The most dangerous man in the United States and you can to: A critical investigation of American Justice, and approach for remedy through 42 USC 1983 - Color of Law Violations

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I think I may have inadvertently become of the most dangerous men in the United States, and I'm passing what I know along to the world in an open source investigation.

I'm a PhD chemist with attention to detail in nomenclature and writing, I've been studying esoterics and law for roughly ten years, and I have a keen mind.

What I've discovered is startling. Nearly every document that Court or Government may hand you, and they send out millions of documents daily, is a precisely devised grammar fraud designed to lower your status from living man or woman down to a corporate fiction. A man or woman is created and imbued with God-Given, God-Granted, and unalienable rights. A corporate fiction is not.

God Created Wo/Man
Man Created Government
Government Created Courts and Corporations
Courts and Corporations have Judges and Officers

That's the hierarchy. You're there next to god and above any CORPORATE COURT in the world, but if you are tricked or don't stand up for yourself you are likely to inadvertently claim that you are a Corporate Fiction or Corporate Fiction Officer and they will treat you as if you have no rights.

What good does knowing any of this information get you? 42 USC 1983

"Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia."

This is a method whereby you can sue government employees for violating your rights, but you have to know what to look for to know when they do it. Once you know what they're doing you'll find out that these violations are like water to a fish. We're surrounded in them so deeply that you don't even realize the hundreds of times you've agreed to have your rights violated and your status subjugated.

Once you see the fraud though it's actually pretty easy to spot and count up the number of times they are violating you and so far my estimate is about 20-40 times per page of text.

Language Matters

When dealing with the Courts you need to know that the Grammar of how things are presented drastically changes the meaning and the outcome. John Doe could be a Man or a Corporate fiction but if government is presenting it to you then it's likely a fiction, JOHN DOE is definitely a corporate fiction, and John: Doe is a man.


It's worth noting that the word definition breaks down into parts of the word as such


Definition actually means no finite contract, and you'll see that with the words that are used because the legal terms we look at will actually have multiple meanings, and then beyond that the capitalization, CAPITALIZATION, and CAP-ITALIZATION will matter as well.

2 key languages

The two key languages you want to study are English and Legalese. If you want to know what words mean in English pop open Webster's dictionary. If you want to know what words mean in Legalese then pop open Black's Law Dictionary. You'll find that words mean different things in the different language, and it's really just subtle differences. Worst yet, you use legalese words all the time in your life, but what you're not appreciating is that each one of them lowers your status from Godly wo/man to CORPORATE FICTION.

So, here are some examples: person, adult, minor, child, Defendant, Income, parties, DRIVER, NAME, SSN, AGE, DOB,
All of those terms seem harmless, but when you look up the definitions in Black's law you'll realize that the words when used in Court documents are actually designed to describe CORPORATE FICTIONS, and they don't have rights. Even how you write your name could harm you. Your name should be written as First-Middle-Middle: Last. If you combine your first name with your last name then you have a corporate name, and again the state treats you like you're a corporate fiction because you're signaling with your punctuation that hey, I'm a combination of two things... therefore you're corporate.

Similar things are done with your Property. RESIDENCE, ADDRESS, adding ZIP CODES, and a few other tools all actually take Property that was rightfully yours and now bleeds them into CORPORATE FICTIONS, which is why everyone is paying property taxes when in reality it's just supposed to be businesses that do it.

So, how's this help us?

Well, I took a document. I read it, and in 11 pages I found 367 different times that the document used these terms to describe me. That's 367 COUNTS of wrong doing against the "PERSON" that issued the document to me. It's important to get all those counts because you can actually find redress with a 42 USC 1983 lawsuit.

Jurisdiction is currently broken

One of the other things I discovered while on this journey is that the jurisdiction of the COURT OF COMMON PLEAS that I was forced to engage with was actually just the District of Columbia and the Federal Territories. Collectively, these are called the Federal Zone.

This is another trick, because they use the Words United States, but the words United States have been ruled on by the Supreme Court more than a dozen times and consistently they rule that United States means 3 distinct things.

  1. a sovereign nation in a family of sovereign nations
  2. The land controlled or purchased by the Federal Government (DC)
  3. The entirety of the 50 States of America.

In the document that the court handed me I found a line that read "This order is enforceable anywhere in the United States, tribal lands, US Territories, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Because I've been studying this so long and have the knowledge gained from The Federal Zone I could look at that list and realize that the Order was attempting to appear as if it was effective and enforceable in the entire 50 States of America, but it's actually only enforceable in the United States, which in this case means the Federal Zone.

This is a giant discovery because it means that I would estimate 90%+ of all law enforcement and COURT activity in the United States of America is actually completely illegal and out of their jurisdiction unless by your ignorance or consent.

Acceptance = Consent

One of the things the government relies on is your ignorance to provide your consent. When you fill out a form without questioning it, and tell them that your ADDRESS is XXX-NAME-STREET, CITY, ABBREVIATION, ZIPCODE you're actually telling that you live within the Federal Zone as opposed to being a State Citizen in the State in which you have your domicile. Then you sign that under penalty of perjury and they have jurisdiction by your own signature, but if you know that the STATE ABBREVIATION (MA, PA, FL) are actually all indicators along with ZIP CODES that you're volunteering to be in the FEDERAL ZONE then you may make different choices.

A lot of these concepts were derived from Robert Fox and Alphonse Faggiolo

These are two of the greatest common law and commercial scholars ever. Robert Fox beat 9 indictments by the US Government and helped countless people over the years who were fighting with the system. He's likely had more success actually beating the government than nearly anyone else in history.

So what's the process look like for defending yourself and then rewarding yourself?

What I'm adding here, is a method by which you can go through and count up all the violations of your rights that they've committed. Once you have determined all the rights they have violated then you have an opportunity to seek redress under 42 USC 1983.

Contract matters

One of the things you'll realize is that in commerce Contract is king. With the government you don't actually have any contracts. You may have signed many one sided service agreements, but when you go to the DMV there isn't a counter signature on the document. That means it's a service agreement and not a contract.

What this section is trying to relate is that all the STATE and FEDERAL Codes, acts, laws, statutes, and more don't actually apply to you. They apply to corporations, but as a man or woman they don't apply to you unless you consent or have a contract with them.

More work

So, First I highlighted all the usage of words that messed with my Status, then I highlighted all the times they tried to tell me that codes applied to me. In an 11 page document I found 68 attempts to tell me I had to follow certain laws. See, they have to follow the laws because they pledged an oath to protect and defend the constitution, but I did no such thing. I have the option to force people that swore to them to uphold them, but I don't have the same obligations.

So, what does a doc look like?


Every time they use a word to lower my status, tell me that codes apply to me, deprive me of rights, or sentence indefinite detention I've noted and highlighted the violation of my rights.

It's not easy

I can share that I've had to work my ass off to get here, waffle back and forth between exhausted and scared, and fired up and ready to defend myself or seek redress for the violations that I've received. The process is long, mostly shitty, but I remain hopeful that there's light at the end of the tunnel.

What's happening next?

I'm filing some more documents that may cause difficulty for the people that are suing me. Hopefully it nets the release of some lovable detainees that I'm attempting to retrieve, but there's a non-zero chance it just leads to my detainment as well. So, I'm putting this information out there, sharing my status and whereabouts, and hoping that my trip to COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF LANCASTER COUNTY later today is a safe and productive one.

If you guys don't hear from me sometime later tonight or tomorrow please dig into it. Otherwise, here's hoping we all have a wonderful week.

It's a little hard to believe right...

Well, that's ok, I don't think I'd believe this the first time I read it if I hadn't been going down this path for ten years, but if you're wondering where to start, or have some buddies who are in trouble, or you're in trouble yourself you can join Alphonse on his website and crusade via and hopefully you'll find some truth in the journey. Alternatively, after you watch the Alphonse video above realize he's got like 50 more hours of content that you can poke through and tutorials to help you be the most dangerous man in the United States too.


If you search for on point case law in regard to these arguments you will only find cases proclaiming that they are frivolous, inaccurate, misunderstandings of law, or simply fraud.

You will not find any case law to support these claims.

You will find people making a living selling this information, forms, techniques, workshops, etc.

Eventually people who teach this end up in federal prison for facilitating conspiracies to commit fraud and tax crimes.

I've been reading about this since 1995, it is taught from inmate to inmate in federal prisons, and taught in the Nation of Islam, Moorish Science Temple, and various right wing Patriot, Christian, and Sovereign Citizen groups.

I actually believe it's more likely to be true than false, but we are too far along for anyone to ever win through courts. It is more likely that you can reform this government based on these ideas than individually win these arguments.

Good luck 🕉️☀️💜🙏

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Thank you for chiming in! This is a much more accurate summary of my findings than I was able to articulate.

Exactly. Someone linked this in our chat and I immediately saw all the catch phrases and said, "It makes me wonder if he pays his taxes", because like you say above, this is textbook "sovereign man" talk that gets you the "crazy" label in court (and elsewhere).

Which doesn't mean it's not true... But, even if it was true, is it the most strategic use of time/energy; does it really represent one of your highest goals/purposes?

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I really hate that everyone in a courtroom speaks the same language
EXCEPT the person on trial.

This makes my blood boil

Well hope to see a post from you later. The law is not about justice anymore if it ever was.

Yes the US Corporation was Bankrupt Last Year and Our Life Long Slavery is almost Over. Keep it Going @aggroed


Well all statism courts are illegitimate and inherently corrupt... thats a long post, I read some of it now... but really let go of the past and your PhD:

PhD = poor. helpless and desperate
Master degree = More desperate
Bachelor of science = BS

Got those from Robert Kiyosaki, whicn for the most part is a criminal in my view.


Wow, man. I got busted growing cannabis in 2013 and ran across some stuff like this. There were a few videos of a guy that sounded like he knew what he was talking about and about everything else I found was either people thinking they had found a loophole to avoid taxes or "sovereign citizens", many of which leaned more towards domestic terrorism than the idea of personal sovereignty.

I also ran across something that claimed Abe Lincoln initiated Martial Law and we've never revoked it. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I'm not a simpleton and I couldn't navigate that mess with a lawyer (literally, I spoke to my public defender about it and was all but treated like an idiot (although he was chair of the local republican party and thought I deserved to go to jail so there's that... but I digress), so I applaud your focus. I'd love to get updates on this and hope you bring us a success story! Fuck the government.

Wouldn't the problem be finding a judge who would have the balls to rule in your favor? We've seen how corrupt the courts really are as of late, so using this as a defense seems risky.

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