize how much things are unnecessary. I'm looking forward how it will go for you. I can relate with the driving too. Damn, I should really do it this year too!

Samedt with you re:new year goals but hopefully, I can stick to them this year 🤞 As for trading, I'm bracing myself for what's to come. I've been repeatedly told it takes a few years to be truly profitable but I like the personal growth trading has brought me.

As for the Hive webinars, looking forward to it 😁 @marcusen and I had actually joined some but we're usually very quiet.

Yeah, hoping for the best for you both! Totally forgot you guys are lovebirds! 😍

I forgot as well.. 😅😅😅

(goodbye) 🤕😵🚑🏥⛪⚰️💀

Looks like you've got a solid all around plan and priorities are set straight. Hope you achieve your goals this year. Good luck!


Thank you!


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I'm bad at reaching my goals as well. But hopefully when I put my resolutions out there this year, it'll motivate me to accomplish them all step by step.
I share some of your goals as well, trading, friendship, and minimalism.
Wish you check if off the list. 😃

Hi @sunnyvo, thanks for dropping by! Sharing my goals publicly, I guess, can help motivate me to accomplish them. Hope you achieve your goals for this year too. Happy new year!

Thank you 😃

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Perhaps, putting them into writing and sharing them with a community hopefully increases my chance of accomplishing these goals.

I've just met you, but, count on me for that extra positive energy. From your text I can see we are more or less the same when it comes to focusing. It's painful sometimes (I mean, literally, the anxiety becomes physical pain).

Looking at the success of people here on Hive and on trading communities sometimes make me feel small and scared.

Don't be. Never forget that you are ahead of a heck ton of people who don't even know what cryptos are, who are wasting time doing whatever.

Hi, MrP! Thank you for dropping by. The positive energy is very much appreciated 😊

Wow!!! Indeed a handful but I believe in you, I think you are equal to the task.

No pressure whatsoever but I believe by this time next year most of this goals would see real growth.

I noticed you read Atomic habits by James Clear, very good read.

Stay safe and have a fulfilling new year.